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8/26/13 8:26 A

Yes, drink water but other sources like fruits and veggies count too! Some fruits and veggies can hydrate you just as well as water. They also can act as a natural diuretic.
Water not only helps quell the appetite but helps convert food into energy & assists in metabolizing stored fat. Proper hydration dilutes the sugar that is in the body and transports nutrients and oxygen to your system. Every cell in our body needs water & the water helps maintain proper metabolism.

ANARIE Posts: 13,204
8/26/13 7:44 A

When you clicked on "Create a new topic" to ask this question, the screen that appeared had a message saying "If you're creating a topic to ask..." and a list of about five of the most common questions. This one is on that list. If you click the link it tells you to click, you'll find the FAQ about "What counts as water?"

It's true that drinking calories is a problem for a lot of people. However, "diet pop makes you retain water because it has so much salt in it" is a myth; most diet sodas have no more than 30 mg of sodium per 8 oz. Tap water often has 12mg or more of sodium in a cup (the average is 9), and that's such a low concentration that most people consider it sodium-free. And caffeine doesn't make most people crave sugary snacks. In fact, most "diet pills" are huge doses of caffeine, on the theory that caffeine makes people lose their appetite. *Coffee* in particular makes some people crave sugar because they always drink it with a donut or pastry or cookie, but that's a matter of psychological association and dependency that doesn't have anything to do with caffeine. It's a learned behavior, and if you never learned it or you have managed to un-learn it, a little coffee doesn't hurt a person in normal health. There's some evidence that it's actually helpful in preventing diabetes and some rare cancers, in fact. The association isn't strong enough to justify starting to drink coffee if you don't already, but it's another reason not to feel pressured to give it up if you already drink it and enjoy it. (By the way, it's not logical to suggest tea, then say to avoid diet sodas because of the caffeine. Tea has caffeine, or at least it should; decaffeinated tea doesn't have the health benefits of regular tea-- although some herbal teas have different health benefits.) If a glass of diet soda or a cup of coffee can take the place of a donut or candy bar at your afternoon break time, that's a good thing for weight loss. If you can't have coffee without a donut, then ditch the coffee.

Drinking plain water is a healthy thing for most people, but it doesn't need to be your top priority. A lot of people use, "OMG, I can't drink that much water!" as a reason not to do the other steps in a weight reduction plan. The water thing is just meant to help, so if it's adding to your stress, dump it as a goal and focus on something else.

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8/26/13 6:59 A

It is 8 glasses of fluid. So water based soups, coffee, tea, as well as water can be counted. Things like caffeinated soda have a diuretic effect, so while you may count it as " water, based on it being 90 % water, drinking it will require you to drink more, which might just be what they

This is a minimum. There will be no problem if you drink 12 glasses a day. So if you drink a glass of milk, and 6 ozs of fruit juice, as well as 60 ozs of plain water, and some iced tea for dinner, or even wine, more fluids usually aren't a bad thing. The calories will have to be accounted for of course, so I prefer to just drink 10-12 glasses of plain water, and eat all my calories, but it all counts as " water " as far as your tracker is concerned. I boil chicken and veggies in water, and drink the broth resulting from that concoction. It will keep you hydrated, which is the reason for the 8 glasses minimum. There is no other reason. They just do not want you dehydrated, especially if you are new to improving health. As far as exercise. Every 15-20 minutes of exercise will necessitate another glass of fluid to stay hydrated. So aim for 8 glasses of pure water, and don't worry about a cup of coffee, tea, pop,or milk, except to count the calories. If you drink 12-15 it won't be a problem. You will eventually settle into the correct amount for you body after an adjustment period. If you feel thirsty, drink till that disappears. Drink a glass at least every 2 hours, till a normal pace sets in. After 3-4 weeks, you will just start drinking on a schedule, and avoid dehydration.

It really does not need to be so complicated. You won't " drink too much " consistently. Just stay hydrated.

** I do have to state that milk has quite a bit of sugar in it, and will spike blood sugars, although not quite as much as pop, or fruit juice. As a diabetic, I can't drink this at all. If I did, I would put milk in a sugary food category, like apples. As long as you get your calcium from other sources there is no reason to drink milk. I find the idea of drinking milk from another species to just be weird. Over half the people on Earth are lactose ( a sugar ) intolerant, because it isn't natural for us to be being raised on cow's milk, as we are not cows.

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8/26/13 5:35 A

Any fluid can count as water. However, when a person is reducing calories considerably, unflavoured (unless with squeeze of lemon or lime, etc.) and non-sweetened water is best - it also has added benefits of no additives. If you are looking at 'fluid' then remember that a certain amount of fluid comes from foods, too. A lot of people push, water, water, and more water, but this isn't necessarily good for you, and in fact, CAN be harmful. Be guided by the colour of your urine - pale yellow is best - darker then drink more, and if it is clear, you can afford to drink a little less.


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8/26/13 5:23 A

I would think that only water counts as water. And maybe something that has no calories, like tea. If you are drinking calories, you aren't eating them. It's like dead weight. Anything that is liquid will put weight on you eventually. The only one I recommend is milk. Other than that juice adds weight, ups your blood sugar & so does pop. Diet pop makes you retain water because it has so much salt in it, and a few calories, besides caffeine. Caffeine makes you crave sugary snacks. Water helps to flush out toxins, and keeps your organs running well because of the hydration. So, go ahead and have a refreshing glass of cold water.

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