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3/3/12 9:23 A

Chest: Bench Press, Incline Press
Back: Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, Chins
Shoulders: Military Press, Upright Rows
Biceps: Barbell Curl
Triceps: Skull Crushers, Dips

Also love the Barbell Clean and Press as an overall upper body strength and power move.

3/3/12 8:20 A

@Billy: WOW! That was amazing!

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3/2/12 7:31 P

Martial art forms. I wouldn't have believed it but studying karate a few years back I built up enormous strength . at 300 lbs I was doing push ups on my fingertips. The instructor could sit cross legged and lift himself on his thumbs. That guy never lifts weights and Ill tell you colliding with him in training was like running into a marble statue. Its the repetitive action of the forms somehow builds very strong but not bulky muscle.

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3/2/12 6:41 P

What are the core moves to build up this?

3/1/12 10:40 A

Back when I was a teen I loved marching band. I even joined a drum corps back in '78. I was also in the chess club.

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2/29/12 7:59 P

Got to agree best investment ever back when I was a teen trying to get "built" was a chin up bar. No other piece of equipment gives you more bang for the buck.
Put one in your bedroom doorway.Chin 5 times every time you go by it. Youll be amazed.
Im going to get one after I lose another 50.

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DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
2/29/12 3:45 P

Legs - Squats / Deadlifts
Chest - Flat Bench
Back - Chin-Ups
Shoulders - Military Press
Biceps - Straight Bar Curl
Triceps - Close Pushups... maybe Dips
Forearms - Barbell Curls
Glutes - Lunges
Calves - Standing Calf Raise

I would think that "core" (in this context) would refer to an exercise that is a compound move designed to hit the majority of the specific body part muscles. Chin-Ups use most of the back muscles, etc. Close Pushups and Dips can hit 2 of the 3 Tricep muscles. The exercises that you would target if you only did one exercise per body part.

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2/29/12 10:43 A

They're definitely difficult, but it's supposed to be hard, right? emoticon

The nice thing about chins and pulls is that it's isolation but kind of compound. A lot more stabilization is required as well. I've had a ripping chin/pull/pushup session and ended up with sore abs. That never happens with curls. But I still do curls, because while they're generally shunned, they're fun. This can't be all work and no play. heh.

2/29/12 10:33 A

oh boy, I lothe doing chins and.or pull ups but I know they are GREAT!

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2/29/12 10:31 A

Dammit, I sure am good at ruining threads these days. emoticon

I guess I cycle, honestly. I don't always do anything (except for the compound lifts) and I sprinkle in the accessory exercises where needed. I do prefer certain exercises because I enjoy them more and I think they give me a better workout (only basing that on fatigue and soreness). Ex: skullcrushers for triceps kill me, I try to do chins instead of curls, pull ups instead of lat pull downs

2/29/12 8:35 A

Right, the "technical" side of the question was left out so I could solicit a wider group of responses (but alas, that did not happen, lol).

You got the "spirit" of the question correct.

Mondays is Chest & Tricep day and so after my warm-ups I do Chest Press (the order of my exercises is not the point here, haha) which, to me, is the one exercise I won't leave out of my routine for chest. I always include two utility exercises as well from this list:
declined BB press
inclined BB press
declined DB press
inclined DB press
inlcined flyes
flat bench flyes
push-ups (regular, wide-arm, diamond, inclined, declined)

I rotate these exercises so I don't get stale.

For my triceps I always do two of the following and try NOT to do the same ones two weeks in a row:
close-grip bench press
weighted bench dips
bent-over 1 arm kickbacks
lying DB tricep extensions
sitting two-hand overhead tricep extensions
sitting 1 arm tricep extensions
EZ Bar 21's (7x skullcrushers, 7x lying behind the head extensions, 7x close-grip press)
tricep rope pull downs (when I'm at the gym)

Again, I rotate these but haven't decided which of these could be the "core" exercise.

I ask this question for my own curiosity and get others opinions. There just doesn't seem to be a general consensus on the triceps, biceps and shoulders.

What about you all out there? What of the those body parts and their respective exercise do you NEVER leave out?

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2/29/12 8:01 A

Well technically, those are compound movements that hit a number of muscles hard.

Deads hit the back, quads, hammies, glutes and forearms
Bench hits chest, triceps, shoulders, upper back
Squats hit hammies, quads, lower back, calves

I know I'm missing some, but you get the point.

When you say "core for triceps" you're now into isolation movements where you're isolating a single muscle or isolated group of muscles. There is no real comparison. But if I understand the spirit of the question, I think you're trying to find out ... if squats is the king of legs, what is the king of triceps? Right?

Well, squats are king because they work out multiple muscles in a single move, that's what makes it king. When you get into supplemental/isolation moves, there is no real comparison. You really start getting into religious debates when you ask what the best movement for a particular muscle is.

I look at isolation movements when I want faster progression, or to fix a stall on my core lifts. Ex: my bench is notoriously weak. If I'm stuck on the lockout portion, I may do some skullcrushers to up my tricep strength. If I'm stuck on the push portion, I may do some dumbbell presses or rows to get the back a little stronger. I'm trying to go deeper in my squats, so I've included some heavy, deep lunges to improve my squat depth.

2/29/12 6:29 A

And you would be correct when refering to "core" exercises for the abs, in that case crunches are the "core" exercises for the abs, all others are utility.

In this case the word "core" means the most basic of exercises, the inner most first exercise like the "core" of the earth, or the "core" of an apple, or "core" beliefs, and so on.

Deadlift is the "core" for back exercises
Bench Press is the "core" for chest exercises
Squats are the "core" for leg exercises
These exercises I find that most agree that they are the "core" for those body parts.

The others like the shoulder, triceps & biceps I just can't seem find a consensus although my personal belief is that the Shoulder Press is the "core" for shoulders but I still find that not everyone agrees on this.

So my questions goes out to other weightlifters as to what THEY think are the "core" exercises for the other body parts.

HYDR0GEN Posts: 1,186
2/28/12 11:27 P

Every time I have heard of "core" anything with weightlifting or exercising on any level it has been referring to your CORE as in your midsection including your hips, abs and lower back. Core exercises would include things like crunches, v-holds and planks.

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2/28/12 2:05 P

bicep curls, yeah, thats makes sense to me but with a barbell

LEVERB66 Posts: 490
2/28/12 12:51 P

Triceps - Kickbacks?
Biceps - Curls?
Shoulders - Flys?

2/28/12 9:44 A

The "core" exercises, to me, are the most bare basic ones, for instance DEADLIFT is the core for back, BENCH PRESS is the core for Chest and SQUATS are the core for legs.

What are the cores for:
Shoulders? (I consider the Shoulder Press to be the core but I always seem to run into people who say that something else is the core for shoulders like front raises or Arnold Press)

How about it? Can you fill in the blanks?

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