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10/1/12 12:57 P

It sounds to me like you need more salt. I have a problem retaining salt, and that's how i feel when my sodium is too low. If you are working out for a long time (8 hrs!), you are more than likely sweating. Even minimally it will add up over that time. And if you are only hydrating with H20, you may be creating an electrolyte imbalance.
Try making your own version of gatorade - to cut out the unhealthy stuff!

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9/30/12 2:09 P

There's a difference between sports drink and energy drink.

Of course I don't know if you have the same brands in your country, but V, Mother, Cocaine, etc are candy "energy drinks" that do not offer the same energy and electrolyte replacement benefits as genuine sports drinks.

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9/30/12 1:26 P

Thanks for all the great ideas. I think I'll try packing a mix of powerade and water. I though those ones counted as energy drinks, and everyone says energy drinks should be avoided. I might also use orange juice when it's on hand. It kicks in so fast.

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9/30/12 7:59 A

If you are exercising for long enough that lectrolytes are a genuine issue, then "empty" calories probably aren't a major issue.

But I've never heard of orange juice (at least as long as you avoid the overly processed varieties) as empty calories. It has a pretty reasonable vitamin and mineral density.

If you are concerned about calories in energy drinks, perhaps dilute them down - should still be plenty of electrolytes.


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9/30/12 5:39 A

if you are worried about adding unnecessary calories you could go with unflavored pedialyte or poweraid, gateraide both make a lite version. Same minerals and Electrolyte without the all the sugar.

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9/30/12 3:24 A

Gatorade, powerade, or a powdered mix from a sports nutrition performance store.

V8 is good for getting some vitamins from the veggies in it, but you need calories and electrolytes and a sports drink provides those quickly.

You can also make your own with a little sugar and salt in water. There are probably recipes online for that.

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9/30/12 2:15 A

Today I biked for 8 hours. It's just how I get around and I had a lot of places to be today, and my city is huge. By the end I was feeling a bit woozy, headachey, and drained despite drinking plenty of water.

I find drinking orange juice helps a lot when that happens, but people say it's empty calories. Are there any nutritious vitamin packed drinks you guys use? Should I try V8 or something?

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