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8/1/11 1:28 P

When you have that treat, there is quite likely much more sodium than what your body is used too, which would cause you to retain the fluid, leading to the short-term weight gain. If you are still losing overall, and just gaining the day after your treat, I think you're okay to continue, especially if it helps to motivate you for the rest of the week.

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7/31/11 7:55 P

You are losing weight overall but gaining with each treat? Do you weigh every day? Is the weight gain there today gpne tomorrow?
If you are weighing every day and it is noticeable for a day or so after the treat but you still lose weight over the course of time, then I would recommend remembering that the weight reported by a scale is only a number! We all fluctuate our weight on a daily basis, don't succumb to the tyranny of the scale. As long as the overall results are in line with what you want, know to EXPECT that weekly hiccup and don't let it stress ya. On those days record a few non-scale victories so that you KNOW you are on-track.
Hope this helps!

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7/31/11 7:26 P

Hey, I would like some advice please. I have been focusing on "healthy eating" (instead of dieting) for 6 months now combined with daily exercise (either walking or swimming for 30 minutes). I am pleased with the results (lost 20 pounds and 12.5 inches). I am female, early 50's. I stick to around 1,500 calories a day and avoid bread, pasta and white rice. Eat lots of vegies and several servings of fruit a day. I admit - I also eat 3 little Dove chocolates every day. But here is the problem...I allow myself either one dessert a week (like a regular serving of frozen yogurt with fudge topping) or one entree (like a hamburger with the bun). On that day, I make my other meals as healthy as possible and low carb and sugar. But every single week - without fail - I gain 1.5 to 2 pounds with that "treat". I don't want to give it up - knowing I have that treat coming really keeps me on track. I try to be sensible - if I got a dessert in a restaurant for my treat, I only eat half of it. It's a treat, not a binge. Any advice?

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