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8/5/13 7:33 A

Yay! Tracking consistently definitely helps make eyeballing easier for when you're out and can't measure everything exactly. Sounds like you're well on your way!

8/4/13 9:26 P

It's amazing what you learn when you track your food. Keep it up!

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8/4/13 8:48 P

good for you! the beverages are what really add up for a lot of people.

i love to "play the game" with my tracker every day and try to be in range on every macronutrient (carbs, fat, protein) and fiber and all of the vitamins. i'll plan ahead and add or subtract things based on which vitamins i need to meet. it's fun, or i'm crazy, or both ;)

enjoy it and keep tracking!

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8/4/13 8:29 P

I'm happy for you, Maggie!

I recently started HONESTLY tracking my food intake, and I've realized that my portions are way out of control. I make healthy food, I just eat WAY too much of it!

My plan is to make designated meal times and sit down, computer and cell phone free, for at least half of those meals at first (move to all the time). Then, if I'm still hungry, I'll make some tea or go for a walk and wait 20 minutes.

Food tracking is great, as long as you don't obsess. I've been too obsessed with calories and "making up for a bad day" by not eating the next day - it's been one vicious cycle, I'll tell you. I'm glad you're feeling happy about your adjustments! Best wishes to you, too :)


8/4/13 8:15 P

Since I started tracking my food, I have learned what amounts (1 tbsp, 1c, 1 tsp, etc.) look like. I am learning about how much food I can eat and stay within my calorie range. I have learned that I was drinking about 800 calories of sweet tea some days!!!!!!!! I have learned that some foods that I thought were just so-so nutritious actually work very well on my food plan (100% whole wheat bread, peanut butter, coffee, etc.) Best wishes to everyone!!



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