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HUGGYFACE Posts: 108
9/20/10 10:32 A

Thanks to everyone who replied! I think I understand it now. :)

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9/20/10 10:14 A

You may be smelling ammonia as another PP noted. I occasionally get the smell too. Which is interesting because I do eat plenty of carbs every single day.

You can read a really good explanation of what could be happening from this article.

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PEABODY69 Posts: 317
9/20/10 9:55 A


CMBMOM02 Posts: 19
9/20/10 3:12 A

How long does the 'smell' last? Mine lasts for a couple days. When I do notice this, I see my water intake has been less than ideal. I'm usually pretty good when I start chugging more water.


RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
9/20/10 1:12 A

Make sure your fueling your body with enough calories- that smell can be your body if starved for calories within your calorie range burning off muscle protein because your still eating too little to the exercise out put..
When you exercise your supposed to increase your calorie range to fit the energy out put.. Staying at the low end of the calories is not how this calorie range is designed to be used..
my son complains of this- I tell him to get eating and asap...

He has a low body fat percentage and has a high metabolism burn! Muscles need fuel to avoid breaking down muscle protein this stinks..

I can smell people with eating disorders and elderly whom don't eat enough- the effects are very visually clear on their bodies.. They look like something walking out of a concentration camp..
I used a pretty straight 1500 calorie nutrition- I could have avoided lossing muscle mass eating more calories..

It took me two years of kick butt body building to return my muscle mass.. I lost half my body weight but I also lost alot of muscle mass..
I had 40 cm biceps they shrinked to 24 cms and now I eat enough I can barely make 32 cms.. I really move ass in the gym too!
On a busy day my calories are up around 2476.. I burn all this off as my weight now stays steady state on maintenance.. On sedentary days I go lower- but because I have so much muscle mass- even not moving muscle mass requires more fuel that being obese.. I can't go to the low end because I do feel hunger, feel dizzy and my blood sugar goes unstable removing essential nutrition.. I eat more if I starve myself at the low end- it has a negative reaction..
left overweight- middle- ripped and facial cushioning suffering- slightly higher weight look younger..
training makes my body look better- not going to 52-54 kgs which is a weight I have never been in my life.. I would be stinking all the time from this smell to keep and obtain a low weight..Plus booking myself in for ever more serious plastic surgery, than I have already had..

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HMP1975 Posts: 214
9/19/10 8:51 P

This happens to me when I go really, really hard for a fair amount of time. I was told once that its your body burning ketones (similar to what happens on the Atkins diet when carbs are so severely restricted). No idea if this is true or not, but maybe worth a Google search if you don't get a good answer here.

HUGGYFACE Posts: 108
9/19/10 3:03 P

My water intake is pretty good. Generally I've had 8 cups of water before I start exercising in the morning. I really want to find out if this is a good thing, or if I need to take it down a notch. emoticon

KAMPERKID Posts: 104
9/19/10 2:59 P

Is a bleach like smell or more an ammonia type smell? What you may be smelling is the after products broken down from amino acids. How is your water intake? Try increasing your water intake & see if it lessens.

HUGGYFACE Posts: 108
9/19/10 1:39 P

Anyone else ever had this? Its like a bleach smell. Not in my sweat, only in my nose. Is this a good thing? I recently increased my exercise amount and intensity, too. Does that have anything to do with it?

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