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7/26/14 5:06 P

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. it is going to be such a challenge but totally worth it.

CHARITYAK SparkPoints: (21,976)
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7/26/14 10:12 A

stand up paddle boarding - got a groupon coupon

7/26/14 9:44 A

Biking, to prepare for a four day biking trail trip in three years from now.

7/25/14 5:36 P


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7/25/14 4:54 P

Lifting weights

ANLAOCH SparkPoints: (7,209)
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7/25/14 9:26 A

Indoor cycling trainer and DDP Yoga

REBIRTHDIVA SparkPoints: (125,102)
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7/25/14 7:50 A

DDP Yoga emoticon

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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7/25/14 3:51 A

Rowing in a club, I like the outdoors and I am moving to new city so it's an opportunity to meet people and stay fit!

RCW0442EHS SparkPoints: (10,991)
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7/24/14 10:12 P

Les Mills combat. I ordered it and it should be arriving today. I am fairly familiar with the program through body combat classes at the gym so I'm excited to be able to bring it home with me. I hope its the kick I need to get things going back in the right direction.

7/24/14 12:42 P

Koala Bear

I have similar knee issues and am going to a new PCP next month. My knee is still popping out a lot after a blunt force dislocation two years ago where Kaiser said I probably didn't need surgery. Have done a ton of PT and exercise and I am still very unsteady and it pops in and out a little each day. Will probably try to get a new PT referral, but wondering if they need to do another MRI now that I am not as swollen. It was so swollen when they did it the first time it wouldn't fit in the knee cuff for the MRI they had use the hip? one.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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7/24/14 12:26 P

I am going to start swimming in September when the pool at the school opens.

AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
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7/24/14 9:59 A

Did my first Insanity workout this morning emoticon not nearly as bad as I though it would be!

7/23/14 11:33 P

Oh, and I rode my bike on Monday and it was a completely different experience. I almost didn't make it home. With the heat, a backpack, and adding 5 miles (uphill for half) it was quite the challenge.

I went to bed at 8 pm. LOL

7/23/14 11:32 P

All great new stuff!

I added in walking the dog- I'll admit I am terrible at taking the beast out, but she needs it too, so it's going back on the to-do list on a daily basis.

7/23/14 3:35 P

In another 2 weeks my goal will be to add the step in step class as I have just been staying on the floor

7/23/14 1:36 P

I'm currently not bored with my last "next," which was to take up a kickboxing class! I am continuing to reap the benefits of that.

My next things to try will be: stand-up paddleboarding (county parks offers a 3-hour workshop), riding my bike (instead of driving) to run errands, and more rigorous mountain hiking next winter when I visit AZ!

Thanks for the thread, lots of good ideas in here!

7/23/14 1:22 P

PiYo--I'm starting my 4th week and I love it! I can't believe how much more flexible and balanced I feel and I'm already seeing definition in my abs & arms! I've done a lot of different programs (P90X, Les Mills Pump, Insanity, T25, P90X2 & 3) and this one is unlike any of them. No jumping around, no weights, and yet I'm sweating up a storm! (I actually have to wear a sweat band and have a towel handy!) I am NOT a Yoga or Pilates person. In fact, on my previous programs I substituted the Yoga day with another workout so I was very hesitant to order PiYo. Highly recommend!

CACTUS111 Posts: 2
7/23/14 12:36 P

Marathon kayaking is my current new focus and its great fun but hard work.

LADYCROFT7 Posts: 92
7/23/14 11:05 A

Pilates I think is next for me. I'm currently working up to running the 5k distance (I completed one before now I want to run it) and weight train full body at least once a week for an hr or so but I want to get lean. So far the weights are certainly making me stronger but I am not seeing the leanness results I want emoticon

SANDRA_E SparkPoints: (21,792)
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7/23/14 9:31 A

I recently got a bike trailer for my son to ride with me. It feels heavy when I take him, but that is going to be my next new thing. :)

AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
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7/23/14 8:46 A

HollyPotter can you come back and update us on how you like the PIYO? I saw it advertised when I was ordering Insanity and I'm curious about it.

EREBECCA1 Posts: 95
7/23/14 7:03 A

Pilates or Yoga :)

LUNA_MIST SparkPoints: (23,139)
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7/23/14 4:15 A

emoticon Tennis emoticon

I took lessons as a kid and loved it. I just found an old journal where I talked about how much fun I had playing tennis. It was a part of my identity. I want that back.

2BFITSTRONGBUFF SparkPoints: (2,830)
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7/23/14 2:10 A

going to try a kickboxing class this sunday (non contact so no worries about black eyes or bloody noses) quite excited thinking about it actually and just something random I wanted to try :)

HOLLYPOTTER SparkPoints: (15,834)
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7/22/14 10:36 P

I'll add my very first thought when I saw the topic:

Get off the couch.

Second thought:

Put down the smartphone.

What I'm really going to do next: I just ordered Chalene Johnson's Piyo. I can't take this jumping around and billions of pushups anymore. I've done her TurboFire/Jam and Extreme. Can't wait to see what she does to yoga. I'm sure she tried to put fire in the title somewhere...

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (283,745)
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7/22/14 10:34 A


AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
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7/22/14 8:52 A

Rudolph, can you come back in a few weeks and tell us how you like Body Beast? I really want to try it soon. I'm just now finishing my first round of Chalean Extreme and I loved it but I want to put more muscle on.

NMRUDOLPH Posts: 288
7/22/14 8:10 A

Body Beast by Beachbody.

FIT_MOMMY_OF2 SparkPoints: (4,196)
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7/22/14 2:43 A

Jogging with my dog in addition to 30 Day Shred

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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7/21/14 11:53 P

Am going to see my doctor tomorrow for my six month checkup and annual lab results will be back. Expect to get a referral to the orthopedic doctor for a knee brace that will allow me to do more walking - ideally speed walking - since I am already back at PT doing stationary cycling and some limited elliptical training. Either that or just please do the dam knee surgery and let me get on with my life. If need to get this weight off and the lack of movement in my daily activities is worrisome because I don't want heart problems and it had made me more sedentary than I prefer to be.

PHXTEACH Posts: 20
7/21/14 8:42 P

@ANTIGONAKI - Hot Yoga is AWESOME! Make sure you hydrate - a ton. The first time I did it I never knew the amount of sweat my body could produce. It was gross and intriguing at the same time! Haha! Crossfit is really fun too. Find a good gym with super supportive trainers, and you'll love it. Just watch your knees. :)

My "next" is going to be getting back into yoga. I've done it off and on for years, but really want to start a consistent practice. I also want to go dancing more. We tried Western Swing a couple of weeks ago and had a blast!

LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
7/21/14 5:04 P

My husband got me a heart-rate monitor for my birthday, so I'm going to try to change up my workouts by tracking intensity levels and calories burned.

DRIA6114 SparkPoints: (59)
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7/21/14 2:06 P

I am thinking the Couch to 5K program.

7/21/14 9:40 A

I like insanity, but I have to do it modified because of my knees.

AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
Fitness Minutes: (5,779)
Posts: 58
7/21/14 8:57 A

I'm going to try Insanity. I just ordered the DVDs a couple of days ago and now I'm starting to get a little nervous but I can do this!!! emoticon

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (283,745)
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7/21/14 8:51 A


ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (413,898)
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7/21/14 8:41 A


RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 6,865
7/21/14 8:14 A


LTM234 SparkPoints: (11,867)
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7/21/14 7:40 A

I'm playing golf now that I can walk several miles without giving out.

7/21/14 6:42 A

I want to try crossfit or hot yoga

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/20/14 10:49 P

I plan on doing a fitness/healthy bucket list. I want to walk up the steepest hill in town. I walk to walk a 15k. I want to try a new recipe and also try a new fitness class.

7/20/14 9:48 P

Awesome! My husband and I love biking together. We like to search out bike trails in or near state park camp grounds and make a weekend adventure out of it. We explore nearby towns and do some hiking as well.
My "next" thing I actually did this weekend. My husband went kayaking last weekend and loved it so much he bought us a pair of them (we've been wanting to try it since last summer when we tried Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding - which is also fun and easier than one might think). We went out on a lake Friday and down the river today (Sunday). I love it! It's a great upper body workout and a nice refreshing perspective of being out on the water. I can't wait to get out there again!

7/20/14 7:05 P

Awesome! I've tried so many new things in regards to fitness. I think the "next" thing I will try/train for is a triathlon. So specifically, cycling!

BONNIEMCC488 Posts: 6,800
7/20/14 6:35 P

I don't know about "next" necessarily, but sometime in the next few months or next spring at the latest I'm going to try jogging/running a few times a week... and next summer I'd like to get and ride a bike as a part of my exercise routine.

TB2BEFIT SparkPoints: (22,508)
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7/20/14 3:46 P

I was going out for my usual ride this morning but then I read this I totally changed up my route and had an awesome ride: some major hills for me and some single track and I didn't get lost. Padded shorts are a must, even if they aren't attractive!
Now, I have to figure out what I am going to do next. Great Question, emoticon

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,622)
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7/20/14 12:59 P

I have gone from not being able to ride down my 200 m street to biking 35K this summer. By the end of the summer, I intend to work up to 50K and I just got a new road bike yesterday.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (283,745)
Fitness Minutes: (136,143)
Posts: 13,602
7/20/14 10:41 A


MLAN613 Posts: 18,807
7/20/14 9:42 A

I am glad you enjoyed your bike ride. I am not sure what I am going to try next. Right now, my life is a bit of a mess. Once things have settled, perhaps I can revisit this idea.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (351,144)
Fitness Minutes: (205,777)
Posts: 69,274
7/20/14 9:41 A

Sound like you are well in to it. Good luck.

7/20/14 2:04 A

It's funny, sometimes, how something can seem like a good idea at the start, but as the day or moment arrives to take action, one suddenly becomes a big ball of doubt. Such was my experience when a co-worker proposed that we bike to work on Friday.

I accepted the challenge on Monday, focusing on all the ways that this would make me a total bad-ass; exercise, team-building with a co-worker, no car on the road, trying new things.

The week progressed and I prepared. I learned how to change my tires, bought the appropriate equipment and travel case, bought the brightest orange shirt known to man for safety... total preparation.

Then Thursday night arrived and I was so nervous. I'm by no means an expert on the bike. Then there's the traffic. The distance (9.5 miles which is cross-country to me). The giant down-hill slalom that will surely be the death of me.

That morning, however, I felt a sense of anticipation and excitement. After the first few miles, I was loving it. It was cool, quiet, and I had the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunrise that would have otherwise been missed in the car.

The ride was not scary at all- okay, the hill really was as bad as I thought it was going to be- but there was a stillness that I love about weekend mornings that I know have an opportunity to enjoy during the week.

I find it fascinating how something as simple as a bike ride can impact your outlook. Something as simple as a bike ride can change your perspective about commuting, cars, and your abilities.

You CAN do it. Change IS possible.

One final note- be kind to yourself. Get the padded shorts. Seriously. Get.the.padded.shorts.

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