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4/25/11 3:57 P

Thanks for the good call on heart rate, I tend to forget that if I go to high....thats all cardio, and not weight loss territory. Thank you much!

4/25/11 3:56 P

Ya, I suppose I was captain obvious, it just always seems the majority of my weight loss simply comes from maintaining my caloric intake, and not really on the exercise route. I swear I gained weight when I was training for a 5K, yet successfully lost weight when not doing much exercise, but being rigorous with calorie counting. ...I want to be a believer that both can succeed in weight loss together, as I know that, that will lead to less yo-yo weight gain/loss.

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4/25/11 3:48 P

Not a fitness expert myself, but i've read countless times that mixing it up always helps with plateaus, also, keep your heart rate at your recommended target rate while excercising! emoticon

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4/25/11 3:35 P

Burning calories is burning calories and cross training and mixing things up isn't going to make you gain fat! I don't know the science or have any statistics to back up my claims though. Track your calories (honestly) and keep up the exercise.

4/25/11 3:15 P

As it gets warmer out, I've had the itch to be in the gym less, I was wondering if people here have found weight loss effective while completely changing up their exercise routine? You know, one day go to the gym (if its rainy or cold) and the next day going to shoot hoops for 30 to 45 minutes, and the next day riding your bike/inline skating? I just feel like going to the gym to do C25K or an elliptical for months, I've plateaued with workouts, and they arent as effective anymore. Was looking to see if there is some reinforcement to this new revelation of mine, in regards to weight loss...seeing as I easily still have another long term 40+ lbs to the short term, 20 lbs.

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