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JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/29/13 7:29 A

It sounds so fun for all of you, It was really fun reading all of yours and how cool!!!!

My great and best booking was the reception site... its at a bball stadium where my fiance is a professional pyro and lets off fireworks.. we spend a lot of time down there and the reception place is beautiful.. It will leave others things to do if they don't like to dance or party like other normal receptions. It will keep people busy! LOL

And my fiance will be able to do the first pitch.. LOL Should be fun

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
3/28/13 8:55 A

I really like my caterer. She's awesome.

GSUMAYO SparkPoints: (16,160)
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Posts: 31
3/28/13 6:19 A

The bright, royal blue chucks that I will be wearing under my beautiful wedding gown. They so fit my personality and are far better than me trying to walk in heels! haha

3/27/13 8:23 P

a Photobooth :)

SAMMYJ1013 SparkPoints: (2,955)
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Posts: 92
2/10/13 6:11 P

I'm definitely excited about our honeymoon! We were going to save money and not go one one...but ended up finding a great deal on Disney World! I can't wait! Buying my dress was pretty awesome as well...first one I tried on and I want to wear it everyday!!!

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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Posts: 1,012
2/9/13 5:25 P

My ceremony site. If nothing else happens, I'm still getting married. Haven't bought the dress, though. Pretty sure that will be my favorite. ;)

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
2/7/13 10:37 P

Hands down, the honeymoon.

POKAFLYZ SparkPoints: (1,838)
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Posts: 19
2/2/13 8:41 A

You are so right! We brides (and grooms… I’ve seen a few on here) do love to talk about our plans!
To be honest, my favorite things so far are pretty silly.
1. My shoes> I wanted dance shoes instead of regular shoes because we met swing dancing and our wedding is going to be one big lindy hop! (Which I’m thrilled for.)
2. Our address stamp
(with our names and address, of course) I feel like this was pretty clever on my part. This way we don’t have to write in our address on every invite and return envelope we have. I’m hoping to get some silver ink and embossing powder to make it look extra fancy. (Our envelopes are dark purple.)

VENART Posts: 110
2/1/13 10:42 A

Ok, ok, this isn't weightloss related, but if you're anything like me, you're always really excited to share bits of your wedding with other brides or grooms to be, and hear about theirs as well.

Anyways, the absolute best thing we've booked for the wedding is our venue, Hever Castle. It is amazing and I cannot believe I get to get married there.

Here's a photo:

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