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GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,786
1/14/13 7:28 P

We occasionally stop there if we are out. I order Fresco items or even one taco.

DELISAS SparkPoints: (32,681)
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1/14/13 5:49 P

Good question. I will save the responses for when I'm craving Taco Bell.

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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Posts: 2,322
1/14/13 5:29 P

The Ranchero Chicken Soft Tacos Fresco is so delicious

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
1/14/13 4:40 P

I try not to... but if I have to, I have something off the fresco menu.....

My favorite fast foods are some of the stuff at Quizzno's or the chicken fajita pita at Jack in the Box... only 300 calories, whole grains, etc.

The Eat This/Not That are pretty good for learning more about such stuff.

Bon Appetit. And remember, it's only one meal, not a catastrophe! Enjoy the company!

BSTEVENS87 SparkPoints: (1,075)
Fitness Minutes: (237)
Posts: 121
1/14/13 3:41 P

Whenever we rarely get a chance to have a lunch out together I am willing to compromise a little bit on where we eat. I just needed options as to healthier choices there. I realize its healthier to eat at home. I had a couple fresco tacos and pintos and cheese -- will have a salad for dinner! :)

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/14/13 1:58 P

Very simply.. prepared foods aren't as healthy as meals cooked at home. No need to have Taco Bell, just because your husband does. I agree with having him bring it home, and you eat healthy.

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
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1/14/13 12:18 P

When eating out just be careful. Subway has meats that are processed. Yet they make people think their sandwiches are healthy. I know someone who manages a store. Their "healthy guacamole" comes in big bags, full of sodium....Just do your research, and dont be afraid to ask. I recently went to a hambuger place, and I clearly asked the girl, are these fresh bugers, or did they come here in a box frozen? I skipped the burgers, ate a healthy salad. For dinner I made ground turkey bugers, mixed the ground with shredded carrots, zuchini, red bell peppers, even added a bit of tofu. Kids loved them!!!! The left over ground I made a meatball soup for my next day lunch. I have really gotten better at making my own meals. If they kids say Yuk, then I say, then dont eat. And then they say well OK we will try, and they love my meals..

CARLY241 Posts: 189
1/14/13 12:13 P

I agree with Veg Girl!

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,647
1/14/13 12:00 P

Follow the words of wisdom below - or tell your hubby you're focused on a better you - so he can pick up his taco bell and meet you at home where you'll be having something that you're hell bent on too!

RACHEL2WRITER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,594)
Posts: 102
1/14/13 11:31 A

Check out this SP article:

Or check this out - it has tons of items under 400 calories and 15 grams of fat:

I usually get 2 of the Ranchero Chicken Soft Tacos Fresco Style or one bean burrito Fresco Style.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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Posts: 9,717
1/14/13 11:29 A

They have a fresco menu that's pretty good. It lacks all the extra condiments that boost your calorie range. It's not bad at all! They also have guacamole now.

1/14/13 11:29 A

I had taco-bell on Saturday. They have the fresco menu were they sub out the cheese for pico de gallo. You can even taste fast food cheese so might ask well save the calories and the pico de gallo has awesome flavor. I had 2 chicken soft tacos fresco style. They are 150 calories each so I stay in my 300 or under range. But regardless they will be high in salt and you will retain water the next day or so. Just the way it is with fast food. I had them and stayed below calories for they day and "gained" 3lbs the next day so just be aware and compensate for the sodium the rest of the day.

They also have ground beef and steak soft tacos for the same calories just higher fat. And the crunchy tacos are in that range naturally. You can always fresco style something else and save between 30-100 calories depending on what it is.

BSTEVENS87 SparkPoints: (1,075)
Fitness Minutes: (237)
Posts: 121
1/14/13 11:08 A

My husband is bound and determined to eat at Taco Bell for lunch today. What does everyone usually order when you eat there?

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