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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
8/1/13 12:58 P

to realize tracking in my head isn't effective

8/1/13 11:54 A

Tracking has made me accountable instead of ending up in shock and horror when a pair of jeans does not fit. Gotta be honest with myself and its on that darn tracker emoticon

SLIMSHANN Posts: 242
8/1/13 11:30 A

That's funny Donna. I can so relate.

SLIMSHANN Posts: 242
8/1/13 11:25 A

I too am posting as a sparkcoach subscriber. I have learned through tracking that I was very low on sodium and that is why I was getting leg cramps. I worked hard at reducing sodium, I thought that was the thing to do... By using the tracker I determined I was only getting about 450mg per day. My doc said he would like to see me at 1500mg/day. I made an electrolyte solution that I add to my water. No more cramps... Go figure!
I wish there was a like button on individual posts. There are some very good ones here.
Take care and have a slim day,

REALBLONDE474 Posts: 220
8/1/13 10:36 A

That wine has calories and DOES COUNT :)

I have almost stopped alcohol except as a treat (one glass that I do track) on the weekend. With that change I have lost weight and have much more energy to exercise.


8/1/13 10:14 A

this was my sparkcoach assignment. I learned that I tend to eat more carbs in the evening, and that nighttime eating can really blow the day. I have two current struggles. 1) eating within range. If I have room for calories in the evening, I tend to blow it and go over. 2) I think I need to weigh and measure instead of eyeballing it.

10YEARSDOWN SparkPoints: (2,264)
Fitness Minutes: (577)
Posts: 61
8/1/13 9:55 A

I learned that a plate full of food at a meal, the way I cook and the way I serve myself, is almost always the same amount of calories give or take 100.

I learned that 100 calories of snack is pretty much what you expect it to be. It's a piece of fruit if you're being healthy, a cookie if you want sweet, or a handful of salty snack, but no more than that.

Mostly I learned that eating right is simple if I stop being a greedy little piggy about it. I know how to eat right, I just had to stop "treating" myself, because I was only cheating myself out of feeling great. I would never give my kid too many cookies, then tell them they were gross and pathetic and hopeless and would never look good. So why should I treat myself that way?

I learned that it is simple, but not easy, and I can finally count on myself to do the right thing.

CHARLOTTE1947 SparkPoints: (44,675)
Fitness Minutes: (55,530)
Posts: 1,751
7/31/13 8:34 P

I jumped up from the dinner table tonight to make sure I wouldn't overdo it at supper. My husband thought I was nuts, but when you're hungry, the spoon becomes a shovel. I use the tracker for accountability.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (359,899)
Fitness Minutes: (209,769)
Posts: 71,196
7/31/13 6:18 P

Mostly what is healthy portions and not to over eat.

LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (57,123)
Fitness Minutes: (146,346)
Posts: 228
7/31/13 6:07 P

I have learned that things have many more calories than I ever thought. Like a previous poster I realized that a drink or a treat after dinner adds up. I bet I was eating 2500 or more calories a day and I know it was double that when my husband and I went on vacation. Scary! The tracker has really opened my eyes. I love using it and it is so easy to use.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
7/31/13 8:27 A

I always track even when I get unmotivated to spark. It is too easy to get over your calorie budget if you don't.

RICHNJEN2001 Posts: 19
7/31/13 8:03 A

Tracking is key for me, even on the days that I DON'T do well (like yesterday). Makes me realize how just 2 or 3 snacks after dinner can add up to over 500 calories just. like. that. I also discovered that before working to lose weight, I was most likely eating 2800 - 3200 calories a DAY, and that alcohol (just a couple of beers, or a margarita) are huge on the calorie list. Now I try to stay within my target, and I see that if I do it, I lose weight and feel great. When I don't, I don't. I am so glad that SparkPeople makes it so easy .... I can do it from anywhere!

PATCEOH SparkPoints: (343)
Fitness Minutes: (100)
Posts: 10
7/31/13 7:38 A

Tracking keeps me aware of how many calories are in most food .It keeps me aware of calories in portion sizes.It helps me stay in eating healthy mode.It stops me cold from finding excuses for eating desserts.Such as,I no longer bake!

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (101,272)
Fitness Minutes: (85,633)
Posts: 493
7/31/13 4:41 A

Haha, total amnesia about the food true. It definitely helps me keep myself accountable. I'll also notice when I'm constantly tracking the same thing over and over and need to incorporate some variety.

CERTHIA SparkPoints: (22,539)
Fitness Minutes: (16,207)
Posts: 770
7/30/13 6:54 A

I agree, tracking to me is alpha and omega to keep myself mindful and accountable. Consistent tracking in the past has made me aware what nutrients are in the foods I eat. Leaving little notes to myself along the way reminds me of how my diet affects me, and how events in my life affects my diet. These days slip-ups are more a matter of unexpected events, poor planning or self-control than ignorance, thankfully.

I especially make a point of tracking the days I don't eat so well, either that means going over or under, as I am pretty aware of how my average days add up by now.

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ROKIAS SparkPoints: (28,730)
Fitness Minutes: (47,039)
Posts: 559
7/29/13 11:10 P

Tracking has made me think about everything I put in my mouth before I do it and to seriously consider what I eat. I now know what 'mindful eating' really means.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
7/29/13 6:20 P

It has helped me realize that I eat way more carbs then I though that I did. I am currently trying to balance out in my mind that some of the carbs that I eat are good carbs and we truly need them in our diet.

AUBREY9009 Posts: 87
7/29/13 5:30 P

I have realized that I typically eat a carbohydrate heavy diet, so tracking has really helped me to even that out. Through tracking the foods that I eat, I have become much more conscious of what I am eating. It has helped to know when to reach for different types of foods that will help me reach my daily goals for calories, protein, carbs, and fat.

Tracking takes a bit of time each day, but I know that it is worth it in the long run and will help me to reach my goals!

KTGAL52 SparkPoints: (3,371)
Fitness Minutes: (2,283)
Posts: 17
7/29/13 5:23 P

It makes me accountable to myself otherwise I can have total amnesia about the food I have consumed. I have decided that only I can take responsibility for my food choices so tracking it these choices can reinforce this. I can feel proud or I can decide see where I need to change habits.

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