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12/29/12 6:16 P

Thanks! I think I'll need to modify my workout routine. I'm focusing on walking because I don't want to build any muscle at this time. I have been doing strength training (abs/leg extension) machine.

We'll see what happens next week. This will require persistence and just more hard work. Thanks again!

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/29/12 6:08 P

RM it is so great you are motivated. Sometimes too we need to shock our bodies. Our bodies get accustomed very easily to routine and then refuses to shed anymore weight and we plateau. This means changing up workouts, eating etc.

I just changed my workout and eating this week and already am seeing results when for weeks and months on end no changes.

It doesn't sound like your body is at that stage though, so I would probably attribute it to muscle gain. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it is a posiitve. The more muscle you have the less body fat %. Keep it going!

12/29/12 6:02 P

You are absolutely correct. That's the only thing that I can expect at the present time. I just want to see the decrease every week especially when I'm working hard tracking my daily intake. Not to mention working out at the gym daily and/or walking for 45 - 50 minutes.

I also have been monitoring my daily steps which surpass 10,000 steps daily. I'm taking this weight loss journey seriously, because I have a goal and I'm determined.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/29/12 5:56 P

That is great RM. There is also the component of muscle. You can easily gain 10 pounds due to building muscle. I am seeing that for myself now. Then I wouldn't worry about it and go by other indicators such as how you look, feel, and how your clothes are fitting.

Nothing sexier than a woman with muscle!

12/29/12 5:53 P

I'm very consistent. I am currently doing Weight Watchers and have a number of points to eat daily, which I do not go over. Some people may sneak and not track, but I am not one of those people.

Like I said, I've been losing weekly except for this week. The only thing that changed is adding exercise to my program.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/29/12 4:55 P

Ok so if I track my food the scale goes down, if I don't it goes up. How consistent are you with exercising and eating? If you are not consistent, then this is a place you could start! We also need to be honest with ourselves if we are doing the best that we can with fitness and eating! Also, I know that I need to push myself at the gym or I plateau! Just some other angles to look at too!

12/29/12 3:53 P

Thanks Nancy! I read your posts about gaining weight while tracking food intake and exercising. I've done good with losing each week except for this weigh-in today. I haven't changed anything with calorie/food intake. The only difference is that I started working out at the gym and have been doing it daily.

I was confident that the scale would move, because of the daily exercises. Not so for me.


CECISMOMMY09 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/12 6:54 P

girl I gained almost 10 one time!!! then lost 15 in a week!!!! it's normal just gotta work through it in the end you will feel so much better!!!

12/28/12 3:57 P

Thanks to everyone for the Info and the advice. I will measure myself and use that as a guideline instead of the scale. I will weigh myself less. Thanks SP community members.

12/28/12 3:50 P

LOL! I will take your advice about the BM. I'll check it out. Thanks for the encouragement. And yes I am normal.!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,337)
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12/28/12 1:46 P

Online Now  • ))

Actually, what you're experiencing really IS perfectly normal. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

My weight can fluctuate as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of water retention. And that's not unusual. During my cycle, my weight can change as much as 5-7 pounds ! I don't let that freak me out because I know it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that really does pass in a few days.

Also, not to get TMI, but did you have a bowel movement before you weighed yourself ? Your waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of ALL the food you ate the day before is still in your intestines. I can prove it. Weigh yourself BEFORE you go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement. Then weigh yourself right after. The change in the scale will surprize you. You'd be surprized how much a person's poop can weigh.

Sorry to be so personal, but I just wanted to show you that you shouldn't let scale fluctuations get you down. it really is normal to see these kinds of ups and downs during the week. Don't tie your emotions to the scale. there really is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

You're normal. I promise.

OJ_2_OK SparkPoints: (20,167)
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12/28/12 6:37 A

I seem to be experiencing the same thing. That's why I don't usually weigh myself except once a week otherwise I get discouraged. I've lost 20 lbs so far and focus on that. I also focus on changes in my appearance and how good I feel (more energy, more confident, leaner. Etc). It's not true weight gain when it fluctuates like that. So keep on pushing and don't weigh yourself like that.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/12 6:36 A

Hi Cougar,

Our weight is not a static number, but more like a vital sign. Just like your blood pressure, heart rate and body temp will vary throughout the day, same is true with your weight. Because our bodies are largely made up of water (the fitter we are the more water we retain), any deviation in our diet, hydration, workouts, even hormones can lead to a shift on the scale.

Know that all changes within the body must begin at the cellular level...all the way down to the fat cells need to release the free fatty acids, to the muscle cells making bigger and more numerous mitochondria-these are the organelles within the cells-to give us energy.

It isn't uncommon to see a slight upward shift in weight when we start exercising, or add a new training regimen and eating better. For one the muscles are making more mitochondria which allow for extra glycogen-stored glucose in the cells- therefore, your body hangs on to more water to help with the cooling off process for exercise and for helping process energy. Your muscles will also have an increase in blood volume in order to have better availability to oxygen and removing waste, especially lactic acid. These things coupled with eating higher fiber foods, such as fruits and veggies can show a gain, when in all reality it is just a shift in fluids.

I hope this helps explain the reason why we should not use the scale as a short term basis when it comes to our success. Weight loss is based over a long period of time and not just a single weigh-in.

Coach Nancy

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/28/12 3:57 A

my weight on the scale fluctuates a lot so I have stopped using that as a measure! My bathroom scale is also very unreliable and easy to cheat on as it can vary as much as 8lbs just by moving it to a different space. Water retention, who knows what, etc etc all seem to change my weight. I now measure my waist, hips, under breasts, arms and thighs and use the inches coming off as my measure rather than the scale. I also have a shirt and a pair of very old levies that are good indicators of whether I have lost, put on or stayed the same and put these on monthly as another check and encouragement. Don't let the scale let you down as certainly for me it is not an indicator of much.

12/28/12 2:24 A

My weight increased 6 lbs in 2 days. This happens a lot. I exercise and cleaned up my diet. Its discouraging and I am mystified. Help!

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