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GRACE1054 Posts: 605
9/24/13 11:44 A

I love this question because looking back and reflecting on this, I realize that my perception of my body was heavily impacted by those around me. Was I little chubby as a young child? Probably...but I also know that as the "baby" of the family with 5 older "skinny" siblings, I was probably closer to normal than I thought. I always felt fat and can still remember weighing 133 in my junior year of high school which is when I began my first serious diet and got down to around 118 and fluctuated between that an 125 through college.
But I NEVER felt thin! And 125 is 10 pounds lower than the goal I have set for myself this time around.

CERTHIA SparkPoints: (22,539)
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Posts: 770
9/24/13 9:42 A

I was normal weight as a baby, underweight to normal weight growing up and severely underweight in my late teens. During my early twenties I tried to learn how to eat a normal diet, modelling my much taller and more active boyfriends eating (and drinking) pattern. (looking back I can see this was not the best idea..) This made me gradually gain much needed weight, but I was not eating very healthy, and I did not stop gaining at a healthy weight.. By 29 I was considered obese, and this is when I started loosing weight. I lost 15 kilos over the next 1.5 year. I am now 33 and have been maintaining a stable weight for the first time in my life for almost 2 years.

FAITH2FLY Posts: 195
9/24/13 9:22 A

I rapidly became obese when I was 10 years old - that is also when my hormonal problems started showing up. Before that I was a normal weight.

ANIFLO Posts: 63
9/24/13 9:11 A

Normal weight as a child, young adult. Start to yo-yo after my first pregnancy and have been bouncing around between 150 and 190 lbs since. My ideal weight is somewhere in the 140-150lb range. I am 5' 7".

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (424,052)
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Posts: 13,395
9/24/13 8:12 A

I was always on the thin side as a kid and an adult.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
9/24/13 7:59 A

My weight was always normal as a kid and through adulthood. I didn't gain weight until after menopause and it has been hard to control ever since.

GUTZMOM Posts: 607
9/23/13 11:21 P

I was a normal weight until age 10, when my parents marriage started to crumble. I started gaining weight and have really never stopped.

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
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Posts: 563
9/23/13 10:49 P

I was pretty normal as a kid but thought I was fat. That became a self-fulfilling prophecy and I became overweight as I entered high school.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
9/23/13 9:10 P

I was thin and sickly.

I had digestive issues that required surgery. After I had surgery I could eat so I gained weight

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,787
9/23/13 3:45 P

I was such a fat baby, my mother barely could cram me into the stroller. By age 7 I was sickly and underweight. As an adult, after having 3 children, the body fat became a problem. Now that I am 67 it is harder to lose.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
9/23/13 3:43 P

I was always in the 99th percentile in everything--height, weight and test scores! ;)

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
9/23/13 3:39 P

I was on the thin side all through childhood and high school, even college. I've still been normal weight for most of my life, though heavier than the 105 in high school.

In my 60's I have gained about another 10 lbs. that pushes me slightly over the upper limit for my height. I keep working on it but have little luck, mostly due to will power. I'm back to trying again, after kind of taking the summer off from worrying about weight.

I'm a little over 140 at 5'3". Would be much more comfortable at 125 (or less).

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
9/23/13 1:23 P

Normal to thin, generally fitter than average. I actually had a school nurse try to tell me in 7th grade that she thought I might be anorexic because I only weighed 95 pounds -- I was like, are you crazy? Have you checked my height? (I was only 4'10" -- started my growth spurt the following year.) For the most part I've trended slowly and gradually upward ever since puberty, crossing the weight I'm at now probably somewhere during college, though I don't remember exactly. The 190+ I weighed in December of last year is the most I ever did, except for during and right after my pregnancy.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
Fitness Minutes: (24,670)
Posts: 2,738
9/23/13 11:09 A

I was always thought I was a bit a chunky through junior high/high school, but was probably only slightly larger than average. I spent most of my young adult life on the high side of normal for bmi, walking the tight rope between normal/overweight. My highest weight was about 185 post pregnancies, but my body just didn't want to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding either time. Now I have found a balance weight where my body is happy with mostly healthy eating and moderate exercise. I can make a little progress with more intense exercise, but my body always wants to put those couple pounds back on as soon as I stop killing myself with two-a- day workouts.

8HEATHER Posts: 63
9/23/13 10:46 A

I was average/thin as a kid. All the way through high school/college I was pretty thin. I ate whatever I wanted (junk) but battled anxiety and panic attacks and went through periods of depression when I didn't have much appetite (not a good thing in that case!). I wish I had known then about nutrition because I'm sure my high carb low protein diet only added to my anxiety and depression issues! Fast forward to my married-with-kids self who is happy (most of the time) and content and my weight started to creep up. Right before getting pregnant with my third and last baby I was about 10-15 pounds overweight. The weight came off after the baby, but then I had a super stressful year at work and soothed myself with ice cream and wine/beer - that added another 15 I started to make changes 7 months ago - counted calories for the first time ever and taught myself about nutrition. So happy I did it! Good question - I'm interested to see everyone's responses.

Edited by: 8HEATHER at: 9/23/2013 (10:48)
9/23/13 10:44 A

I was normal weight all the way through high school and then when I entered college I heard the term "freshman 15" so I started dieting and lost 15 lbs in addition to already being tiny. My weight hit its height after my mom passed unexpectedly and I was at my highest at 212. I joined LA weight loss and got back down to 175. I stopped following their plan and working out and the weight picked back up so I tried Herbalife and got some of the weight off and made it back down to 197. Now I really started slacking more and I am now a whopping 251 lbs which is the heaviest I have ever been in my life and now fall into the Obese category. The word obese struck a cord with me and also knowing that my mom passed away from being overweight and poor diet.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
9/23/13 9:53 A

As a child I was tiny. I don't think I was underweight though. Just always on the smaller side. I remember my grandma always calling me "skinny-mini". I was thin (on the low end of my healthy BMI) but pretty fit during middle school and high school. I ate like crap as a teen even though my mom (who has always been health-conscience) tried to feed us healthy; pizza pops after school, chocolate bars for breakfast and lunch from the school vending machine, if my mom had a box of cookies in the house... I'd eat like 10 at a time but I was very active so it kept weight gain at bay.

Around the end of HS and in my early 20's I was around the middle to upper end of my healthy BMI. I even entered the "overweight" category at one point but after moving back home with my mom, I quickly returned to the low end of my healthy BMI (less fast food, more home cooked meals).

I was around the middle of my healthy BMI when I became pregnant with my son and then went from 120 lbs to 180 lbs at the end of my pregnancy. I joined Sparkpeople then and lost a good part of it. Got down to 135 lbs before my second pregnancy then back up again to 180 lbs. I wound up sticking around 150 and then up to 165 lbs for 2 years after my daughter was born. Which would make me bordering on obese for my height before I finally cleaned up my diet, focused on eating healthy, rejoined Spark and lost the weight. I went from 165 lbs to 107 lbs in 8 months with Spark. After gaining a lot of muscle during my weight loss, this weight was too skinny for me. I have now been maintaining around 120 lbs for the last 4 months.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 9/23/2013 (09:54)
9/23/13 9:39 A

When I was 13 my parents thought that I was too thin. I was playing two sports at the time and growing like a weed but even then I was just barely in the underweight category. Now I am firmly in the normal category and plan on staying there.

YOGAGEEK SparkPoints: (6,917)
Fitness Minutes: (13,224)
Posts: 130
9/23/13 6:12 A

Barring a brief battle with the Freshman Fifteen, I've always been on the slim side of normal until I finished uni a couple years ago. Then I stopped walking to class, started eating more takeaways, and put on about ten kilos, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I've got a small frame and have never been what you'd call muscular.

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,011
9/23/13 1:02 A

I've always been overweight. It is still a continuous battle to this day.

9/23/13 12:49 A

I was generally normal weight and as I get older gained the weight... I don't want to be an overweight old lady... I want to be a in good shape skinny to medium weight one.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
9/23/13 12:46 A

I guess I was pretty normal as a child, and on the bigger, but not fat, side when I was a teenager, because I played multiple sports... lots of muscle. I weigh about the same now as I did in high school but I'm guessing my body fat percentage now is probably higher than then. I gained some weight in college because I was moving a lot less and living on campus (not great food in the meal hall), but then lost it again when I moved to a big city with no car so I walked everywhere. Gained it again when I got a car, lost it when I hired a trainer, gained it again when I stopped working out and did some pretty hardcore emotional eating. Finally lost it without doing exercise, but really reeling in my eating habits.

CATGETTINGFIT SparkPoints: (4,652)
Fitness Minutes: (1,653)
Posts: 18
9/22/13 9:58 P

I was small as a child, but I don't know that I was underweight. I was normal in my teens. And after my miscarriage, I just started gaining weight. Prior to that, I could eat whatever I wanted, and I didn't really gain weight. After that, I just kept putting weight on until I was overweight.

COO_KIE SparkPoints: (64,337)
Fitness Minutes: (49,533)
Posts: 633
9/22/13 9:54 P

Another thread made me curious as to how each of us started our lives, before weight became an issue.
I was severely underweight as a child. When I hit puberty, I went from 74 to 106 over the summer. This brought me pretty close to normal, though the charts had me as slightly underweight. The first few months in college took me to 136, (upper limit on normal weight for my height.) until I got a factory job. At 124, I married, delivered my babies at 163....and have never been below that for more than a few months since. (My 'baby' is 40....subconsciously I must be afraid if I hit 163 again, I will deliver another baby....afraid to risk it.;-))
My mother never withheld food, pushed me to eat the fat on my meat, served whole milk. (I was born in 47, if that makes a difference,

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