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2/21/11 8:06 P

It's extremely important to make sure you're getting both cardio and strength training. Swap days that you do them. I like the Firm videos and Cathe Friederich videos. They both have cardio and strength training. Margaret Richards' video "Perfect 10" is very good for strength training. Cathe's videos can be found on; Margaret Richards' videos can be found at, and The Firm's videos can be found at I would highly recommend any of these videos. Good luck!

2/21/11 7:49 P

30 day shred!

FANGLE Posts: 1,821
2/19/11 1:16 P


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2/19/11 1:03 P

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have the nutrition part under control. I am on a 1,400 calorie plan filled with nutritional food (fiber, fruits, veggie, lean protein). My concern is on the work out side as I am really lacking there. I do walk almost every day...but I don't really do much more. I figured if I find something I love that burns major calories, together with my diet, will help me get to my goal..

RNJMP713 Posts: 25
2/18/11 1:03 P

I second the kettle worx. It's quick (20 min), fun, and really works every single muscle each time. Added bonus: Ryan is adorable and extremely motivating!

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2/18/11 12:36 P

You're going to lose weight at the rate your body WANTS to lose it. :) However, I had a LOT of success with the Brazil Butt Lift videos. I will be singing their praises for awhile! If you go to my profile, you can see some before/after photos. (Before was taken around 1/9 and after was taken about a month later.) Good luck!!!

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
2/18/11 12:21 P

Find something you like that involves a lot of cardio. For me it is kickboxing. I am suing the Turbo Fire program and it is amazing! Definitely look into it

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
2/18/11 10:35 A

Pick an exercise DVD that appeals to you. If you don't like what you are going to do, you won't do it.

And I agree - focus on nutrition, it is the more important component.

But most of all - don't be too hardcore about hitting a specific #. Work towards loss and be happy where you are when your vacation comes.

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2/18/11 9:30 A

Tae bo

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
2/18/11 9:02 A

Along with the good advice already given (nutrition and rational goals) I have to add that any exercise DVD is only as good as you make it. YOU have to put the work in (meaning do your absolute best every single time--and do the DVD regularly) to see results. You also need to find a routine that you enjoy (or you won't do it).

So I recommend you go to your public library and see if they have exercise DVDs available. Or, if you have cable you can check out the fitness channels or on demand (I don't have cable so can't give you much more advice on that).

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2/17/11 9:55 P

Kettle worx! You get a total body workout while burning alot of calories in a short amt. of time, PLUS you build MUSCLES!!!!

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2/17/11 9:51 P

Agree with the last poster, nutrition is 80% of the journey and exercise 20%..
nutrition + strength training + light cardio = weight loss..

There are no fast roads, the journey has to be done at a sensible speed or people burn out and gain the weight again..

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
2/17/11 7:13 P

Weight loss is 80% nutrition... you need to make that your primary focus.

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2/17/11 6:28 P

I am planning a vacation this summer (early June) for a couple of weeks (Beach!!). I would really love to be back at 135lbs by then. i know it's very aggressive but I am willing to bust my butt at any workout.

Any success stories out there? I could really use some advice. I have look all over the internet but it's hard to distinguish between reviews and advertising.

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