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BLUEHERON2C Posts: 2,403
11/24/13 7:46 P

Stays an hour and leaves!

ALADY2BE Posts: 685
11/23/13 8:53 P

A guest who is more of an asset than a liability.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
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11/23/13 2:54 P

I love your post and is exactly how I feel when visiting out of town.
The Christmas card signature is really funny. emoticon

MARYJ1959 SparkPoints: (11,385)
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Posts: 66
11/22/13 9:53 P

One like me. I make hotel reservations, I don't like to stay at people's homes. If I'm away I want maid service and clean towels & linens without feeling guilty. Once we stayed at my sister-in-laws home and figured that once we took them out for dinner a few times and sent a thank you gift and took an advanced gift we figured it was the same price as a hotel with nobody dominating what we should do. They even stuck us with a babysitting bill for their kids. When they would stay with us everything was still on us. When they told us that our dog should stay elsewhere when they visit I tore out the hotel section from the yellow pages and mailed it to them with a note that they should stop by for dinner while they are in town. Oh yeah, they quit coming to town when father got dementia and we are his sole caregivers, but did call to see if we needed them to come to town to change the bank account so their names would be on it. She sent her parents a Christmas Card one year and signed it "From the classy branch of the family tree." My husband and I are still laughing - it was priceless.

DERBIN1 SparkPoints: (7,714)
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11/22/13 4:30 P

Ones that go with the flo

BRASKIN SparkPoints: (74,348)
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11/22/13 8:34 A

the ones that know when to leave!

NANAS4GIRLS SparkPoints: (77,198)
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11/21/13 6:04 P

Don't have them unless it is my Children and Grandchildren

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (243,496)
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11/17/13 6:20 A

They don't cause us a lot of extra work as if were a hotel. Make themselves at home.

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11/16/13 10:15 P

Though it would be fun to throw out a new topic...


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