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7/17/13 1:35 P

Thank you for all the tips!

7/17/13 1:06 P

We all have days like that. I try to get in at least 1200 calories, but I went a few days where that just seemed impossible, just last week. My appetite kicked into high gear later in the week, and I regretted not making myself eat all my calories in the beginning of the week because I gained 2 pounds... As of today though, I lost those, plus one, so it really didn't hurt me in the long haul. Try eating calorie-dense foods when you do eat, like nuts. Drink a glass of milk, if you like milk. Liquid tends to fill me up less, but still has calories (unless it's water, of course), and milk is at least nutritious.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
7/17/13 8:14 A

On those days, it might be helpful to have something small and easy to eat (like yogurt cups or protein shakes) ready to go. I've definitely had those days before and I find it easier to get a "meal" in if it's something that doesn't take a lot of time or effort to eat.

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7/16/13 10:45 P

It puts my mind at ease to know that others have experienced this. Lol.

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7/16/13 10:40 P

I don't think it's weird, I think everyone has those days every now and again

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7/16/13 10:36 P

Right before my period (sorry if that's TMI), I get really hungry, but as soon as it actually starts I have zero appetite for two or three days, even if everything else was as usual during the hungry days. It also happens quite a lot for no apparent reason, usually once a week or so. I try to eat at least a little during the earlier part of the day or I'm hungrier than usual the next day.

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7/16/13 10:24 P

Usually, about an hour after I wake up, I'm ready for breakfast. Today, however, I wasn't. I woke up at 7:30 and at 10:30 and still wasn't hungry. I even did an hour of Zumba, and nothing. Finally, by 1:30, my stomach started to growl. I went to pick up something to eat, but by the time I got home, I wasn't hungry again. I ate a bit of what I brought home, but quickly became full. As of right now, I'm not really hungry. I've been drinking water all day, so maybe that is what is keeping me full? It's really weird. I've never not been hungry.

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