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SUNSHINE749 SparkPoints: (7,608)
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Posts: 230
1/6/10 4:53 P

I am so glad to see all the information . I am considering WW again but after reading the messages. I am re thinking again

KWILLI43 Posts: 278
1/5/10 4:05 P

I am first and foremost committed to WW; however, sparkpeople has sooooo much more. I stick to my points with WW and use the "notes" sticky pad to track my points. I use the nutrition page on sparkpeople for receipes and nutrient tracking. Remember, you can add your own foods, so if you cook according to WW and your points, you can still track it there. Hope this makes sense. Good luck!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
1/5/10 3:45 P

1. weight watchers does tend toward the severe calorie restriction.
2. weight watchers also has "free/zero point" foods. these foods really do have some calories though and in theory, you could be making up most of the difference with them.

MYREALANA SparkPoints: (30,332)
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1/5/10 2:45 P

Spark really does play nice with others.

Since you have many customization options, you can use it with the Spark diet plans, South Beach, Weight Watchers.

I use it for my Slimgenics plan which is far different from the Spark plan. It helps me make sure that while I stick to my food list, I'm getting the right amounts of certain nutrients, and helps me pinpoint days when I may be over or under consuming.

APRILLAUREN110 Posts: 121
1/5/10 2:36 P

I am not a fan of Weight Watchers, the meetings are not beneficial for me, however I loved the weighing in part. But, it is expensive if you are just going to be weighed in.

To answer the question though, I think a combination of the two would be great!

MUM-BUM Posts: 644
1/5/10 2:36 P

I have done both WW and spark in the past. However, I have dropped the WW. I like looking at calories vs points. The points for me were not connected to anything and afterall, what it a couple points here and there. But what I wasn't really seeing was that those points were a couple of hundred calories. I just find the larger numbers help.
When I was doing both, I actually found the WW equation for points (just google) and was able to set up a spreadsheet that converted the spark info and calculated the WW points. (Yes I am a nerd!) That was the only way I was comfortable working them together. Ultimately it was too much trouble and I only want to track in one place.

1/5/10 2:22 P

When I was on WW I didn't lose much. I battled with the same 5 pounds. But I do admit that my choices were not healthy ones and were sabotaged by my (now ex) husband and his family.

What I like about Sparkpeople is I'm looking closely at nutrition information and making better choices based on what I read on packages. It's showing me that cutting out one element to the extreme (such as fat or carbs) is not a good thing to do and helping me balance what I eat. I think combining it with WW would be a good thing so that you're not only looking at points but you also look at the nutritional value of the food you're eating.

JUNETTA2002 Posts: 11,745
1/5/10 2:16 P

I am doing both WW and SP and don't try to match up the points and calories. I just track on spark people.

JULIAGULIA162 SparkPoints: (14,813)
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Posts: 221
1/5/10 2:04 P

this program is great if you stick to it. it is easy to follow. just dont get lazy. TRACK TRACK TRACK!

HEIDIALLEN08 Posts: 24
1/5/10 2:19 A

I lost 20 lbs on WW, and reached my goal (it's back though, grrr...) but once I was Lifetime they wouldnt let me use the website for tracking points unless I paid $17/month. After paying $39/month for a year, I was over it and sick of spending. Joined Spark because they seem to have the most user friendly calorie tracking program, for me at least. I don't see how you can do both, as WW has a totally different tracking system in place. I think Spark has way more tools for users that are computer literate, WW had a sad selection aside from their recipes (which I saved each one I was interested in before they locked me out of the site) and exercise/points tracking. Spark really has a great selection of tools for things other than how to cram down as many 1 point chocolate fudge ice cream bars and stay within point range for the day. I felt that WW has too many "fake foods" and is focused more on exchanging real foods for overprocessed, lower calorie, but chemically altered foods, while giving exercise a back seat. Spark, to me, has a better system of tracking calories PLUS focusing on healthy lifestyle choices, not just how much Splenda you can use in order to save points.

K10WOLF Posts: 78
1/5/10 12:56 A

I am doing both and find I like the support and accountability of WW, but like tracking on SP. It makes a difference to see how many calories (vs points) and whether I am eating enough protein. I tend to eat a lot of carbs, so SP helps me see my food in a different way.

LITTLELADIE27 Posts: 970
1/4/10 12:43 P

I do both and it works for me. Everyone is different. emoticon

TARECO Posts: 56
1/4/10 12:07 P

I did WW a few years ago and really don't know how you can do both. I would think it would be so confusing. In my opinion, you should just do one or the other. It would be way too difficult to combine them...

MSBATMAN Posts: 2,983
1/3/10 9:07 P

I lost most of my weight on weight watchers but find that I can eat more counting calories on spark people than counting points on weight watchers.

Hope this helps.

KNOWLEDGE5 Posts: 116
1/3/10 8:51 P

I am new to SparkPeople (by a week) on Weight Watchers. Where I am getting confused is my SparkPeople daily calorie goal and my daily points. Some days I use all of my points (like today) plus a weekly allowance point (1 for today), yet according to my SparkPeople calorie intake, I am way below the minimum amount. What I am concerned about is undoing WW by looking at the SparkPeople daily calorie goal. Anyone else have this issue?

SUNSHINE749 SparkPoints: (7,608)
Fitness Minutes: (6,836)
Posts: 230
12/27/09 6:22 P

Thanks to all of you. Do you know where I go to retake the calorie quiz for sparks ? Maybe that is part of the problem. When I went to WW the leader was always asking if I ate all my points. My sister has learned for her it is a fine line of 300 calories. Too little no weigh loss. Too much weight gain

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TAPPY49 Posts: 1,227
12/25/09 4:41 P

I've done WW in the past and didn't lose much weight. SP has so much to offer in terms of support and information. I would imagine putting both together would work. Good luck.

HOGFAN79 SparkPoints: (26,856)
Fitness Minutes: (35,105)
Posts: 393
12/25/09 4:10 P

The first time I did WW I lost about 20lbs. and of course gained it back. I have joined WW again and have lost about 10lbs. I am now doing WW and SP.

MARLIZG Posts: 3,909
12/25/09 2:25 P

spark people

MNGIRL1920 Posts: 211
12/25/09 12:14 A

I love to read all the material and recipes that my mom brings home from WW. I could not get myself to join or track points. My sister turned me on to
SP and I love it. I'm seeing results.

MSBATMAN Posts: 2,983
12/24/09 8:27 A

I lost most of my weight on WW, but seems like I am able to eat more food and still lose weight with SP. Counting calories to me is better than counting points. Plus I make a lot of recipes and the recipe converter is a wonderful tool for that.

SUNSHINE749 SparkPoints: (7,608)
Fitness Minutes: (6,836)
Posts: 230
12/23/09 9:52 P

Thanks for all the input. I will try to put both of them together. The support here on spark is great !!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/23/09 7:54 A

1. if you checked a lot of the restrictions boxes, and especially if you are in the lowest range [1200-1500], you might be better off just tracking whatever foods you want. the "plan" that is computer generated, so it can't see the repeats. real people might make up the meal and tag it with certain needs, but the computer just picks out something that has the right tags that you want and fits int the ranges. a lot of people with certain restrictions sometimes see pbjs twice a day. just because there aren't a lot of recipes with those tags with that low of a range. protein is something that seems to get hit more in the lower ranges [the protein heftier dishes have higher cals and don't show up as much in the low ranges]. so enter your own food and just use the guidelines.
2. there are a few ww teams, hopefully you've joined them and can tips from those people about how to combine the two to suit your needs.
3. make sure your goals aren't overly aggressive. 1% of your bodyweight per week is normal. about half that if you are already in a healthy range for your height. and make sure your exercise is included through the calories burned goal.

ANDYLIN90 SparkPoints: (241,619)
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Posts: 10,329
12/23/09 1:33 A

I haven't been in WW for a long time. For me, SP is working much better because I have more choices, more control, more support and motivation.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/22/09 11:32 P

They go hand in hand if you don't let mindsets brake progress.. I also body build in weight watchers, now there's food for thought..

SANDYSKY1 SparkPoints: (16,156)
Fitness Minutes: (10,110)
Posts: 654
12/22/09 10:06 P

I am a WW member too. When I had trouble loosing wt at WW, I started counting calories with SP. It really helped me find out where my problem was. The diets are very similar, very healthy. I found I just can not take the extra "points" at WW or I won't loose wt. I track everything with SP and it really keeps me on track.

I have also been rethinking the protein thing. I don't need as much as I thought, but that's just me.

Basically, WW and SP work great together.

12/22/09 9:23 P

I am a weight watcher lifetime member and for me Sparks works much better. It has more tools and I like that I don't need to go to meetings to find support- I can do it home.

I would say that the diet is pretty much the same: the difference is that in WW we count points, and in sparks we count calories.

SUNSHINE749 SparkPoints: (7,608)
Fitness Minutes: (6,836)
Posts: 230
12/22/09 9:04 P

How many of you out there are combining WW with spark people ? I was wondering because I have been trying to follow the spark diet and I feel as though all it recommends I eat is rice with something. And I feel as though it does not have enough protein in my diet. I was on WW before and had success if I combine it with exercise. I do find that spark people have a better support system than any other.

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