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HOPKINS62040 Posts: 21
3/8/10 1:31 P

I always get grilled (or baked) chicken and vegetables. If I can substitute the potato portion I get 2 sides of vegetables. Eat the vege's first and then the chicken.

RONIROO2U SparkPoints: (15,925)
Fitness Minutes: (18,339)
Posts: 412
3/8/10 1:27 P

I can make adjustments to any meal (I stay away from pastas and sandwiches, however). Usually lean protein, a carb or whole grain bread, salad and another vegetable. Fish, grilled chicken, sushi, big entree salads minus bacon and cheese with dressing on the side. I even treat myself to a few bites of a bad appetizer (crab dip, spinach dip, etc).

CHOCO-HOLIC Posts: 114
3/8/10 1:22 P

i dont go out too often - make most of my meals at home, so i like my restaurant meals to be a treat and try to plan my cals for the day accordingly. but if i am trying to behave, i go for a grilled fish - usually served with a healthy side so i dont need to customize too much

TXTRAVELBUG SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 472
3/8/10 1:10 P

Grilled salmon if I have the budget, but mostly grilled chicken and a side salad or half a baked sweet potato if it's offered. I also love omelets and since most of them are so large, I still order it-- but eat half and take the balance home. To my surprise, I found out they reheat quite well in the microwave!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
3/8/10 1:03 P

Salad bar, fresh italien bread.. My protein in tuna, egg or feta cheese, my fruit is pineapples or melon..
I have some bowls the same size at home- so I know how much I can take..

3/8/10 1:03 P

Grilled chicken or salmon with a salad.

MIMI602 Posts: 139
3/8/10 12:56 P

Usually, baked or grilled fish or salmon with roasted veggies and a small salad with dressing on the side. Once in a while I will have 1/2 of a small baked potato.

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BLUBSY Posts: 89
3/8/10 12:49 P

I love dining out and I really started to love going to Japanese Restaurants. I always get a broth-based soup, green salad with ginger dressing, and some type of sashimi (usually tuna, salmon, or yellowtail) For those that don't know, sashimi is just a piece of raw fish without any rice and I dip it in low-sodium soy sauce. Also, many places now offer brown rice in many of their rolls. It's so good and so good for you---an all around guilt-free meal!

KMICHA Posts: 47,853
3/8/10 12:49 P

It all depends on where we are going. At each restuarant we have visited before, I have a favorite dish. It is usually some sort of salad or soup. I taken into consideration the tips from SP on making sure my salad isn't full of unwanted calories! I love to eat at home, though, where I know I am getting good, fresh quality food that my body needs!

3/8/10 12:45 P

I like to have salad or soup first and then get some kind of chicken. Most places have great grilled or baked chicken. Top it off with a baked potato with salsa and a veggie. Awesome!

CARRIE711 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,660)
Posts: 67
3/8/10 12:43 P

Here's one to stay away from: I had the Guiltless Grill Santa Fe Chicken Wrap at Chili's last night. It was served cold (on purpose) and was bland and yucky.
They used to have a GG Fajita Pita that was really good, but that is gone now and this seemed like a similar replacement, but it was way different, not in a good way. Guess I'll try something else next time.

3/8/10 12:20 P

Stick with water, always start with a small salad (no croutons, of course) and light on balsamic vinegar. No matter where I am eating I stay away from high carbs, fried, heavy cheese, heavy condiments(bbq, ketchup, etc). If I want a burger I take off the bun, see if I can substitute fries for the veggie of the day or get them on the side and pass them off to the rest of the table.
I also like to cut my meal in half so I don't eat it all in one sitting since mostly over served at restaurant, and eat slow so I don't overeat.

3/8/10 11:51 A

I don't really understand this question - all restaurants are different and have different items on the menu. I try to avoid anything with cheese or cream, and never eat all my carbs, whatever form they arrive in.

SUNSHINEX2 Posts: 60
3/8/10 11:48 A

If heading out to a fast food place with the kids, I usually opt for a green salad and go very light on the dressing. On the occassions that my husband and I go out, I usually order grilled seafood with veggies, no rice or pasta(keeping carb count down) and ask for sauce, if any comes with the seafood, on the side. I will usually stay away from the wine and order sparkling water, I can always sneak a sip from his glass. Desert will sometimes pose the biggest problem for me, but we always order just one and split it 1/3 for me and 2/3 for him.

SPINNER86 Posts: 166
3/8/10 11:39 A

A large salad with grilled chicken or salmon and dressing on the side. It's pretty safe, especially since we eat at locally owned places. They don't seem to jazz up their salads as much.

AMGM2001 Posts: 1,691
3/8/10 11:32 A

I always research the restaurant I"m going to before hand. Most of the time it ends up being grilled chicken or grilled veggies.

3/8/10 11:31 A

It really depends on the restaurant. I have one or two "go to" meals now at all my fave places. Some examples:

Wendy's (rare that I eat here but still): small chili with two crackers and a baked potato, lite sour cream on side

Panera: PIck two with chicken noodle soup, classic salad with vinaigrette on side and whole grain baguette

Olive Garden: minestrone soup, half the linguine alla marinara (leftovers yum!), half of a breadstick

TGI Friday's: a few fried green beans, half of the turkey burger, half of the sweet potato fries (again leftovers!)

Chili's: a quarter of the chips and salsa with classic chicken fajitas (two fajitas with tortilla, chicken, lettuce, a pinch of cheese, and a smidge of sour cream)

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KSTARANNE Posts: 148
3/8/10 11:25 A

I love Panera! The you pick two vegetable soup with pesto and the asian salad with no crunchy noodles and dressing on the side! Add an apple as the side and you have a pretty baalnced meal!

AMBERLEE26 Posts: 207
3/8/10 11:11 A

Grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo. If it is a sit-down place, I opt for grilled chicken, or grilled fish (usually cod or salmon)...but watch the veggies they serve on the side! some place saute them in butter...not healthy!

3/8/10 11:00 A

Grilled salmon...I love it, and rarely get it at home as my DH doesn't like it. It is usually prepared in a healthier way, and usually comes with healthier sides like steamed veggies.

3/8/10 10:56 A

fast food wendy's jr hamburger no mayo with large chili. I usually get grilled chicken and a salad at sit down places.

DORYC11 Posts: 8
3/8/10 10:54 A

I found a great website that has tons of restaurants calorie info and it also has a regular cal. counter. I try to make myself a list of good choices at my favorite places to eat and keep it with me so I am prepared. I was really shocked to find that my favorite salad which I thought was a healthy choice had 800 calories! It pays to check out your choices.

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ZUZUSHLU Posts: 33
3/8/10 10:54 A

Greetings on this truly beautiful day. Mexican meal one chip and dip( rational I can eat chips any time any place they are so ordinary.)Then I always order the taco salad or the faita taco salad with chicken I scrape off the sour cream but eat the quacomole. DO NOT EAT THE SHELL. ZZ

LOVETORUN9 Posts: 205
3/8/10 10:54 A

Salad never fills me up, and can be deceiving. I usually choose a lean cut of beef, and only eat 3-4 oz. of it, or choose grilled chicken. I always get some type of steamed veggie too. My rule is only eat half, save the rest for tommorrow, and skip the bread, you will be glad you did!

PIR8CHIK Posts: 781
3/8/10 10:40 A

usually seafood of some sort since it often comes grilled or broiled, steamed veggies (hold the butter). Split it all in half & have lunch for the next day!

3/8/10 10:36 A

Grilled chicken, salmon
Steamed veggies and garden salads with low fat dressing
Chili or soup is also a good option
I also make sure I take off the cheese and mayo on any sandwich

PEGG123321 Posts: 928
3/8/10 10:26 A

Great Thread.
Grilled Chicken or fish or lean meat. Steamed Veggies. Salad with Dressing on the side.
If its fast food - Subway if I can or Grilled Chicken sandwich, no Cheese or mayo. I really like the Apple Fries or Dippers too.

SPARKINGMYLIFE SparkPoints: (17,687)
Fitness Minutes: (12,638)
Posts: 527
3/8/10 10:16 A

I am still struggling with that. I did a lot of eating out, and fast food prior to this, and I still find that when I go out I resort to my old ways.. So i think maybe I just need to not go out at all for awhile until this becomes second nature to me.

KERIANNA77 Posts: 63
3/8/10 10:07 A

Pizza is one of my favorite dine-out meals. I will go for the thin crust, cheese, and lots of veggie toppings.

3/8/10 9:43 A

My first choice is always soup, unless it's cream based. Next choice would be a veggie quesadila (sorry I can't spell--even spellcheck had no clue) Third choice, shrimp cocktail and veggies.

TALLYCAT13 Posts: 522
3/8/10 9:42 A

unfortunatly, I hate salads. texture issues with lettuce lol. omg life would be soooo much easier if I loved them:) but I usually go for some sort of grilled chicken and rice/veggies. If its fast food, Wendy's grilled chicken sandwhich and baked potato:) yum!

3/8/10 9:11 A

Fish! If there is any kind of fish on the menu, I always order that. Otherwise I like to stick to ordering the healthiest looking thing on the menu and only eat half. Usually, if I know where we are going to go eat, I will look at their nutrition menu online before we go so that I have a better idea of what I can have.

3/8/10 8:55 A

Half a Thai Crunch salad with dressing the side and no wonton noodles at CPK. YUM!

BELLASMOM29 Posts: 7
3/8/10 8:35 A

Love to get a healthy salad - no croutons, chinese noddles, etc. Or grilled fish. Love the salmon from Olive Garden - comes with a side of veggies. Mmmmmmmm!

ERARAUJO Posts: 93
3/8/10 8:34 A

I went out to Applebees on Saturday night and thought I was making a good choice with the Fiesta Lime Chicken (I remember years ago that it was one of their weight watchers items) until it came, and I saw how much creamy sauce was on it and cheese. I got home and even though I only ate three quarters of it, I had over 950 calories! That wasn't even including the appetizer I shared with my husband! I skipped the booze, so that helped a little, but yikes! Next time I go there, I'm sticking to the 550 calorie entrees!

3/8/10 8:19 A

I have to be honest and say Subway. It's clean, dependable, super healthy/fresh, and you can find one everywhere!

Check out my photo food journal at:

3/8/10 8:15 A

Well, that all depends on where you go. There are some dining places I just avoid, because even their salads have over 1100 calories. You could always try AppleBees- they have the menu with the dinners under 550 calories. Also, Chili's is a good choice. They have the Guiltless Free menu for under 725 calories. They have an entree called Margarita Grilled Chicken- and the serving alone has only 110 calories & it tastes awesome. You could get it with a side salad (hold the cheese and croutons) and maybe a side of rice or something.

INEXCESS Posts: 1,681
3/8/10 8:15 A

Grilled salmon from the healthy choice menu items

DATARN Posts: 296
3/8/10 8:09 A

Grilled chicken salad - or grilled salmon

JXOCASIO Posts: 353
3/8/10 8:03 A

Grilled chicken salad. Most restaurants have that as an option and if I hold the dressing and croutons I have a good idea of what my caloric intake is.

BLUEHERON2C Posts: 2,403
3/8/10 8:02 A

I choose not to dine out. I am not fond of restaurant eating so I don't miss it.

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
3/8/10 8:00 A

lunch: Greek salad or a grilled chicken Caesar

dinner: salmon and veggies

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/8/10 7:57 A

Well I don't eat out much at all but did eat out for the first time in a very long time with my family yesterday and the restaurant was not known ahead of time so I had to do some fancy footwork to find something healthy and not calorie-lidden.

I asked the waitress what they had that was grilled and ended up getting grilled salmon, broccoli, and a baked potato (verus french fries, rice, or mashed potatoes). The salmon and broccoli really filled me up so I wasn't even interested in the baked potato and I chose to avoid the cheese garlic biscuits (yes, I was at Red Lobster, LOL).

I usually go for steamed veggies, grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp/scallops and maybe a sweet potato or baked potato with no sour cream or butter.

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3/8/10 7:14 A

Jacket potato!!

CHELLESDOINGR8 SparkPoints: (37,955)
Fitness Minutes: (4,465)
Posts: 9,552
3/8/10 6:52 A

Half of a chicken quesidilla with salad...nummy!

LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,169
3/8/10 6:52 A

Grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato with no butter and a salad or vegetable

KITERLOU Posts: 41
3/8/10 6:33 A

Grilled meat (chicken, pork, red meat) and some type of vegetable, depending what I am in the mood for. I have to stay away from bread becuase I cannot control myself - and forget about dessert!!!

ANJI_RAE Posts: 992
3/8/10 2:11 A

I like a baked potato with toppings on the side and a salad with dressing on the side or roasted veggies etc.
pasta primavera with light oil

MRSFARRA Posts: 982
3/8/10 12:36 A

grilled chicken and a side salad.

NOIRPRNCESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,708)
Posts: 377
3/8/10 12:31 A

I always read the other threads of meals people feel bad about when eating out. But, what are the foods that you will select, when all else fails on the menu?

For me, its shrimp cocktail and a garden salad.

What about you?

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