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1/29/13 5:37 A

I don't know if this will help you, but lunges stepping back (instead of forward) don't seem to be as tough on my knees.

a good PT will definitely be able to help. I still do exercises and stretches that I learned from the PT I saw years ago for my shoulder issues.

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1/29/13 4:51 A

Just to answer the question directly without commenting on predisposition.

Squats can be effectively replaced with deadlifts. I had knee issues and could only deadlift for six months. But.. if deadlifts hurt then don't do them either.

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1/28/13 11:15 P

In that case, a physical therapist will definitely be able to help you more than we can! :)

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1/28/13 9:58 P

What benefits are you going for from the squats? Given your current issues, I wo uldn't begin any fitness program without talking to the doc first. :) They'll likely be better able to advise you than we will!

If you already have clearance to exercise, a good place to start is walking. It's low-impact, and will help move those joints and improve function. My arthritis is relatively mild, but I've seen a HUGE improvement in my symptoms since I started regularly exercising.

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1/28/13 9:33 P

Okay, maybe I took it the wrong way. Let's start over.

I have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in knees and hips; lower back problems and abdominal adhesions from past surgery. At my current weight, it is very painful to squat and push back up. I obviously have not made fitness a priority in my life, but would like to take steps to do so. I have and will continue to refuse RX for pain-killers so I want to minimize the pain of easing into a fitness routine by choosing exercises that are doable and that work.

I have my physical in a couple of weeks and I'm planning to ask for physical therapy that will help me with these things but I wanted to do a little research before hand so I won't be going into it totally uninformed.

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1/28/13 9:09 P

I don't see how her answer was offensive either. It's a legitimate question - why can't you do squats? Do you just not like them?

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1/28/13 9:04 P

I'm just saying that every lower body movement will involve the knees at some point, which is the reason for most people avoiding squats.

Leg extensions are often cited as an alternative, but some, especially machine leg extensions as found in the gym, can exacerbate existing knee problems.

In my experience as a trainer, I have worked with clients with various knee issues, including arthritis, and every single client has been able to do some variation of a squatting movement without aggravating the knee condition.

I am not sure why you found my answer to be offensive, but perhaps more information on your particular knee problems would be helpful.

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1/28/13 8:57 P

Wow, I was hoping for a simple, helpful suggestion not this ZORBS13.

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1/28/13 8:09 P

why can't you squat? If you can sit down and get out of a chair, you are squatting.

If you are avoiding squatting due to bad knees, a lot of the "alternatives" such as machine leg extensions are harder on the knee than squats. Squatting is a natural movement, and I have yet to find a variation that anyone, even people with "bad knees" cannot do.

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1/28/13 7:35 P

Hi! I need to get some recommendations for exercises that I can do instead of squats that will exercise the same set of muscles. Can some one help?

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