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2/19/13 8:50 A

This is JMO. First off let me say I am 57 and 5'8" tall. While at one time (when I was much younger) I weighed 114, I think it's totally unrealistic to think I could ever be that weight again. And that particular number on the scale, did not reflect any particular level of fitness. I was really thin but not necessarily fit. I am now happy to fall within the "healthy" range of the BMI.

I think Dr. Oz is a crock of crap-- every week it's some other "miracle" supplement that he's hawking on that show. Yes indeed he may be a doctor, but Dr. Kevorkian was one, too. It wouldn't surprize me at all if he gets kickbacks from all those supplement companies.

I do not think a colon cleanse every month is a good idea. Run that one past your gastroenterologist, and watch the look on his face. The point of cleaning out your colon before a colonoscopy is so that they can see the lining of the colon without any waste in the way, hiding the polyps. Not because there's toxins or something in there that need to be cleaned out, that our bodies don't handle all by themselves on a regular basis.

I agree with Becky-- I think the best thing you could do at this point, would be to start using the Nutrition Tracker and also the Fitness Tracker, here on Spark. The Nutrition Tracker is fabulous; you can set it up to track all sorts of stuff (sodium, calcium, fiber, etc) and not just calories, carbs, fat and protein. Then you can see how many calories you're actually consuming, and using the Fitness Tracker will show you how many you're burning through exercise.

I think as we get older, the exercise and strength training are really important. Our skin starts losing its elastacity, we lose muscle mass if we're not actively working at keeping it. Things can get to looking pretty flabby, even if we're a "normal" weight. From my personal experience, the exercise helps firm up the muscles so I can hold that tummy together better. All that, hold those abs in tight, while strength training, has helped a great deal with my posture. Losing weight helps; but you can't specifically target where you'll lose the weight from. Even now, I have heavy thighs-- at my thinnest, my thighs were still proportionately heavier. I do believe it's a genetic thing, just like some women are large busted and some are not. I am smaller busted and was "blessed" with larger thighs.

I have not seen the video you mentioned so I have no opinion on it. All I can say, is that I don't think there's any "easier, softer way"-- no green coffee bean extract, no raspberry ketones, no papaya extract or miracle drug or miracle food or drink or smoothie or whatever, that substitutes for being aware of what and how much we're eating. Various types of eating-- low carb, raw vegan, paleo, whatever-- work for different people. IF they're willing to make the commitment to that type of lifestyle.

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2/19/13 7:43 A

you sound like me (nearly exactly).

Yes, the BMI sounds nasty for me, but I don't realistically see myself losing another 20 pounds. I am continuing to eat well, and exercise, and hopefully shed at least five to seven pounds. At our age, I guess our bellies are the biggest point of problem area, but if we continue to exercise and work at eating right; no numbers on the scale or the BMI chart will determine who we are, or what is our worth.

2/19/13 7:39 A

In Search of the Perfect Diet---I think is a paleolithic type eating plan. I have reviewed this eating style in the past---there are pros and cons. I do not agree that it is "perfect". But then, I don't believe that there is such a thing as a "perfect" plan for all. But I do know that many eating styles, and food preferences can be incorporated into a "healthy diet plan".

Dietitian Becky

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2/19/13 7:07 A

Unless you plan to stay on the liquid diet you may find your weight returning to the previous amount. Frequently all-liquid diets for colon preps (if you don't drink pop and don't have large amounts of high sodium broths) are very low in Sodium. So you will have significant fluid shifts. When you return to your real foods with their usual sodium contents the fluid shifts again and the 5 pounds of water is back.

Because the scientific fact is that you cannot lose 5 pounds of fat in 5 days at your weight - given what your normal caloric intake would be.

Cleanses do not take off fat or make you healthier.

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2/18/13 8:38 P

Hi Becky,

Over the past few days I've lost 5 lbs due to being on a liquid diet. Now I'm down to 135lbs. I had a reason to do it this way. I just had a colonoscopy done and everything went well. The prepping is the worst. My first one. Cleaning out my colon like that can be very good. What do you think about cleansing your colon once a month or two and loosing weight that way on top of exercising?

Also, there's a documentary my husband and I watched yesterday and I think it should be posted on SP. Wondered if you have seen it?

The title: "In Search of The Perfect Human Diet". The website is: You can watch it online @ or buy it for $24.95 on
It's up to date info, about a 1 year old and it's very interested, informative and makes you think about how humans eat and obesity, the foods we shouldn't eat and foods that are good for us, etc. If you haven't seen it it's very good and worth watching. It may shock you as it goes against what we have been recently programmed in our minds and the conventional way of doing things and what the diet was and is now.

Have a wonderful day!

Erin - ev1959

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2/17/13 12:59 P

So you are not using your food tracker here at Sparkpeople???
This is where you should begin. Eating healthy is great---but you can still be taking in too many calories, even from healthy foods.

Start measuring and weighing all the foods and beverages you consume.
Enter this information in the nutrition tracker.
See how many calories you are consuming daily---you will want to stay at about 1200-1500 each day.

This link will take you to a video that shows you how to use the nutrition/food tracker:

dietitian Becky

EH932011 Posts: 122
2/17/13 12:30 P

Thanks for your expertise advice. I really appreciate it. I know I have gain some weight, but I know that I'm older now and starting to feel it. I do read labels on foods, but sometimes I'm not sure how many calories I'm taking in everyday.
I will give you an approx idea what I do eat and what I watch out for.
1st of all I don't drink pop. I know pop are empty calories and only make me feel more bloated. I very seldom eat desserts, like cakes, cookies, etc. I stay away from those as much as possible. I eat salmon, tuna, chicken, broccoli, corn, pretzels, oranges, pomagranets (I love these), pistashios (I buy a big bag). Basically I am very much aware of the ingredients in foods, how much fat, what kind of fat is in products, like more mono is better. Olive oil is better. I am a vitamin queen according to some of my SP friends. I take Omega 3-6-9 supplements, take papaya extract chewables everyday. Multi Vitamin, one aspirin a day, Vit C, Vit D (1,000IU and 50,000IU, because I'm deficient in Vit D), magnesium, calcium (1500MG a day or more). I take Synthroid 100MG a day due to HypoThyroidism, Paxil 10MG a day due to anxiety and depression. Papaya is suppose to curb your appetite. I don't have a big appetite to begin with. Neither does my husband and he is alittle over weight, but takes vitamins and does everything I do. He's a naturalist and a former Chiropractor.
Being I do watch what I eat and the calories, sodium, fat, etc., like you said I might have to focus more on some strength training. As far as knowing what my calorie intake is, I'm not sure and sometimes get confused about the normal intake for me. Maybe you can help me as to how to read the labels better and how to track my calorie intake where I can understand them better for myself and how much I need. I know you are a busy lady, but I could use a one on one coach to help me along the way sometimes.

Thanks for all your help,

Erin - ev1959

2/16/13 2:10 P

As already stated, your BMI is 24.8 which is the upper end of the healthy/normal BMI range.

I do not think that 115-120 pounds is realistic for you, but dropping about 5 pounds and adding some strength training to tone your body, especially your core, belly area---would be a perfect goal to set.

What is your SP calorie range? 1200-1550?
What is your typical calorie intake?

Have you checked out Coach Nicole's 10 minute workout videos---adding some of these several times a week---will probably give you the results you want:>

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/16/13 1:14 P

BTW your BMI is 24.8, not 25.6. I know this because 24.8 is what I'm shooting for, 1.5 more pounds to go :) Oh I'm 5'3" as well.

I agree with the others to ignore Dr. Oz.

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2/16/13 1:10 P

First step:

Stop watching Dr Oz. Seriously. His advice CANNOT be trusted, and the only thing his advice will make you lose weight in is your wallet. Those supplements simply can't do what they claim to do.

Losing belly fat isn't about the foods you eat nor the exercises you do. Fat loss is a total body process, and you can't spot reduce and choose where it comes off first (or at all.)

Not eating junk is good, but you can still overeat on healthy food. IF you want to lose weight, then you need to eat a balanced diet at a healthy deficit, exercise regularly, and very importantly, full-body strength train to improve composition.

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/16/13 1:04 P

Although BMI is used all over the place, it's insanely unscientific. And even if it had a strong foundation, there's the problem that it scales incorrectly and so is increasingly wrong at the high and low ends (for height), doesn't take into account body composition, etc.

But you have heard this before.

In short: As mentioned, even according to BMI, you're barely into the so-called overweight category. Ignore all Dr. Oz and fad diet nonsense. Hypothyroidism is a medical condition and so you're best off with a doctor advising you ... and if the doctor doesn't listen (different than not telling you what you want), you need a different doctor. But better than BMI or any of that would actually looking at body fat % (measured in a clinic, not by a home scale that supposedly measures body fat %). Sorry it sounds so complicated.

As for 'practical' advice that doesn't involve the doctor, etc.: planning for a 1/2lb per week weight loss by following the calorie restriction suggested by SP should be 'enough' ... but with thyroid issues or another metabolic condition, trying to do it by diet and lifestyle alone might not work. As CHESAPEAKE60 said, "So I am still a work in progress" -- as are we all!

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,731)
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2/16/13 12:53 P

Below 18.5



30.0 and Above

So you fall just barely into the "overweight" category. But you see there is a range because we do differ with how "big boned", etc. that we are. I am currently just squeaking into the "normal" range. But I am average build so should really be more to the middle of the normal range. So I am still a work in progress..

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EH932011 Posts: 122
2/16/13 12:37 P

I'm 53 years old. I am 5' 3" tall, 140 lbs., my BMI is approx. 25.6? Is this a normal weight and BMI for my height or do I need to tone and lose weight? I wear size 6 pants and small/medium tops. I feel like I've gained weight around my belly area. I use my elliptical, walk and try to eat healthy. I'm not a pop drinker, I don't eat desserts (cookies, cakes, etc.) rarely and drink water a lot. Basically I am aware of what I eat. I still feel I can't lose weight around my belly area. What else can I do? I want to lose at least 20 lbs. I want to be where I use to be, which was 115 to 120 lbs. again. Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable. I've tried to take Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone Extract, recommended by Dr. OZ on TV. Also, I ordered some Menoquil (Hormone Replacement Therapy) because of hot flashes and other symptoms I'm having. What am I doing wrong? I have HypoThyroidism and on Synthroid for that. Any other helpful suggestions as to what else I can do for this?

Thank you,

Erin - ev1959

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