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1/22/13 11:15 A

Instead of thinking of your weight as a static number, think of your weight as a range. I usually do +/- 2 pounds. My weight varies quite easily... other people (maybe because they are smaller?) have less fluctuation, so perhaps only 1 pound would be sufficient.

So when I weigh, instead of saying, "I weigh 175 today," I will say, "I weigh 173-177 today". Tomorrow when I weigh, the scale might say 176... but I'll consider it 174-178. In actuality, the fat on my body DID NOT change in one day... the overlap in the ranges helps me to see that.

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1/22/13 11:14 A

Just another example of how one or two meals that might be high in sodium can really put on the "pounds" (I say "pounds" because they go away quickly). This weekend I went to the bar to watch hockey, and while I was there I had 3 beers and some wings. High in calories yes, but not enough to put me way over, especially since I eat on the lower end of where I should be during the week so I can do stuff like this on weekends. Then, on Sunday I had Panera for lunch, soup and a half sandwich, well within my calorie ranges, but very high in sodium. I weighed in yesterday a whole 2.5lbs more than I had on Friday. Today I'm only .5 over. So, your weight can definitely fluctuate from day to day! I weigh every day just because I'm curious, but I only log once a week, usually on Fridays. Once you're at it awhile you'll start to get to know your body and a weight "gain" like you experienced won't freak you out as much.

Another "cause", and I apologize if this is TMI, but if you haven't um... gone #2 before weighing, that can have an effect as well.

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1/22/13 10:58 A

Without looking at your food tracker I can't really offer a good answer. But no, you didn't gain a real pound. You'd have to eat 3500 calories over what your body naturally burns. It may be due to water weight from starch or salt. It happens.

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1/22/13 10:55 A

Thank you all for your encouragement. I know I shouldn't stress over one pound, and I know weight fluctuates and why. I guess, since I just started SP a week ago Mon. I wanted to see a continued downward trend, not upward. But you all have reassured me, and I am going ahead with healthy eating, plenty of water, and exercise. I know it will all balance out in the end.


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1/22/13 10:34 A

I feel you,
I also check the scale compulsively every day (rec once a week though). It fluctuates. Even when I try to do it right after I get up (and use the bathroom) in the morning, it still bounces. Totally normal! And that's not counting the daily fluctuations (depending on time of day, etc), TOM weight for us girls (I can go up nearly 5lbs some months...usually overnight, then 'lose' it again overnight around when it stops), etc.
Watch your trends. Besides TOM, you should be going down weekly, even if you're up one day, down another.

1/22/13 10:23 A

No no no, you didn't eat 3500 calories so you didn't gain a pound of fat. You're body is retaining a pound of water, fluid, whatever you want to call it. My weight went up .8 yesterday morning (I had pizza for dinner the night before) and today my weight is down 1 full pound. If the scale is creating stress for you, don't use it daily. I, however, find it educational to see how my body reacts to the sodium intake, my monthly cycle, and other factors. You have to realize that seeing the number go up in a day is not fat storage...unless you literally ate the amount of calories it takes to gain a pound of fat (3500). You have to realize, ESPECIALLY if you're going to get on that scale daily like I do, your body holds water & poo at different rates, so it reflects on the scale.

Don't freak out. You're okay. :)

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1/22/13 10:21 A

Relax!! Your weight naturally fluctuates for a number of reasons. I'm positive that it is not a pound of fat that you gained. And no, being 5 calories under your minimum is not going to do anything detrimental to your body. Don't worry about it! Keep eating healthy and exercising, and maybe you should put that scale away for a month or so if you're going to get discouraged over a measly gain of one pound. Don't get discouraged! :)

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1/22/13 10:16 A

My weight is up a whole pound today. I am so discouraged. Yesterday, I didn't get quite enough calories (1195 out of recommended 1200-1550 a day). Could that be the problem? Can one day of not enough calories do that? Am I addicted to my scale? Waaaa!!!


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