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8/12/13 1:48 P

Eating less will not fix the problem. It will probably make it worse. Are you excercising? If so, you might not be eating enough.

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8/11/13 12:59 P

You shouldn't be tempted to go lower than 1200 calories per day; in fact, it is very possible you may need to go higher in order to start losing weight again. At your current weight, and especially if you are doing any significant amount of exercise, you are quite likely not eating enough to meet your body's energy needs, thus causing your metabolism to temporarily slow down in order to compensate.

Here's a whole thread of people who ran into this problem, and there's plenty more I've seen who've never posted there, either.

In short, don't be tempted to think that eating less is always eating *better*, even when the discussion is restricted only to trying to lose weight without actually starving yourself. It's actually about finding the right balance for your own body. Yours may actually be at 1400 or 1500 calories, conceivably higher than that.

I second the previous poster's request for more information. Good luck!

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8/11/13 6:16 A


What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. There will be weeks where you won't lose an ounce. And that too is perfectly normal.

Remember, there are changes happening to your body that can't be measured by a scale. Look for those changes. Are you sleeping better ? Do you seem to have a bit more energy ? Can you walk up stairs without getting tired or winded ? Can you do more push ups today than you could 50 days ago ? Can you walk or run a mile faster ? Can you carry more bags of groceries ? How's your blood pressure ? Do you know that if your blood pressure has dropped in the last 50 days, your doctor would be thrilled. Lowering your blood pressure or blood sugar or cholesterol are HUGE health benefits.

So, don't assume something must be wrong because you're not losing weight as fast as you want. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

A 10 pound loss in the 50s IS very good. Take the weight off slowly and it will stay off.

These are a few thoughts. In order for the community to be more helpful, we need more information. Would you be willing to let us look at your food diary ? Many members have said they eat very healthy and yet, when the community looks at their food diary, there is always room for improvement. Also, how much weight are you trying to lose ? The person trying to lose 10 pounds has very different needs from the person trying to lose 100.

The closer a person is to a healthy weight for their height, the harder and longer it takes to lose those last few. So, the more you could tell us about yourself, the more we can help. right now, we're all just taking educated guesses.

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8/11/13 6:15 A

It is not recommened to go below 1200 calories. However if you are staying at 1200 everyday you may need to fluctuate between th calorie range so that your body does not get used it. If you eat at the middle or higher end once in a while it confuses the metabolism. May be what you need to jump start your metabolism. Or there is of course changing up your exercise routine.

MYFROGGY69 Posts: 8
8/11/13 3:43 A

Im day 50 into my challenge... I lost 10 pounds the first 2 weeks, but haven't lost since.. I am eating really good... Always within my daily nutritional limits... I track everything, and think I'm doing very well...

Why haven't I continued to lose weight sticking with a 1200 calorie intake plan? 10 pounds in 50 days isn't great, And I'm eating so healthy... Do I need to go lower than 1200 calories a day

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