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9/18/13 8:05 A

Yeah, it takes some time to learn your way around this site. Some things people don't realize when setting up your account is that the goal date you enter will effect your calorie range (you'll find this on your Start Page, in the left hand side there will be an orange box; it will say how many pounds you've lost and there will be an option to "change goal". Scroll to the bottom of that page where it says: "set your weight loss goal". Use the option under "need help?" that says "Enter Target Weight to See How Long it Will Take". From there, enter a loss of 2 lbs/week. This is a realistic and *healthy* weight loss goal to ensure you are not being too aggressive.

Then you're going to want to go to "My Trackers" and "My Fitness". Once on the fitness page you should see a button that says; "fitness setup". Once on that page, scroll all the way to the bottom and there should be a question that will ask you how many calories you burn per week. Enter the approximate amount of calories you burn through exercise per week.

This will adjust your calorie range to one that is more accurate. If you increase the amount of calories you burn per week you can go back and update it.

It is also possible that as a busy mom, you're not exactly sedentary (which Spark automatically assumes that you are). I'm a mom as well and we don't exactly sit on our butts all day. ;) So you probably burn a little extra calories through your daily activity. I've personally always found that my sweet spot for weight loss is around the top of my range.

I know it seems like such a slow process and it is but it's slow and steady that wins the race. Trying to reach your goal too quickly has it's reprocussions both motivationally, physically and health wise. I recommend reading the link I have near my ticker about the "Marshmallow test", great metaphor. I've been with this site for awhile now and you don't know how many people I've seen eating their bare minimum (or even lower) calorie intake and then become confused when they stall out "but I'm only eating 1200 cals a day, why have I stopped losing weight?" Your body adapts to this low calorie intake and tries to compensate because eventually, it thinks it's starving. It preserves fat, burns muscle and tissue and shuts down what it views as non-vital bodily functions... so you wind up burning less calories overall.

If you are having difficulty eating more than 1200 cals, this is a sure sign that your metabolism has slowed down. One of the first signs of many. Later symptoms are; low RHR, feeling cold all the time particularly after eating, amenorrhea, eventually food obsession and binge eating as your body tries to force you to eat something. Been there myself.

I would suggest you begin upping your calories slowly but surely. You can add calories that will not make you overly full... such as your healthy fats. An extra tablespoon of peanut butter (100 cals), some nuts, cook with olive oil, a glass of milk. This will help speed your metabolism back up.

For the ticker; go to your "Start Page" and then at the top left hand corner "Account Preferences", click the "Community" tab and click the button that says "Signature & Ticker". Voila!

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Does your Dr have Dietetic qualifications as well? If not, I would be inclined to ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian so that you get good input by a person fully trained and qualified in this field. As a point of interest, My weight was slightly below yours, at the beginning of my journey. My Dietitian set 1400 calories NO range. I don't and didn't do the amount of exercise that you do because of skeletal issues, but the weight started coming off - slowly but surely.

What did I do? I weighed all of my food for increased accuracy and ensured that I was (am) getting enough lean protein and healthy fats. My never really ate much in the way of processed carbs, so never had an issue there. It took me 16 months to lose the first 50lb, but the slow losses are the best for longevity. I stayed at this new weight for a year before deciding to move on down again. I have since reached my goal after having been overweight for about 30 years, and have been at this goal weight for nearly 3 years now. I still weigh all of my food for increased accuracy, so that I can tweak when necessary, to ensure that I stay where I want and need to be.

Good luck with reaching your goals.


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9/17/13 5:27 P

Thanks JenniLacie your information was very... informative lol :)

I am not very good at navigating this page yet but my side ticker on my main page 1200-1550? I can up my diet to 1500cal? I only have three options on lite'n'easy and was following the 1200cal as told by my doctor. I can chose 1200cal, 1500cal or 1800cal.

I think the good thing is I have that fire in my belly... The striving to achieve my goals this time. Its not about weight loss now (Although that's my driving motivator) its about health.

The first 2-3 days I could have given up at any moment. I could have eaten that roast I cooked for the family or eaten a block of chocolate. But I worked through it. Now I am full - overfull and sometimes stuffing myself on the 1200 calories.

I don't know if us cooking stuff makes things fattier. But just for breakfast today I had a passionfruit yoghurt and a piece if fruit toast with butter. I have an orange for morning tea!! Its so much food I don't ever feel hungry.

I think the reason I love lite n easy is that it made me realise how much I was snacking. The first week I almost always "tried" that food I was cooking, or just had "one or two" of the cookies I was getting for the kids... But now I don't. I learnt to tell between feeding myself and snacking :) I never really used to eat I would just snack I was so busy and this new diet feeds me. I actually have to eat vs. snack.

Well I have some good news. I am 900g down now. So my weigh in day is in two days and I am expecting maybe a 1kilo loss. Which I know most people get excited over. But I kind of feel with so many to lose it will take me a year to reach my goal weight, if not longer as weight loss slows towards goal weight. I am still 103.1kg (Vs. 108.7 I started at 12 days ago)...

I started zumba yesterday and loved it. But only got half an hour in when I had to stop (I kept running in between but the kids kept stopping me "I need an orange" "help me put my overalls on" "I need a new drink" "potty" I think they are all trying to prevent me, but I am working through it.

ANyway, that's my update and thanks!

P.s. how does everyone get those "tickers" at the bottom that show where they are towards their goal?

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9/17/13 7:36 A

Weight fluctuations are totally normal. We all experience them. Your body consists mainly of fluid and these fluid levels can change depending on how hydrated you are, the time of day you weigh yourself, (if you've used the bathroom recently), the food you've recently eaten, hormones, etc. Your weight can go up or down as much as 5 lbs in a single day! All normal and nothing to do with how much fat you're losing/gaining. You have to eat at a surplus of 3500 cals *above* what it takes to maintain your weight to gain 1 lb of fat. So some math here; it probably takes around 2400 cals to maintain your current weight and you'd have to eat 3500 cals more than that to gain 1 lb... so unless you ate close to 6000 cals in that single day... you didn't gain 1 lb of fat. The scale can be fickle and is not always the best measurement of your actual progress. Please keep that in mind and use other methods for measuring your progress; body measurements, fitness tests, stress levels, how healthy you're eating, mini goals, etc. You don't want how you feel about yourself and all your hard work to rely on something the can go up or down with a change in the breeze!

I am very concerned about your calorie intake however, 1200 cals seems far, far too low for someone your size. 1200 cals is the *minimum* a woman should take in to ensure she's still meeting her nutritional recommendations. In my own experience... not only is it far too restrictive to be on an extreme calorie deficit which can lead to throwing in the towel but it can also lead to medical conditions such as amenorrhoea, starvation mode, BED and food obsession, etc. I had this happen to me on 1400 cals a day. Extreme calorie deficits often lead to quickly regaining weight after you've lost it. It will cause your hormones to become totally out of whack and start sending signals to your brain to tell you to *EAT* that you are starving. Which can undo all your hard work. Eating too little often leads to weight loss plateaus as well. You may lose quickly at first but then you get stuck. I could go on and on about how eating too little is very detrimental to your health and weight loss efforts but to sum it up... it's just bad and will work against you in the long run. Try to stay within your Spark range and do not put too aggressive of a weight loss goal.

When I punch in your stats into a calorie needs calculator, I'm getting a range of around 1400-1900 cals a day for weight loss. This would be more appropriate.

Don't be so hard on yourself about the exercise! There is nothing that says you should be doing more. You are just starting out and anything is better than nothing. We all started out somewhere. Taking on too much, too quickly before you're ready can lead to injury that could put you out for weeks. Doing too much too soon can also lead to frustration and giving up. Spark is all about making small changes over time that snowball into huge lifestyle changes. You have to walk before you can run. Be proud of yourself for taking those first few steps, they are after all, the hardest.

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9/15/13 6:01 A

Hi all. You have been so welcoming. I hope I am posting this in the right area..

I have gained weight.

I am quite overweight. I am too scared too look but I think if I checked the BMI calculator I would be obese.

So I started lite'n'easy... Week one was great. I followed my 1200cal diet without any fail, exercised for 15 -30minutes a day. One day I also walked 3.32km (Yes I know I should be doing more, but I am trying my absolute best to make a lifestyle change and not give up on a diet)

I lost 4.7 kg. Bringing my weight down from 108.7kg to 104kg! I was so proud.

I am now 3 days into week two... This week I have been following my diet without any fail and exercising 30 minutes a day. I am gutted to see I now weight 105kg!! I gained a kilo in 3 days while following the same diet (1200cal) and exercising 30 minutes a day.

I have zumba coming tomorrow in the mail so will get my butt into that, hoping to do 3 one hour long sessions 3 days a week.

But I want to know why could I be gaining weight.

Some extra info: My doctor gave me a "fasting" blood test to do if I wasn't losing weight on lite'n'easy. After a first week so good I thought I mustn't need to do it. Its for my thyroid. Could that cause a weight gain on such a strict diet? She said she would not really suspect it as that it was just in case because most people are just overweight because of being lazy (hand up!! I was - and I know it - but I am trying hard to change that!!) and that its rare to have a thyroid issue.

Also, (And TOO MUCH INFO) I have my monthlies. BUT in saying that, I am extremely overweight, so weight loss should be easy for me, so eve if I were to gain an extra kilo or two wouldn't I be losing it quicker then gaining? And the only information I could fid o this was o the weight watchers website where they say women normally get an increase In appetite near menstration and its been proven to be natural and that your body levels it out with a metabolism increase, so if your following a strict diet you should see grater weight loss.... not no weight loss, and a gain...

Anyway, please tell me anything that may help :( I am not giving up, I just need advice. Could it be a thyroid issue... (I will do the bloodtest on Tuesday)...And if its not a thyroid issue, why would someone so overweight see no results at all and in fact a gain...

thanks in advance.

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