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2/20/12 12:58 A

Neither the quads nor the hammies work on the knee only. Both are compound muscles, activating both your knee joint and your hip joint. This means your hamstrings are fully engaged in squat, if you're doing it correctly, by extending your hip. In fact, squats should be most focused on the hamstrings when done right!

But essentially, the point is, squats and lunges are excellent for both the hamstrings and the quads. You do not need equipment to train the hamstrings - like the myth about needing to do ab work at all, this particular muscle does get engaged enough from squats and lunges to be functionally fit and strong. You'd only need extra focus if you had some kind of deficiency in using them or wanted to particularly build up and show off that muscle.

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2/20/12 12:17 A

The quads straighten the knee, while the hamstrings bend it.

Squats are a great exercise for the quads, but have no real hamstring equivalent. Because of this, it is actually difficult to train the hamstrings effectively without equipment. (Deadlifts are one possibility, but the really work the glutes more than the hamstrings).

Leg curls will do it, but it needs to be against some form of resistance - ankle weights, resistance bands, or a cable weight machine are good ideas for this.


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2/18/12 1:57 P

i must be using more the quads then..ill have to look for some that use the back... TY emoticon

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2/18/12 1:49 P

Depends on what you worked. You have muscles in the front (quads) and muscles in the back (hams). If you work the quads, the front can feel sore. If you work the hams, the back can feel sore.

If you think you are maybe working only the front, look for sparkpeople exercises that work the Hamstrings.

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2/18/12 1:48 P

Those are your quadricep muscles. They get used a lot during walking, jogging, squats, etc.

Coach Jen

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2/18/12 1:31 P

I feel absolutely nothing in the back of my thighs but they are sore in the front?

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