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2/5/15 4:10 P

Trader Joe's has a low sodium maranara sauce that is so low. I think it is more a NSA brand because the sodium is so low that it looks like it is the natural sodium found in the tomato itself. On the label it says it is a low sodium not a no sodium product.

Maranara sauce is a basic sauce that you can add your own ingredients and spices to to make your own spagetti sauce. You can add canned NSA tomatoes, sliced fresh mushrooms, your own italian spices (garlic, basil, oregano, etc.)

I have purchased this and made it my own but now I usually purchase NSA tomatoes, NSA tomato sauce, and NSA tomato paste to make my own spagetti sauce.

Safeway/Von's store brand has NSA tomatoes. (They also have a NSA canned vegetables I think. It has been a while since I have had a chance to shop at Von's because where I live there are no very many stores so I have to travel to get to one and it is usually not an option. The closest, quickest is usually the choice). The have sales from time to time 10/$10.

I believe Hunt's also has NSA tomato products. I did some research on canned tomatoes today and Hunt's was listed as a better product over Del Monte. There were other brands listed like Muir, but I do not like to pay over $1.00 per can so those over that are not options for me as I am on a limited income.

Other things I have read said that the store brands are usually brand name products with the store brand label on them. This I already knew because even the products you find at say Sears are brand name items that are sold under the store brand. We bought a television set in the 80's under the Kenmore brand label that lasted over 24 years. I ask what company make it for Sears and was told it was Sanyo. We had a Sansui stereo receiver and my in-saws purchased a RCA and it went out right away so I figured we could not go wrong with Sanyo. I was right.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
3/23/14 10:43 A

I make my own, so that I can control the sodium

3/21/14 10:20 P

Hunts Tomato Sauce - they have a no salt version. Available at USA Wal Mart.

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1/22/14 8:46 P

Gia Russa Low Sodium Tomato and Basil. It has 20mg of Sodium in a 1/2 cup.

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1/20/14 12:03 A

I would actually just take some time, stand in the aisle at the store where you usually shop and compare. Then you know what the best choice is among the choices that are presented to you instead of just hunting for some specific brand or being wedded to one specific item. That's what I do, except I'm looking for sauces with no sugar. Some things won't be labeled as low sodium, but are, just like some sauces have no sugar or high fructose corn syrup, but are not labeled as such. (I find that foods labeled with some healthy aspect tend to cost more and I'm a lady on a budget).

One of the things I also do is to use a mixture of half jarred sauce with a can of no salt added tomatoes.

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1/19/14 5:43 P

Furmano's Spaghetti Sauce has only 12% sodium. It is the lowest and I wish there were more out there like Furmano's. So I make a 50/50 sauce with Furmano's and Delgross's (a local sauce that's excellent except for the salt)

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5/11/13 8:24 P

Pastene. I can't remember if it's the tomato and basil or the marinara but one of those is only 120mg per 1/2 cup.

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5/11/13 11:59 A

Walden Farms has come out with new Low Carb Pasta Sauces which can help you stay on a low carb low sodium lifestyle.
The Pasta Sauces are calorie free, fat free, carb free, and gluten free...dont know how they do it but thats what the label says. Anyway pair it up with 2 ounces of pasta like Dreamfields which has 5 digestible carbs....add some green beans or broccoli to blunt the sugar.

Many of the can goods at Walmart under their brand name "Great Value" are low in sodium and sugar including the canned tomatoes...check out the lables and if you make you own sauce you might want to try them

or just use fresh roma tomatoes, minced garlic, fresh basil. Peel the tomatoes, squeeze the juice out of each tomato...Cook the tomatoes down to a paste while stirring occasionally over a medium to high heat. Meantime, chop some onion, Add the garlic and saute it until almost brown. Drop fresh basil into the mix and stir until well blended. Add pepper, oregano and stir until blended...Empty the contents of the saute pan into the stock pot containing the tomato paste. Turn heat to low and stir...cook until you get the thickness you desire...and remember once you remove it from het it will thicken as it good!

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5/11/13 10:51 A

Homemade :)

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5/10/13 4:58 P

You can make your own but remember, there is sodium in those cans of tomato sauce.

If you don't feel like making your own then the easiest thing to do is take a pad of paper and a pen, go to the grocery store, stand in front of all of the spaghetti sauces and take notes.

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5/10/13 1:46 P

I use Ragu Light Tomato & Basil (NOT the No Sugar Added) since is has no fat and 330 mg sodium per serving. The No Sugar Added product has 1 gm fat per serving. Since I am watching both sodium and fat, this is the product I have been using for several years. If it is not spicy enough, you can add some Italian seasoning to it without adding salt!

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
3/5/13 6:06 P

Sounds like a possibility though if you don't buy it 3 bottles at a time. We are going to get a blender and a crock pot so we will probably be getting the Hunts low sodium or no salt added stuff and making a sauce ourselves. Still will use the suggestions here for when I am having a bad spell and can't stand up to cook. Thanks for helping emoticon

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
3/5/13 7:21 A

I found this in my supermarket yesterday:

120mg for 1/2 cup serving.

It was a little too pricey for me, though- I think they were on sale 3/$10.

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3/4/13 5:58 P

I have a Ragu sauce at home that wasn't labeled low sodium, but it's 320mg per 1/2 cup serving. It's the Light Ragu Tomato & Basil No Sugar Added. The regular Ragu marinara has 480mg per serving. I found it just by doing some label reading at the store took about a minute.

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
3/4/13 5:51 P

ZORBS13, LEEKAYBEE &SWEDIEPIE I thank you for the help. I don't have anB Eden's store around me (looked it up) but there are Jewel and Dominicks within bus range, now I know what kind of tomato sauces to look for so I know it won't be a wasted trip. Bus fares in Chicago are not cheap. Thank you.
Btw I found a Francesco Rinaldi's spaghetti or pasta sauce that is low sodium, hope its at one of my stores. since they say they are in most of your local food chains.

3/4/13 4:13 P

the make your own variety... tomatoes, canned and tomato paste can be found salt free

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
3/4/13 2:37 P

I, too, wish I could find some low sodium spaghetti sauce. I used to buy the Healthy Choice brand, but it's been quite a while since I've been able to find it in the stores. These days, I just use Classico. It's not low sodium, so when I have spaghetti, I compromise by eating really low sodium meals the rest of the day. I find that I am able to stay within my goal for sodium for the day if I do this. I make a lot of things at home, but spaghetti sauce isn't one of them--I just don't feel like I could make something as tasty as the store-bought. I did make some homemade pizza sauce/spaghetti sauce at home last summer (with tomatoes fresh from my garden), but it took all day and, in the end, it was good but just not good enough to make me want to do it all the time vs just buying at the store.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
3/4/13 12:14 P

I also watch my sodium, and if I ate spaghetti sauce, I would just buy whatever has the lowest sodium content from my local market, and adjust other things in my intake for that day.

I use no salt added tomato sauce for my family when they have pasta. It takes more effort to make a pot of pasta than it does to make sauce. I'll add garlic and herbs to their liking and my husband adds sea salt to his when it's done.

Sometimes I don't even heat the sauce- I open the can and throw it over the hot pasta and add herbs and spices from there, so I'm not getting another pan dirty. Sometimes I'll really challenge myself and open a can of low sodium diced tomatoes. And on a really exciting night, I'll mix tomato sauce with diced tomatoes and my husband thinks I made something extra special.


3/4/13 12:13 P

Del Monte makes a no salt added tomato sauce that I usually use, and it is available at Jewel and probably Dominick's as well. Sometimes I add some fresh diced tomatoes or a can of Del Monte no salt added diced tomatoes (also available at Jewel). Add my own spices and I am good to go! Usually this combo of canned sauce and canned tomatoes runs under 100mg of sodium for one 1/2 cup serving.

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3/4/13 5:43 A

We make our own. Super easy and can flavor as needed or want.

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3/4/13 12:50 A

I buy "No Salt Added" tomato sauce. I don't stand over it; I put it on the heat and stir it occasionally. It heats up in about 5 minutes.

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3/3/13 9:24 P

I make my own so I can control the ingredients. It's super easy. Just google recipes or possibly there's a good one here on spark recipes?

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3/3/13 9:21 P

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
3/3/13 8:55 P

My husband does not fetch for me. The stores are a mile and 1.5 miles away respectively. We cannot drive either of us and it is too far for me to walk only to not fit in the aisles. Tom does the grocery shopping for us I do the stuff at home. He already reads labels but hasn't had much luck finding any low sodium products locally. Before he makes a long bus trip to the big chain stores I thought it would be good to know if there were any brands at the chain stores to look for that's all. If what I ask bothers you you don't have to post on the thread you know.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/3/13 7:46 P

if your husband fetches for you tell him to spin the labels around and pick one with less than 300 sodium. it takes less than five minutes to do pretty much the whole pasta sauce section. they exists, just what each store carries varies from store to store based on what sells.
i know hunt's makes no salt added tomato products
and i know i have seen them in stores, but i know not all of them carry that particular kind. and while i almost never buy canned tomatoes, i am pretty sure i have seen them with no salt added [just like green beans and corn and all the other vegetables]. it just varies so much from store to store [and even from time to time, companies are launching new variants all the time and seeing how they sell] it's hard to say for certain what is best and available. because my store brand runs with less sodium in nearly everything it makes than the major name brands. and unless they're running a sale and i have coupons, the store brand tends to be cheaper too.

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
3/3/13 7:23 P

Thank you. I cannot do much standing so not much cooking that takes standing over and stirring. Tomato sauce is as loaded with sodium as spaghetti sauce that's why I stopped using it, and I have done as much research as I can online. Stores do not have aisles that are designed for large wheelchairs generally. So I had hoped for some suggestions from those who have more experience in watching sodium and know what is out there, then I could let my husband know and he would get it. I am mostly shut in at this time. But thanks for trying to help.

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3/3/13 11:56 A

I agree that making your own is very easy. But if you want to buy jarred, you really just need to go to the store and read the labels. One brand's "low sodium" variety might still have the same amount of sodium as another brand's regular variety. Also some of them have a lot of added sugar. So, take a jaunt to the store and just spend a few minutes reading the labels and getting familiar with them.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/3/13 11:46 A

i have a publix that carries healthy heart [i think it's that. or heart smart. it has a green label and is on the top shelf] that has something like 150 per serving. but i find it easiest to just spend the five minutes reading labels in the aisle. in general the veggie ones are lower in sodium and the cheese ones are much higher.

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3/3/13 11:24 A

I find it easier to make my own. I just open a couple cans of tomato sauce and add spices over the stove and simmer.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,115
3/3/13 6:11 A

I make my own.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
3/3/13 5:35 A

Sometimes it's just easier to make your own, rather than try to buy something processed. If you do a search on "low sodium spaghetti sauce" on Spark Recipes, 21 entries come up.

I've taken to making my own spaghetti sauce in the crockpot-- it's not quite the taste I'm used to in a bottled sauce, but it's a lot healthier.

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
3/2/13 10:11 P

Hi am just on Spark for a month and trying to track and lower my sodium intake. I know there are low sodium Spaghetti Sauces out there, but have no idea of Brands, except Francesco Rinaldi, which I have no idea where its sold. Am in Chicago with Aldis, Jewel, Dominicks, Tony's Finer Foods, and Trader Joes or Whole Foods to select from. Anybody with help out there?

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