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3/12/12 10:56 P

I don't know why women setlle for uneven body shapes and unbalanced workouts.. I am from the waist down muscles- new flash needed to train upper body more.. We are efter men to quit uneven over training upper body and to remember to do more lower body training- I think we women should train our upper bodies more for a even look.. train more upper body for the hour glass..

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3/12/12 10:38 P

I'm a proud pear--size 4 on top, 8 on the bottom. I wear bright tops and dark bottoms and like to show off my slim waist and toned arms and lovely shoulders and clavicle. The thing that drives me crazy is not being able to buy matching suits and having the waist gap on pants.

Due to an elbow injury, I was only able to strength train my lower body and core. This was around the time that I reached my goal weight about 4 months ago. Apparently my bottom half is looking more toned because people keep asking me if I've lost weight. can focus on the bottom and not just light weights and ignore your upper body and still look fine.

Really, clothing sizes are pretty arbitrary and who cares if you don't fit into the "ideal." No one else does either.

Viva la pear!

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3/12/12 1:29 P

Hi, Ugoogly & other pears:

Thanks, Ugoogly, for this thread and also for the link to the article about working out a pear-shaped body. I am doing P90X, and I have the ability to go pretty heavy on the weights for the leg DVD, but from reading this, perhaps that is actually slowing down weight loss from the lower body. Just because my legs are strong and can go heavy may not be a reason to do so.

I also appreciated the comment about the boots. I tried several pairs on this year, and the calf was always too snug -- especially if I was going to try the "skinny jeans tucked into boots" look. As a result, I never bought any boots or skinny jeans for that matter. I will google J. Crew.

I have several HIIT DVDs, and will be bringing them out to put in rotation after reading this. Cathe Friedrich has a good HIIT DVD, and I have another one called Breathless Body. I can't remember the instructor's name, but it is Tabata (super intense HIIT) and it totally kicks butt!

3/11/12 2:32 P

Thin pear-shaped women still have pronounced hips and thighs so getting rid of those is nigh impossible. That said, most guys I know LOVE hips & thighs but most women I know that are pear-shaped absolutely HATE THEM. I don't get it, it's sexy (to me at least).

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3/11/12 2:08 P

I have the same problem really tired of my hips and thighs

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4/26/11 7:06 A


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4/26/11 6:51 A

i'll do that this afternoon for you and post the link x

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4/26/11 6:44 A

Please do upload the video or send a link where we all can watch it :D

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4/26/11 6:28 A

Hi Ugoogly & other fellow pears

it might be worth looking at doing a few 'glute activation' exercises before your workouts.... in my experiences with teaching pear shaped ladies it's normally because their butt isn't doing anything much (not for the want of trying, it's just the body not quite functioning correctly at the moment) which is why it doesn't seem to shift.
Its the largest muscle group in your body, makes sense to use it doesnt it!
Lunges, Running, intervals, squats and deadlifts etc are all great, apart from if you're butt isn't joining it, it wont be working to the extent you think it might be.

i cann add a video on these later today if you want? They're super simple and work extremely well

Happy Tuesday everyone x

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2/13/11 9:24 P

Lunges, squats, bridges work for me - even in the first week (I only did one session), I noticed some losses at my thighs and hips! Of course, need to combine cardio as well

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2/13/11 8:15 P

Embrace the pear! (Ha - easier said than done.)

Re: boots - J. Crew has really beautiful extended calf boots. They are wonderful!

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2/13/11 5:27 P

UGOOGLY, I'm a size 10 foot, and I am sure you look good in high boots. Personally I am finding things that are just in my head, especially when we look down at ourselves and see big feet and big thighs. I bought a pair of Ugg type boots and I always thought my feet look like Godzilla in them, but girlfriends said they don't! Oh and I bet you would look great in a pair of black knee high boots! There actually more flattering then you think!!

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2/13/11 3:47 P

Physique 57 dvds and barre workouts along with tracy anderson workouts have totally changed my body. Maybe you should look in to a different style of workout. If what you have been doing is not giving you the results you want change the workout. That is what I did and it worked for me. I lost 3 inches in my butt last month and 11 inches all over my body. I became firm all over.

2/13/11 3:41 P

I can completely relate and I too struggle to find cute knee high leather boots that don't cut off the circulation in my legs. emoticon

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2/13/11 3:17 P

SHELBSYD: Thanks for the tip, never really thought of that. I mean, I want strong legs and thighs, but dont want bulk either since they've always been big. I've never been able to wear knee high boots because my calves are too big to wear them and I'm a size 10 foot!

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2/13/11 3:01 P

I was always an apple (like the rest of my family).

Then I lost 40 pounds 5 years ago and became slightly more pear-shaped as I lost more weight on the top than on the bottom. Then I re-gained 30 pounds, more on the bottom than on the top. Recently I have started losing again and it seems to be coming mostly off the top.

So ... it seems as if I am transforming into a pear the more weight I lose.

DRJENNIE Posts: 10
2/13/11 1:03 P

I definitely agree with the running helping with the bottom. I've seen more results with some good interval training on the treadmill than anything else I've tried. Long Live the Pears!

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2/13/11 12:43 P

I am very much a pear shape and can relate to your struggles. I am not sure I have much advise other than I have noticed that since I started running a couple weeks ago my lower body seems to be losing weight more proportionally..also everything looks tighter!!

MEGANBY2011 Posts: 579
2/13/11 12:42 P

I lost 3 inches around my waist and nothing around my thigh! AHHHH

SHELBSYD SparkPoints: (38,719)
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2/13/11 12:28 P

I lost 35lbs, and I am still pear shape, but a smaller size. My tops are a two and my pants are 4's. You'll always be a pear shape, but the weight will come off, you just have to be patient and keep up with the cardio. Whatever you do, don't do stair exercises, that can build muscle in the legs and hips and make the pear shape even bigger. Stick to walking & running.

XRAYSOTO Posts: 189
2/13/11 11:11 A

I have the same problem...I've lost almost 30lbs and my hips and but still look big=(

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
2/13/11 11:02 A

Let me know how you do with Turbo Fire. I'm looking for some new workout DVDs that are intense and effective but a bit less insane than insanity.

I've also read pear shaped girls should strengthen their upper body to fill it out a bit. Losing weight won't change body shape, just make it smaller, so pears become smaller pears. I'm very much pear shaped, but I love it. Sure, my thighs could kick threw a brick wall and my hips will never be narrow, but I love the curves!

FATHINSN SparkPoints: (81,015)
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2/13/11 7:45 A

I think it's better pear than apple emoticon
Sometimes I just hate it to have bigger hips than the rest of my female friends and because my walk can be a bit catwalk what with the hips swaying - friends keep commenting about my walk! But I kinda cheer up when some friends moaning on how they don't have curves like mine, hehe. One thing for sure, even if I loss kgs and inches, I still maintain my lovely pear shape (I much prefer curvy or hourglass but as long as not apple or stick, it's fine with me!)

AMZY68 Posts: 400
2/13/11 7:37 A

Same and as a teenager wanting to wear skinny jeans and leggings its a pain! Look at the positive side though, losds of people will be jealous of ourflat stomachs and we can still look good in waist hugging dresses and tops!

MORETA63 Posts: 2,743
2/12/11 10:55 P

One more pear "weighing" in. My waist tends to shrink faster than my hips. I generally wear men's jeans and pants, because a) I can get the length I want, and b) they're cheaper. However, I am currently at a 44 in waist but I need a 46 incher to fit my hips and belly below. sheesh! I'm going to have to buy a belt for the first time in years!!!

2/12/11 10:34 P

I love the FIRM DVDs for overall jiggle-control. But, I guess us pears should be thankful that we're not apples. Apples have many more health risks. Health trumps smaller pants any day! emoticon

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2/12/11 8:40 P

Just found this interesting article from Muscle & Fitness. I don't know how reliable it is since I only read Oxygen. Could be worth a try though as it talks about HIIT which is what I was inquiring about...

UGOOGLY SparkPoints: (7,014)
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2/12/11 7:25 P

Well, I can't complain TOO Much, as the celulite on my butt is GONE!

I purchased Turbo Fire the other day and am hoping that will help. I hear its just a little less intense than Insanity, but I"m looking forward to it.

I googled 'exercise for pear shape' and got the same thing 'build upper body with heavier weight lifting while keeping bottom lean with light weights' and a lot of girlies proclaiming that when they lost weight they went from a large pear to a small pear and even personal trainers claming this same thing about their clients.

I guess if I have to take no more celulite over not losing inches on my thighs, I"ll take it emoticon

NYPOPS Posts: 165
2/12/11 7:16 P

i have the same problem :[
i've lost over 10 pounds and can definitely wear my belt tighter, but i dont think i can can do an actual pants size yet.

sucks! and is definitely frustrating! emoticon

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
2/12/11 6:20 P

Congrats on the Linda Hamilton arms! Definitely try HIIT or just plain intervals if you're not ready yet. Last summer I ran intervals and I swear it helped with my tummy fat. I have to say the thing that helped most with my bum/thigh fat is Insanity. I looked in the mirror at my butt the other day and was really surprised that it's much less bumpy and the top of my thighs are way smoother. I'd actually be able to go out in public in a bikini and be only mildly self conscious instead of utterly freaked out. Anyway, Insanity is mostly interval training, and I've had good results with it, though I had to slow down due to burn out.

TIME2LOSE428 Posts: 186
2/12/11 1:01 P

That sounds like me. I've lost over 10 pounds and my body has shrunk, but only on top. So I'm still rockin' the same pants size.

I think we just have to be patient. Eventually it'll come off where it needs to. HIIT is good for overall fat burning, so that might help -- but it could just as easily cause you to lose more fat on top as on bottom.

It seems like the one place we really want to lose weight is the last place we's like a cruel trick our DNA is playing on us!

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
2/11/11 11:00 P

Sorry, we all lose fat differently from different places at different rates. I lose it last from my torso - so the rest of my body looks great but not the chest and abs yet.

Keep the nutrition - that's where the most fat loss comes from. Make sure to keep doing strength training and HIIT is good but it's not going to specifically tailor down fat in certain areas - it's going to work over the entire body.

RACHELROCKS1990 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/11/11 10:41 P

I have EXACTLY the same problem. I've lost over 10 lbs in the last year and I still wear the same size jeans! I'm smaller on top but my bottom won't budge. Maybe do more toning on your legs? I know for me it helps keep the jiggle down to a minimum. I wish I had good advice to give, but just know you are not alone in this problem!

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
2/11/11 10:13 P

I have no idea why it happens, but when we lose weight, we don't lose weight evenly everywhere, and over time, things can shift around. At least in my case, I tend to lose weight in the places I lose weight most easily (waist) and then later on, even if I haven't lost more weight, the weight eventually comes off the places that hang on for longer (e.g., saddlebags). So please don't fret now about your body shope. While you can't rewrite genetics (I will always have my mother's thighs), the body you have today won't be the body you have a year from now, even if you don't lose any more weight.

Exercise - make sure you do both strength and cardio (not necessarily on the same day, just part of your week), and you should start to see differences in your body shape over time.

UGOOGLY SparkPoints: (7,014)
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2/11/11 10:00 P

Hi everyone. I've recently lost 5 lbs and one dress size (yay!) through clean eating and exercise. I have always been a 'pear' shape, but even with my new lifestyle, I can't help but notice how all my fat shed from my waist up, but the bottom hasn't changed much at all.

I"m now a dress size 4 for my top and about a 6 pant. Should I incorporate some HIIT into my workout to help move that stubborn bum/thigh fat? I'm entirely content with my 6 pack and Linda Hamilton/Terminator arms, but the ass jiggle just doesn't want to go!!!

My workouts consist of 30 mins tae bo 2x a week, 45 mins of kick boxing once a week and weight training 3 times a week with one day off or of yoga.

(Btw, I'm totally aware there is no such thing as spot reduction...)

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