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10/30/11 6:02 P

I am in the same boat kind of. My fiance doesnt support my when it comes to me wanting to lose weight and eat better. He just wants to sit home and drink beer when he gets home from work. I might have to just cook for myself and my daughter and tell him to cook for himself. He has a table next to his recliner with all junk food. I try to not eat junk and he always buys it

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10/30/11 4:40 P

It took me a long time to get my husband on board with healthy eating and I believe I was going about it all wrong initially because I just kept telling him "we need to start eating better". But when I sat down and asked him to help me with my weight loss for my health he was more than willing to try and do it with me. For me, I need my husband to help me with my weight loss, not eating junk food, and not bringing / keeping it into our house. With his help I was able to lose over 20lbs. He was a huge help because we were both on the same page health wise and both established the same goals. He new he was helping me and I was helping him.

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10/28/11 11:52 A

My husband used to make me cupcakes when I would hit a short term weight goal. He actually thought he was doing a good thing by rewarding me for my hard work:-) I started asking him to make up a batch if he wanted but to freeze most of them and we could eat them over a longer period of time. (really I just didn't eat them but they weren't out for him to notice). He never really got it until he joined SP himself. Now we don't have any junk food in the house and he complains when other family members offer him stuff he's no longer eating (very funny to see). I do think that if you're doctor told you to avoid sugar that you need to speak to your husband. Obviously your doctor is trying to address or avoid a potential health issue and your husband should definitely get on board with you being healthy.

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10/28/11 11:25 A

He'll eventually admire you for putting on your big girl pants and working toward a healthy lifestyle--only good will come of it! emoticon

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10/22/11 10:27 P

tell your husband that the doctor said no sugar and throw out the soda and cookies.

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10/22/11 6:49 P

I love my other half but every time I make a decision to do something good for my self He tries to sabotage my efforts. For me changing my eating habits is hard. I was told by the doctor to stop eating and drinking sugar. So my husband brings home my favorite soda and cookies.... While I am still learning to have the will power to say no. He dose not want to change how we all eat...... the only vegi's he needs is corn and green beans... fun if that is all I am allowed to eat. Good luck for all those like me. Fight to change how to live....

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