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8/6/12 10:43 P

I'm glad you like it. :D

CINEMAVEN Posts: 338
8/6/12 10:26 P

I have Wii fit Plus and I'm loving it.
Walk It Out is my favourite game but I also like the exercises that come with wii fit.

ANGELDELINKWENT SparkPoints: (15,378)
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8/6/12 10:13 P

I have wii fit and wii fit plus, just lack the motivation to use it...I've had it since the wii originally came out years ago and I personally have never had a problem with getting/keeping it synched. I would recommend it.

SHORTIGAL1224 Posts: 2
9/18/11 11:41 A

The wii fit plus has just added some more variety of the exercises. It it work the upgrade for about 19.99 but the whole kit is on Amazon now for i believe about $80. I really enjoy the will because it ranges from light cardio and gets progressively more difficult over time.

9/18/11 11:19 A

The Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are the same thing, but the Wii Fit Plus has all the same games, plus some extra games and features. If you buy the Wii Fit in stores now, it will probably have the Wii Fit Plus in it.

As for the Kinect, as mentioned below, it is a great way to get in shape without having to hold any controllers. The Kinect sees your whole body and gives you feedback.

If anyone has a Kinect or questions about the Kinect, swing on over and check out our group, Kinect to Fitness and Health. We can be found here:

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9/4/11 10:11 A

Whats the difference between the wii fit and the wii fit plus?

CHUKWYCK Posts: 28
9/3/11 11:48 A

wii would be great for me (my wife uses it religiously!) except it won't let you use it if you are 300+ lbs. :(

GGMAKAT SparkPoints: (15,556)
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7/27/11 6:04 P

We bought the kinect system after looking at several and asking opinions of people. Like it really well--and our son & family liked it so well, they went out and got their own after trying ours. I do think it boils down to what you most want in the system though. We have a "personal trainer" game (I like a lot) and there are cardio things, and just active and fun games. If you have young kids (we have grandkids) there is one (forget the name) that has little animals which kids interact with in an active way--that's my favorite (even though its for the grandkids).

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LEITEIT Posts: 107
7/27/11 4:57 P

I guess kinect is still the best option... I had some fun with it... Best games for weight loss?

6/29/11 2:14 P

No controllers for the Kinect games,its all you. here is the link to the kinect site if you want to look at it,get more info.

GGMAKAT SparkPoints: (15,556)
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6/28/11 2:43 P

Is the carnival games one where you are physically active, or is it a game you play with controls?

6/28/11 2:32 P

I have the xbox 360 with the Kinect,my Husband is 65,and he loves it.We have Bowling, Carnival games ,EA sports active 2, Biggest Loser,and quite a few more, It gets used quite a lot at our house. He's not the best with controllers, and neither is our 4 year old daughter so this was a great option for us.... it is a bit pricey tho, in my opinion it was worth it.

GGMAKAT SparkPoints: (15,556)
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6/28/11 2:10 P

Thank you very much. I'm getting all psyched up to try now!

JOKAYGIRL2 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 1:28 P

I have a wii fit plus and it works wonderfully!! It's really simple to use too so if you aren't used to using video games it would be a good place to start. I've yet to have a problem with syncing the equipment and it's about 3 years old.

I've also tried the xbox kinect. Which is a lot of fun but pretty expensive. It uses a camera so it can detect your movements really well. I would recommend this if you wanted to try more dance-like games, such as Zumba Fit. (I have this for the Wii and it's a little finicky because it can only tell your movements by the controller.)

I think the wii fit would be a good place to start.

GGMAKAT SparkPoints: (15,556)
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6/28/11 11:16 A

Thank you both SO MUCH! I really appreciate your advice and help and encouragement.

6/28/11 10:38 A

Your granddaughter had a Kinect; they go with Xbox. We have one too and I like it! For the Xbox, Kinect, and game, you're probably looking at around $300. I definitely sweat and get a workout from the fitness games I have. That said I would rather be outside so I don't use it much in nice weather.

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SYLVIE_RUNS22 SparkPoints: (17,176)
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6/28/11 10:22 A

My husband bought me a wii and the wii fit plus that goes with it. To be honest, i don't really use it that much anymore. I do on occasion, but i find that i get better results at the gym. However, it might be really helpful for you and your husband.

I haven't had any issues with the board syncing up or anything...just issues with my motivation to use it. Though, i have found that certain activities make me sweat (so i think it is helpful). Either way, my hubby and i use the wii for other video games and stuff, so it really isn't going to waste. I'd recommend going to a store that sells it and finding out their return policy. You can always try it for a month or two (most places have a 90 day return policy) and then take it back if it doesn't work for you. This goes for any system you're looking at..not just the wii! Good luck on your fitness journey!

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6/28/11 9:39 A

I'm 67 and husband is 71. I have problems with my knee, both have arthritis.

We're learning about the exercise systems (like Wii and PS3) that we think might be useful for us.

At christmas, we were at our granddaughter's house and they had a huge setup (with a giant "eye" that sat on top of the tv). We played some of the less challenging games and had a ball--laughed and laughed. Don't know what kind it was, but we did notice that most of the games were a bit much for us.

I've looked at the Wii Fit Plus--but I've read elsewhere that while it looks good, the balance board and other electronic equipment is hard to keep synced and to use.

Would anybody out there know whether it would be worth the investment to us to get such a system and if so, do you have any exerience with them/recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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