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4/10/10 6:51 P

I use to eat the Smart ones until I discovered the Lean Cuisine foods. They are all very good. I do watch the total calories and sodium. I watch for the sales and coupons to get the most for the money. Cooking at home is cheaper when you consider the volume you can prepare for the same cost.
I personally think Lean Cuisine are a better than the other selections and healthier as well.
My objection is they are in plastic and I have read cooking in plastic is not a healthy way to go. We all need to decide for ourselves is the convenience worth the health risk associated with cooking in plastic.

ANDREALEE10 Posts: 454
4/10/10 6:08 P

I love the Smart Ones meals- & they are great for a quick easy meal so I always keep several on hand. I also like the steam in a bag veges to which I add a can of mushrooms and Morning Star burger= either way I'm eating healthier than I was before SP

KIRAHALL Posts: 222
4/10/10 5:53 P

I actually like to buy the new steamer bags from birdseye or green giant, they have one with red potatoes and other veggies in a rosemary sauce, they have tons of others too that are lightly sauced and make pretty decent meals! I think they taste more fresh than the box meals like lean cuisine or smart ones.

4/10/10 5:27 P

I also LOVE the Weight Watchers Smart Ones! Sometimes I feel like they are too expensive,and could make my lunch and save $$.When I find them on sale for under $2.50 I usually stock up on them. Yes, cooking your own meals is certainly cheaper, but a frozen meal is still cheaper than eating out!

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4/10/10 5:04 P

The great thing about them is the built in portion control. You get to see what a 500 cal lunch can look like & experience that it can be filling also.

If you go to a restaurant after a steady diet of frozen lunches you'll be shocked at the size of your entree.

RUNNERGIRL574 Posts: 1,929
4/10/10 11:29 A

the sodium worries me but I like the portion control. I found lean cuisine to be a little bit better in terms of fiber and protein (they left me feeling fuller, something smart ones didn't always do). Lean Cuisine still has WW points on them if your looking for that. I like the thai chicken and cranberry apple chicken ones myself...

LITTLELADIE27 Posts: 970
4/10/10 11:27 A

I really like them, I ate one for lunch every day and had 2 for dinner this week and lost 3 POUNDS. I make sure I pick the low sodium ones and it's working for me. Do it for yourself not for anyone else.

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4/9/10 10:57 P

I like smart ones, but healthy choice have a few ones I like better. I don't use them often, but sometimes when I didn't plan anything better for lunch.

It's smart to know exactly what you are eating, frozen dinners are one way to do it.

TDANTHONY1 Posts: 35
4/9/10 10:45 P

I like some of the Smart Ones meals, but I'm currently quite impressed with Healthy Choice's new options and Lean Cuisine's new Spa Cuisine dishes!
I do suggest anything that is pasta-based - the cardboard factor is greatly lessened in these - and the southwest inspired meals.

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4/9/10 10:37 P

The best veg frozen meals I found are made by lightlife
but you may only be able to get them in the mid-atlantic region- or so the website says. What I like about them too is the sauce is separate, so you can save some calories by not using all of it.

Also Morningstar farms makes some entrees, like I had a sweet and sour (faux) chicken and it was really good.

COTTRELL11 Posts: 1,552
4/9/10 10:19 P

I was curious about ready-made meals. However, I'm vegetarian and the store didn't have a single meal without meat. I'll keep my eyes open though as I, too, just cook for one. Although I often am freezing meals.
Maybe I should check the health food markets.

4/9/10 9:03 P

I agree with what's been said about being expensive (compared to homemade) and high in sodium....

But I always have at least two or three in my freezer! They're easy. I live alone and I don't want to always make an entire pan of mac and cheese or whatever when all I really want is one dinner. It also allows me to have some variety. If I make a crockpot of chicken I have to eat it for several days which can get boring.

4/8/10 5:21 P

I'm not a fan of prepackage meals - too processed. Have you tried checking out the recipe calculator in Spark Recipes? You can input what you make at home and it calculates a nutrition report that you can input into your tracker.

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
4/8/10 5:13 P

I will buy frozen meals occasionally (either Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers, depending on what's on sale) if I forget to bring my lunch to work, but I do not eat them on a regular basis. I agree that the same foods can be made at home for much cheaper! Also, I am trying to avoid processed foods so this is definitely something I don't want to be eating!

Overall, I think it's good in a pinch, but would not eat them every day. I'd rather schedule my time so that I can cook real food.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/8/10 4:23 P

They are actually cheaper than made from scratch when they are on sale. And have less sodium than any take-out food. So as an alternative to take out, I think they are fine now and then. Making from scratch will be healthier, since you can control the soidum and other stuff. I always add a cup of cooked veggies or a salad when I have a frozen meal, to make it more filling and to get in the veggies. I prefer Lean Cuisine for the most part, but Smart Ones has a few good ones, and Healthy Choice does too. I love the Smart Ones 3 cheese rigatoni.

THEGR8TDRAKE Posts: 1,083
4/8/10 4:18 P

They are usually overpriced compared to the fresh made dish that is similar. Also the sodium content is usually reall high!

ALFABCH Posts: 4
4/8/10 4:16 P

Since i started watching my diet i find it much easier to keep to track of calories and fat intake by buying prepackaged foods. the problem i used to run into was that everything that was manageable and healthy tasted like garbage and was too expensive. but i quickly discovered the joy of weight watchers smart ones frozen dinners. not only are they relatively inexpensive, they taste delicious and fit perfectly into my daily life. so i wonder how everyone else feels about them or their own preferences toward prepackaged foods.

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