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COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
8/27/13 8:12 P

You can't spot train/choose where fat comes off. Your body decides that and there isn't anything you can do to specify where it comes from. Eating healthy (also meeting your nutrition needs) and doing a combination of cardio and strength training will help overall. My guess is that you are seeing some of the effects of not eating enough before. When you haven't eaten the amount of calories and nutrients that your body needs, as I have told you before, it slows your metabolism and starts storing everything you give it. Once you start giving the necessary calories and nutrients, it will eventually realize it is no longer needing to store those for later. But at first, you may see a gain because it still thinks it is in starvation mode and needs reserves. Also, if you have gotten your period back, which I believe you said you have, that can very well play a part in some weight gain around that time of the month.

Coach Denise

SAMMYJAYNE15 Posts: 37
8/25/13 5:18 P

Why is it when I eat the area under my boobs expand ??? can I get rid of the fat from there?? At there any exercises??....also how long with clean eating and exercise should I see results ??.... I have lost weight and in the past week put some on and now I want to lose it again and even more weight

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