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12/4/14 4:59 A

I'd say talk to a doctor.. Pilates is however good for just about anybody as it can be modified, no strain on the joints.

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12/3/14 12:50 P

If you have access to the gym, is there a rowing machine available? If so, that would a good low impact workout. You'd just have to build up endurance though. Adding in some strength training could help too.

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12/3/14 12:37 P

I have early-stage arthritis of the hip and lower spine, so I am careful to avoid high-impact cardio.
I like the arc trainer machine at the gym. It's sort of like a stepper. You can adjust the incline and the resistance; the ones I use can be manual, or preprogrammed workouts.
(Here's an example:

I do a half an hour with moderate incline and resistance, and I get a good workout.

I switched to this because the "cycling" motion of the elliptical was causing pain in my hip and in my knees.

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12/2/14 11:26 P

Water exercises

12/2/14 8:08 P

Do you have OA? that what cause mine bone on bone. I need to get a total knee replacement. I can use some of the machines at the gym. But water exercise and or doing sit to be fit on YouTube is great exercises on there. I wish you luck.


12/2/14 8:05 P

I have limited mobility due to OA in my left knee and was in a car accident and plates and screws in the right ankle. I can not stand long nor bend or squad. I find doing sit to be fit videos on YouTube is great and no impact on the joints.
I will try to use the band too to help me stretch on my legs and arms. I'm thinking of getting a what you call it like bike but put it ont he floor and then sit in a chair and pedaling. I have access to a gym but hate to go alone. I find going with someone is fun. Any suggestions?


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2/4/14 10:46 P

This is pretty much my situation as well. Walking and recumbent bike are my staple excercises, but I also have some DVD's that I use as well. If I can't to the legwork I fill in the space with something I can do. Kickboxing type vidoes have a bunch of upper arm movement that I like to do. Seated videos, are also out there which have little to no leg action as well. I use those on days where my knee is "complaining" a lot. I'm using some of the excercises from the rehab on my knee to work on hip strength with resistance bands as well. I just try to find things that I can adapt or modify in a way that keeps me moving, even if my body doesn't totally cooperate with the specific moves.

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2/4/14 12:21 P

Resistance band workouts might be a good idea.

2/4/14 12:04 P

I have issues with my knees too and I've been working with my dr and exercise physiologist to overcome that. Water workouts, yes. Bike, yes. I also like walking outside because the treadmills tend to be harder on my knees. There are also some seated workouts as someone suggested. When I first started working out I bought some bike pedals...they are just the pedals and you can use it as an arm bike or for your feet. I like it because I can use it at home and watch TV. There are also some yoga classes that you can go to that will help build strength. Just let your instructor know about your knees. My teacher I have has been really helpful. Also when using machines at the gym I don't increase the incline, just the resistance so I don't put any more pressure on my joints. There are ways! Good luck!

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2/4/14 10:28 A

It would be best to ask your doctor about that and even ask for a referral to a physical therapist so they can work directly with you to make sure you aren't causing any further damage to your knee.

Hope your appointment goes well!

Coach Denise

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2/3/14 10:30 P

Swimming is always a good alternative because there is no impact to your joints. Bicycling can be low impact as well. I'd check with a physical therapist and or doctor. That's probably the best place to start. emoticon

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2/3/14 10:12 P

You can check for some of the Seated Exercises (videos, etc) on the Spark Limited Mobility section. I did find that some required me to "stabilize" my seated position with my feet, but knees might not really move....

At your Doc appt, you might want to ask for Physical Therapy referral too!
Good Luck!!

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2/3/14 9:51 P

swimming, or any water activity.

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2/3/14 9:44 P

Does anyone have Low to No impact on knee exercises other than Bike and Water workouts?
I have Bone on Bone in one knee, the other knee is better but not to much better.
I typically do 40 minutes on elliptical and 40 on bike. Can still do the bike but can't do more than 10 minutes on elliptical anymore. Any ideas? I will continue the bike. Walking is bad too. Seeing the doctor tomorrow... X fingers :)


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