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1/25/12 4:38 P

Great thread!

I went to work, did a good job. Stuck to my eating and exercise plan (so far). Hugged my dog and petted my cat. Said something nice to most of my customers.

PS--Hope you feel better soon!

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
1/25/12 4:04 P

I love your theme – “what I did right” – and the commitment to being your best self that it conveys!
What did I do right? For me it is simple. . .
-- I went on vacation (10 days in Hawaii) and gained NO weight!
-- I chose fruit and salads, proteins and healthy carbs instead of sugar and fats!
-- I walked and slept and got some sun; I enjoyed my days even though I was not able to be very physically active (new knees!).
-- I kept my promises to myself and to others, had a wonderful time and returned healthy, happy and ready to complete my recovery and rehab on a steady course to strength and endurance!

We need to celebrate all that we do RIGHT and stop deriding ourselves for each minor failure!


1/25/12 1:16 P

I'm back on track! I managed to go to the gym yesterday. I missed 3 workouts, although I did take some gentle walks. I can feel the results of what I skipped, but it was simply unavoidable. In a way, having to take a break from the gym was actually a good thing. Cardio was difficult - but then again I'm still a bit congested, so that was no real surprise. Strength actually improved and I was able to bump up a plate on a couple of exercises! I'm making the choice to celebrate!!! Yippeeee Yay! Oh, yeah, and I didn't gain anything even though I had to cut the exercise. Now I'm focusing on adding in another set of upper body exercises and increasing my cardio time to the next 15 minute increment. That should help to shave the next 7 pounds between me and my first major stepping stone!

BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
1/24/12 12:54 A


1/23/12 1:04 P

Okay. It got bad enough that I have to admit I actually was um, well, sorta sick. I did get extra rest and water, and fresh air, and all that. I didn't push too hard and over do it, which is what I normally do. And surprise of surprises, I actually feel better today. So today I'm getting back to the hard work I was doing before I got sick. I actually had to buy a new pair of exercise pants that don't slide down when I'm exercising, so it must be working!

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
1/20/12 10:20 A

Sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you feel better soon. You are on your way to progress, even if you don't believe in yourself at first. Drinking water, going out to walk outdoors, sleeping early, many don't have the luxury to do that and as long as you keep this up, progress will show. Then progress will bring full confidence and mental strength. We all feel like crap at times but even you know that mental strength helps define who we will become. Hope you get well and continue moving forward. You can definitely do this!

1/20/12 9:01 A

I don't feel good. It isn't quite bad enough to admit that I'm sick. . . just bad enough to make optimism more difficult. I did exercise, although I switched it up from an intense session at the gym to a relaxing walk outdoors (yes, it is warm enough here for that :-) I did go to bed early. I did drink lots of water. I am doing what I know is right even when it isn't quite as easy. This makes me a strong person. Saying it, um, well, typing it, out loud makes me stronger!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,117
1/19/12 12:28 P

This is the only life we ever get, so enjoy the day NOW. Do this for yourself and no one else.

1/19/12 10:27 A

I'm positive and upbeat when it comes to other people. I don't bring that same optimism to the topic when I'm dealing with myself. This is my effort to treat myself in a more positive manner.

Today I . . .
... ate breakfast
... chose to be optimistic even though I'm half-sick and would like to grumble and whine
... enjoyed the sunshine
...packed my gym bag instead of giving myself a pass

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