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10/24/12 12:27 P

My best time is 36:55 in August. I am hoping to beat that in 2013.

I started doing 5K's by a mistake. I signed myself up for a 5K in March, and didn't even realize it. The race was 17 days away. So, never running unless I was chased, decided to do it. I finished in 38:02. Since then, I have done 5 5K's, 2 5K mud runs, and 1 4 miler.

Hoping to shove out a 10K and a half marathon in 2013.

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10/24/12 11:26 A

I've been exercising for about 4 years and have been running for 3. I started with the 5K distance and within a year and a half have worked myself up to marathons and ultras (races longer then 26.2 miles).

I usually only run 1-2 5Ks a year mainly because I prefer the longer distances. My best 5K was last August where I finished in about 27 minutes. I generally finish in the 27-29 minute range.

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10/24/12 9:16 A

I've been running on and off for years. This most recent attempt has been for the last 8 months or so. My best 5k was 30:32 in August this year and that was during a triathlon! I think I just had the adrenaline going or was just ready to get the race over with.

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10/24/12 8:57 A

I think it is because the aura of "invincibility" exists, especially and maybe more so in younger athletes. They figure that they are fit, or can turn it on any time they want to, and can eat whatever they want, because their metabolism is high. They underestimate the effect of aging. 10+ years later of beer drinking and sitting on their butts, voila- you know what you get.

I have never been a good athlete, but I love sports, so I played tennis (badly) as a teenager, and did every intramural sport I could in college. After grad school, I got married, we had kids, and I got too involved and stressed in my job. I thought I could turn it around any time.

Well, I waited until I was 40, but did get moving again. Glad I did before it was too late. I feel like I am 25 instead of 44.

Best 5k time in a real, timed race: 28:16. Best "unofficial" 5k: 27:59. I have been running for 18 months. emoticon

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10/24/12 5:35 A

Started running in 1972 during high school cross-country. That was before Nike, New Balance, and many more sport companies and "running shoes" existed. We ran in Keds. Races were 2.5 miles. Much to my dad's dismay, I liked the results of it, so I never quit. He was narrow-minded and said, "Girls don't run. They play tennis." It was hard to keep jogging/exercising when I was working, raising kids, and taking care of the house, but I just kept it up. Do the math, it has now been 40 years. But now I jog instead of run!

I have been doing fun runs since the first one in my town in 1976. There were twenty people present. That same run continues today and now we have about 350 participants (its a small town!).

I no longer have my high school records of times of runs, and I seldom kept track of the 8.8 KM (5 mile) fun run times. I do remember though, one time when I ran it just under 8 minute miles. I was amazed. Now, at age 55, I am pleased to do those at a 9 minute pace.

What I don't understand is why people play sports in high school, and many continue in college, and then they quit when they get jobs, houses, and kids! Of course we're all busy, but it keeps us healthy and the fun of exercise helps to offset the serious and responsible side of our lives!

10/23/12 9:43 P

Just wondering what everyone's personal record 5k time is. Also, prior to that how long (years, months, weeks) had you been running?

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