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11/26/12 5:28 P

Let me get this straight - you don't have any experience in healthy weight loss, but want to open a weight loss business and push supplements and pills on your clients? .....really?!

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11/26/12 3:13 P


If you want to open a business that helps people lose weight, then you have to understand that dietary supplements like shakes or pills just don't work. they never did. If there was a shake or pill that did work, there wouldn't be an obesity problem in the US.

If you sell supplements that promise your clients they'll lose weight and they don't, you're setting yourself up for a lawsuit. several lawsuits. Do a google search on Jillian Michaels as well as Dr Phil. You'll find that they both have faced class action lawsuits because their supplements didn't live up to the hype.

If you don't know anything about weight loss, then you really aren't prepared to start a business selling weight loss products that you know nothing about. You risk injuring your clients if you don't have any knowledge about a product you're trying to sell. The fact is, the things that truly help a person lose weight are FREE.

A person has to learn to eat right (healthfully). they have to learn to be mindful of their portions. They have to get some regular exercise. No gimics. No pills. No supplements.

The people who make money on supplements are taking advantage of people who are desperate to lose weight. Basically, if you start selling supplements, you're going to be CHEATING your clients. And that is criminal.

Spark People does not encourage the taking of weight loss supplements. It encourages living a healthy lifestyle. That's not something you find in a bottle. There may be plenty of get rich quick schemes out there to lose weight, but you're asking for trouble if you start selling them.

A better option would be considering opening a Curves franchise.

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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/26/12 2:22 A

There is a reason why Dr Oz hasn't come out and said that diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight... Coz it won't make anyone money!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,456
11/25/12 9:33 P

"I know the exercise and low cal diet is the key but with all that have to carry some nutrition,vitamins and shakes as a retails.
PLEASE suggest some which help to losing weight"

You do not need suggestions.
The answer is in your first sentence.... exercise and diet are the key!

Gimmicks are not necessary... and they do nothing but fleece the consumer.

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11/25/12 8:48 P

Please know that SparkPeople does not endorse the selling or promotions of supplements.

Coach Nancy

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11/25/12 8:43 P

but that is what I was trying to explain... those things won't help weight loss long term. The only thing that does is a healthy diet and good exercise plan

you don't need supplements to lose weight, and in fact many of them can hinder weight loss long term

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11/25/12 8:41 P

I know the exercise and low cal diet is the key but with all that have to carry some nutrition,vitamins and shakes as a retails.
PLEASE suggest some which help to losing weight

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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11/25/12 8:08 P

Products are not the answer - a good diet and exercise plan are key.

Maybe you could look into opening a Curves franchise?

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,456
11/25/12 7:55 P

Are you looking to open a gym?
(since you posted on the fitness and exercise board)

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11/25/12 7:46 P

I just came across to this website and do not know if i should have post my question on this boar?I am desperately looking some help if anyone out there can send some ideas and success story if running this business.
I am a qualified Beauty professional worked in medical spa and assist the Doctors in some skin procedures.After working 25 yrs in beauty profession now i want to run a weight loss business but unfortunately have no experience in that.I can hire the staff but wanted to know if there is any success key and products really works.There re so many very confused.
I am thinking to start very soon but looking for a good nutritious supplements,vitamins,and the whole plan of run to successful business.I would love to hear from all you spark people guide and HELP me how to start,what products to carry?
People want results and i want to feel proud to help them successfully losing weight and live a healthy,happy life.
PLEASE guide me about equipment,products line,and other result oriented tools.
I would really appreciate any info help and guide line from all of you...THANKS in advance.

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