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12/8/11 10:47 A

one of the best things I ever bought for $10

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11/16/11 7:45 A

Well then, strap on!

Oh wait, that doesn't sound right.

11/15/11 4:05 P

I love my straps! Yesterday I did freeweights barbell shrugs 200lbs for 5 sets/10 reps. YeowZA!

DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
10/26/11 11:49 A

Try them with the seated row - you'll be able to focus more on the back and worry less about letting go. I use them for most of my back exercises: Lat pulldowns, pullups, rows (all kinds), etc. They are handy for taking your grip out of the the exercise when concentrating on another body part.
I know from experience that a slipped grip and weight crash not only can cause damage to the equipment (and your floor) but it garners you a lot of rolled eyes and smirks.
You can work your grip and forearms in between exercises by moving the plates with your fingers, or grip 2 plates back to back.

RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
10/19/11 2:28 P

I use them primarily when going heavy on the dead lift and shrugs.

10/16/11 6:19 P

Picture of mixed grip:

I guess I already made all my posting points today :(

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10/16/11 5:24 P

Highly recommend it. 7.

10/16/11 5:20 P

Yeah, that has been suggested to me before and though I haven't tried yet it sounds like it might work.


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10/15/11 6:28 P


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10/15/11 12:19 P

KJ, have you tried a mixed grip? I was having the same problem on dead lifts and I went to a mixed grip and I'm dead lifting 255 at this point without losing my grip. My right palm faces me and my left faces away. But I imagine either combination works.

10/14/11 1:19 P


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10/14/11 12:06 P


10/13/11 10:48 A

I know that the straps are for barbell use or at least I have only seen them being used for barbell use. Also, they are for heavy lifting. On free weight barbell shrugs I can't hold more than 180 for more than 4 reps before my grip starts to give. The straps havve allowed me to 190 for a full 10 reps. My guess is that I can go even heavier and not worry about my grip giving if I use the straps.

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10/13/11 9:18 A

I use Power Block adjustable dumbbells, I have not heard of straps (I too am fairly new to weight work) and am not sure they would work with my stuff. I can see where it will become difficult to hold my grip as the weight increases.

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10/12/11 12:42 P

I'm new to weightlifting so I have no idea what those are for.. or how to use them. Anyways, with the weight I lift now I think I would look just ridiculous with any additional gear.


10/12/11 9:35 A

I totally thought the straps were ridiculous looking and just another gimmick. Then I was doing shrugs and wanted to go heavier but couldn't hold onto the bar so I did some research and read that some folks use straps to hold onto the bar. At $10 for a pair I thought what the heck what harm could it do. best $10 bucks I've spent recently for weightlifting gear.

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10/12/11 7:34 A

I've noticed a lot of lifters shun them, but I'm not exactly sure why. Lifters are a strange breed. When I get to a point where I think I need them, I'll probably research and figure out what the trade offs are. I did increase my deads last week and the grip slipped a bit, so I might be close to needing them.

Where is ARMSPORTS when you need him? hehe

10/12/11 6:32 A

I used them again this morning for deadlifts. I was able to do all of my goal reps in all of my sets.
Freakin awesome!

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10/11/11 9:21 P

I've used them, but as an arm wrestler I prefer to give my grip the extra stress so I don't use them now. They definately help you work harder and hit the involved muscles more in back and trap work.

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10/11/11 8:40 P

many moons ago when I was lifting I used them as well, as i recall I increased the weight I could work with by 35 lbs or more. I also used them for lat pull downs and pull ups. A friend of mine had some at were steel and that were cupped. I did not like those as well.

10/11/11 1:31 P

Have you ever used weightlifting straps for heavy lifting?

I recently bought a set and I can hold onto a much heavier weight than I could before. While doing free weight shrugs I could hold may 165 before my fingers were giving out. With the straps I can do 10 sets of shrugs at 200lbs.


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