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11/21/11 10:27 P

Couscous is just little pasta. I always prefer to eat the whole grain, so I choose brown rice first. As well, by volume, you'll probably find that couscous is significantly higher in calories (because couscous is so tiny it's very "dense"). So if you're looking for a big serving, brown rice will probably be better.

MEEKGIRL Posts: 31
11/21/11 10:12 P

brown rice

11/21/11 7:47 P

One does not have to be better than the other....variety is good!! Both are whole grains. Different grains have slightly different combinations of vitamins/minerals, etc. By alternating both in your diet you are reaping the benefits of both.
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LAURRR_ Posts: 178
11/21/11 7:34 P

And I am talking couscous only mixed with butter.
Also, healthy wise..not taste wise :p

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