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8/18/11 10:50 A

Thanks for your response Jibby.....I am on a High Protein diet so am a little fearful of getting too much protein. I'm averaging about 80 gm daily and keep getting this nutritional report message warning about getting too much....yet I see other posts touting High Protein. What do you think is too much protein?

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
8/17/11 7:13 P

emoticon EAT PROTEIN if you must snack. Having sugary/starch snacks like candy and chips just spike your INSULIN and that makes you pump out more GHERLIN the hunger hormone so you want to eat more and it is a vicious cycle. Protein and fats stay with you longer and don't spike Insulin. You'd be better off having two eggs and a couple of slices of lean ham for a "snack" if you must eat then. Are u drinking enough water/tea? Any no calorie/no caffeine beverage counts as water. I make lemonade with 3 packs of splenda or stevia with lots of ice, which is good. Sugar free jello is another good snack to keep in the refrigerator. I make up a couple of double servings and put them in tupperware and have them in the frig. I make "no cal" POPS in the freezer that I have a 4 POP maker. You can add strawberries or even some no fat yogurt to the zero cal soda when you freeze them. They are a good treat.

8/17/11 6:49 P

emoticon For some reason I went crazy on snacks today after lunch. I noticed I started wanting to I paced my healthy snacks and lunch...hoping by doing that, I would make it to dinner. Nope....I tried eating celery, peppers, cukes...still I ate 3 jellie orange slices at 150 Cals (no nutritional value)....still not it.....later, I broke into to tortilla chips and cheese dip. At least I measured and plated so I wouldn't eat the whole bag!!!! Guess I should be glad for that much at least. I was doing so well this morning, exercised 55 minutes today!!!!! I know I was avoiding work...I work at guess that explains it. I didn't want to do my job so a found another distraction. This won't do. I'll never see the results I'm after if that gets me into trouble with food. What am I to do? I'd like to quit my job but I can't do that right now. Maybe I need to find a job outside of the house that is less stressful.

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