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6/3/14 11:39 A

So I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and suggestions! I spoke with my father about my dilemma and he's had similar issues. He agreed with the fruit and carbs. So since then I've cut a lot of the fruit out, lowered my carbs below 100 (trying to get down to 40-60) and I've already lost 5 lbs! :) my jeans are looser! Eating about the same protein, healthy fats, veggies and staying away from the carbs, it sucks but it's working!

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5/23/14 11:27 A

When I let my carbs up above 100 g per day, I gain. I'm just sensitive that way, maybe. Although, it seems a lot of people are.

They also say the last bit of weight is always the hardest to lose. And then there's those annoying stalls. Naturally, just at the *wrong* moments!

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5/23/14 11:18 A

Based on people's comments:

I will eat more veggies, I'll try to throw in a snack of vegetables each day. Any suggestions on good vegetable snacks? (I can't eat celery or raw broccoli) and more protein

I only weigh myself once a week, in the morning on Tuesdays.

I do track my inches, waist, thigh, arms, etc... no progress

I work out 6 days a week (P90x classic schedule)

I get at least 8 hrs of sleep a night - strict house rules

I am going to try to use my lunches to walk, I do have a desk job, but I do also have weekly construction updates where I'm walking around job sites.

I know to stay away from McD food as I get closer to the wedding, and to really cut out he salt.

I only drink a few (3 or so) beers on the weekend, and a glass of wine or 2 during the weekdays. -I do track my beverage intake.

@MICHELLEXXXX, just curious why do you say not to drink your calories? I'm assuming you're referring to my breakfast smoothie? I'm horrible at eating breakfast in the morning, so this has a been a solution for me, but if there are issues with this I could try to change this.

Thanks all for the input.

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5/23/14 8:01 A

How many calories are you burning per workout? And how often do you workout?

I'd eat at my lower end of your range for a week or 2 and see how that goes - unless you are burning a lot of calories.

I hear all the time people saying try eating more calories - but, for me (and everyone is different) that does not work. I lose only at the lower end of my range. Track everything.

Another thing is to try a 30 minute walk 5x a week, in addition to whatever you are working out.

Carbs - try lowering them to about 100 per day.

As with lowering calories and carbs, make up bulk by eating more veggies. You can eat so much more in your diet when you start eating a lot of veggies. A whole head of cauliflower has 200 calories (a whole head), I am not saying to live on cauliflower - but showing how much bulk you can eat with few calories.

Sodium - add it to your tracker. Too much will make you retain water weight (look like you aren't losing). An fyi - before your wedding avoid the McDonalds burgers and fries like the plague!!!!

Try to avoid alcohol during this time as well (if you drink).

Before you consider something like Ali - research the side effects. Seriously. emoticon

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5/23/14 4:36 A

Get off the scale. Seriously. I weighed myself today and was down about a pound, looked back at my record and realized that I have only lost five pounds in the past four months. Super depressing right? However, in that same amount of time, I have lost 2 inches around my waist, 2 from around my hips, and almost 3 from my chest. Two people have stopped me in the past week to tell me how good I look. The scale is not your friend, and weight is just a number. You may be building muscle, you may be losing from the upper part of your body first, so that your jeans don't show it, and you may just have a stubborn body that wants to hang on to its fat.

I would agree with that other people have said, that you should try to incorporate more veggies into your diet, and maybe eat less fruit, and that you may not be eating enough to support your workouts. Otherwise, just keep plugging along, not everyone loses at the same pace; you'll get there eventually if you keep working on it.

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5/23/14 1:16 A

Guidelines that I use and see applicable here:
never drink my calories
8 servings veggies minimum
no sugar or flour
protein with every meal
3 servings healthy fat daily minimum
walking at least 30 min/day
sleep 8 hours/day

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5/22/14 12:48 P

I agree that it sounds like you might not be eating enough. Where do you usually fall within your recommended calorie range? Are you usually at the lower end? If so, I'd try eating towards the top of your range for a while to see if that makes a difference. Are you measuring yourself? Even if your jeans don't fit any different, you could still be losing inches in other places which would signal progress.

Coach Jen

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5/22/14 12:37 P

Yup, measuring everything, and even counting things like the 3 cadbury mini eggs I ate the other day. For my breakfast smoothie, I make smoothie cubes so it's super easy.
On the weekend, about every other weekend, I pull out my food processor and dump 1 whole bag of frozen strawberries, 1 whole bag of frozen blueberries, 1 whole bag of frozen mangos, and 2 cups of V8 pomegranite blueberry juice into it. Then I dump the slurry into ice cube trays, and each day I have 4 cubes. I've turned this into a recipe on SparkRecipes. This way I just fill the magic bullet with OJ up the the 8oz line, drop the 4 cubes in, split a banana in half, give the dog the other half, and put my protein powder in; blend and go..

I'm not really aiming for a specific weight, just less pooch/flabby. When I was 155 before I started college and I was working in the field I looked and felt great. But then again I was, working outside in the sun 6 hrs a day, could eat anything, and had previously been a swim instructor.

Thanks for your suggestions, I think I'm going to look into stuffing more vegetables in (I prefer veggies over fruit (unless it's farm fresh fruit - which is now coming into season here in CA, which is why I blend my fruit) and protein. Hopefully those added calories will help.

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5/22/14 12:36 P

cut down on the carbs as much as you can that means fruits, starchy vegetables, pasta, breads etc. Focus on green vegetables only and lean meats (chicken, turkey)
You will see a loss on the scale. I lost 100+ on a low carb diet, when no other program worked for me. emoticon

Your range looks fine. And for your doctor to say cut calories and fat that is ridiculous.
No simply cut the carbs.. your incorporating way too much fruit in your day 1-3 fruits max.

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5/22/14 11:46 A

1. It has only been 2 months. Sometimes people will see zero change until after that time. I know you feel like there is a deadline, but you also need to adjust your expectations a bit.
2. Are you measuring everything?
3. Have you tried cutting back on the sugar? I see a lot of fruit but only a few veggies. Maybe swap those and have lots of veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit
4. If you are really doing p90x, you may need to eat more, possibly more protein. Are you following those guidelines? I am going to guess not since you are eating 1200-1500 calories. I am about to start p90x based on those figures, I should be eating about 2200 calories on days I work out. Why not give it a try for 2 weeks? If it doesn't work, then go back to what you were doing.
5. Is there anything you are not counting? Are there drinks you are not entering, little bites here and there while you are preparing food, anything?

I know it is hard to have patience but try to. You are going to have a fantastic day at your wedding and you will look fabulous even if you do not lose a single pound. Your fiance, family, and friends won't care at all. You might be disappointed in the results but if you do not reach your goal by the wedding, you still have the rest of your life to work on it and be the person you want to be.

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5/22/14 11:43 A

First question, are you weighing/measuring the things like the berries and nuts? The nuts especially can be calorie bombs because they're so high in (healthy) fats. When we eye ball stuff, we tend to underestimate how much we're actually eating.

Second question, are you aiming for a specific weight or to have a more fit body for your wedding? Stepping up the strength training will definitely help add shape and muscle tone while burning more calories over the long term (muscles need more fuel than fat cells).

Now some thoughts. You might actually be eating to little for your size and activity level. I'm 5'-8" and 160 and in order to lose I have to eat close to 1800 calories a day otherwise my body won't have enough fuel to support my workouts. Also, it might be worth upping the protein and healthy fats while decreasing the carbs. Protein and fats make us feel fuller longer so we don't need to eat as much volume. Good luck!

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5/22/14 11:25 A

OK I'm stuck, I'm less than 3 months from my goal date (wedding). I've always been a relatively healthy eater with my indulgences, and I bounce around being more conscious and not for the past few years because I'm 15-20 lbs over my preferred weight but never really made progress. But since getting engaged I've really focused myself, and nothing is happening... SERIOUSLY

The details:
Female, 25
5'6", 171 lbs
build: athletic build
size: Target jeans 10
mile time: I hate running
other: I love hiking and backpacking but I'm not quite fit and struggle when I first start up each year

What I've been doing for the past 2 months:
calories: 1,200 - 1,550
carbs: 135 - 252
fat: 27 - 60
protein: 60 - 136

Weekday breakfast: blueberries, mango, strawberries, half banana, 8oz OJ, spirutein protein powder. Also a daily vitamin.
Lunch: usually leftovers from dinners, my fast food fallback is a McD cheeseburger, small FF, and a large diet sweet tea
Snack (if I have one): blueberries, quaker rice cake, Kind bar, or mixed nuts
Dinners: healthy balanced dinners
ie: 1/2 c brown rice, stir fry veggies, chicken and a homemade sauce
oven roasted chicken breast, brussel sprouts
salad with vinaigrette and protein

Favorite foods I'm trying to stay away from: sourdough bread and too much cheese

*I make most of our food, I don't buy much packaged food at all. Usually just canned or jarred things like tomato sauce, mixed beans, etc. I also only have a few drinks a week and I always track it on SparkPeople.

We've also been doing P90x for this time period. While I can't do everything sometimes I have to do the modified routine I'm doing pretty good with it. *I previously would work out like 1 or 2 times a week, and certainly not as intense as P90x.

Here's the problem: with all of this... I've lost no weight, and my jeans don't fit any better?! I'm at my wits end, my doctor said I should cut more calories and fat out, but seriously WHAT WOULD I FREAKING EAT?!

Any suggestions I'd appreciate so much. I'm tempted to try Alli (Orlistat) or look into more the idea that my body thinks I'm starving itself so it holds onto the fat and calories I'm eating because I'm burning more with this work out? I dunno...

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