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12/29/11 10:03 P

I have had three kids and understand the belly flap. I've been working out for three years now - lost over 90 lbs and kept it off....the belly and inner thighs are what my husband and I fondly call "the last bastion". It's tough to get rid of that!

Strength training is key - building muscle burns more calories than cardio alone. It also helps your muscles firm up and look more tone. If you can, find out what your percent bodyfat is either from your doctor or from a trainer. The number on the scale doesn't help you understand that percent number. If it's too high, getting rid of the belly fat will be harder.

There is no spot reduction, so it's a program of working out, eating right, and taking care of yourself. Keep on going - you will get there!

BIGRED01 Posts: 14
12/29/11 8:50 P

I have not yet started that part of my program, the weight loss up to now has been an added benefit of the new job, I plan to start increasing my exercise in the new year, up untill the summer I was fairly active, but injuries and cronic pain have plauged me since and I have since ceased all exercise

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12/29/11 8:06 P

do you strength train? that is the best way to lose inches.

BIGRED01 Posts: 14
12/29/11 7:46 P

Ok I havent been on Spark in over a year, but came back again to start my new years resolution, I started a new job a few months ago and have started to lose weight by brining my lunch and cutting down on snacks, I weighed and measured myself to start and found that I way the lowest I have weighed in 4 years, by more than 5-10lbs but my measurements actually went up an inch on my waist. how is this possible?? I had a c-section with both my kids and have that "lovely" belly flap (anyone with kids knows what I mean) and I hate trying to get pants to fit it, if they fit the hips they are loose at the waist, It has become the family joke recently that my pants are always falling down (due to the weight loss) but the belly fat and waist measurement isnt budging, any suggestions?? will the inches take longer to go than the actual scale numbers?? usually it is the opposite is it not?? anyone else have this issue

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