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MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/25/12 9:15 A

Well, last night went to sister's house and did homework (haven't seen her in AGES) and then came home. Went a little overboard with chocolate last night but then got sick and still don't feel that great this morning. Was supposed to take a cardiac life support renewal class for work but won't be making it this morning so emailed assistant director of nursing that I won't make it and to reschedule, hope I won't get into too much trouble over it-as a charge nurse I am supposed to be an example and I love to procrastinate. I also procrastinate with homework, anything that I am not completely focused on at the moment, something I should work on to make life a little easier. I have been so focused on getting my 6+ miles in a day but I think I am going to take a break today. I am just afraid that if I take a break too long that I will get out of the habit of doing it. Even experts say you need a day off every now and then so your body can rest, I have definitely been noticing a difference in the muscles in my legs and they are getting more muscled but yesterday mad at myself for not making my time goal of 15 minutes a mile, so yeah, this is a day to take a break. Though I went overboard with treats last night today is a new day is all I have to tell myself. Maybe more later.

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/24/12 8:41 A

Thanks, Jibbie, Love ya! It is 7:30 am in morning here (early for me) and have big day ahead: homework for college, homework for work, getting exercise in, Sparking more later, and making a vow to myself to only weigh once a month. Ordered an Omron fat loss monitor (got 4 stars and under $30 with free shipping) from Amazon, it is supposed to be pretty accurate when used right and this can help me monitor fat instead of lbs on a scale and also going to take measurements to monitor, will post on Spark page when done. Keep my goal of weight off by my birthday in mind (46 days away=about 6.5 weeks), with goal of losing 1.5 lbs a week. Almost went overboard with M&Ms but kept this goal in mind and had 1700 calories total yesterday. Another goal: not to gain weight this winter, I am notorious for putting on weight in the winter-year before up to 170, before that 180 lbs and I am tired of taking it off EVERY summer, I actually want a summer where I don't have to do that-I realize this is a second goal! I just had to realize it. With all my walking I am working towards goal of snowshoeing in Minnesotal this winter with a friend of mine, I don't wanna be lagging behind or sucking wind the whole way while trodding through snow, wearing heavy snowboots and snowshoes. I seem very chatty this morning, so I better go get started with my day, may log in again later.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
9/24/12 12:12 A

You are doing good, Hon. Just keep working at it. emoticon

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/23/12 6:33 P

Went 6 miles today, actually really pretty day for a walk and I am lucky to have tons of nearby trails to choose from and a great playlist to listen to! Have the night off. Went grocery shopping and am going to trust myself to eat 100 calories minibag of popcorn with ONE serving of M&Ms, also making it a point of eating better today. Feel pretty good today and worked some on college work. Have been sleeping well at night, actually, must be all the activity I am getting in plus the trazadone I take. Usually its a trazadone which may just equal a partial nights sleep if I get no exercise in-another benefit of exercise! I am going to trust myself not to go overboard with the M&Ms and to remember patience is key when losing weight, if I do right my body will follow though it may not be as quick as I want. Patience is indeed a virtue.

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/22/12 5:27 P

Thanks for the hugs, Jibbie! Your a sweetheart. Been a better day today. Went 5 miles walking and now have to get ready for work-I signed up extra due to short staffing and need the money (I'm buying baby macaw-a large parrot-I'm so excited!). Did not exercise yesterday, was too tired and took day off and did not eat well, so today I'm trying to make up for eating poorly yesterday. It does not seem fall should be here but the temps in 50's and windy outside, so ended up bundling up and going, gotta get used to the cold sometime. My calories averaging out to 1500-1700 and my goal is to lose 1.5 lbs per week. Did a no-no and jumped on scale: 153 lbs when Tuesday it said 152-maybe gaining muscle from power-walking so much? Or last Tuesday just a real lightweight? I dunno but I am not going to get mad about it! It's too early and weight loss is not consistent!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
9/22/12 10:20 A


MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/21/12 5:48 P

Worked last night, busy night with busy patients. It's in the afternoon now and slept maybe 4 ot 5 hours, always tired on days like this but will sleep tonight then work again tomorrow night. Followed calorie count at work, even less due to being too busy to eat, happens a lot at my job and as charge nurse I make sure everyone else gets break before I do. Am following calorie count again today but am eating too much sugar and salt and need to eat more "healthy" food. Also I want to now jump on the scale and see numbers magically go down though I know this rarely happens and I am just sabotaging myself.....NO!NO!NO! Can't do that! Boyfriend being a Tool which he seems to be more and more lately, he's not the most supportive person out there and he may have to move out in the next few months. Maybe I am just more aware of him now that I am not running and binging-using food to hide behind? Kinda sad if it's taken 3 years (just had anniversary) for me to realize this. Actually, very sad emoticon . Will go out and walk in a little bit. I don't have much else to say at this point.

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