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11/14/12 6:17 A

I pre-ordered mine at a WW meeting about a month ago; it arrives this week and I'm so excited to get started with it. I'm pretty convinced it will be a great help precisely because my leader knew all about it and answered all our questions in a marathon session the week before we could order.

So I sort of wonder about the leadership in your area more than I do about whether or not the product is going to work.

BTW, I've never had a fitbit because neither of my two closest friends who tried it were able to rely on it--measurements inaccurate or could not link it the way they wanted to, etc.,--but I do know others, like Cortney-Lee, who find them worthwhile.

As far is the cost, I have to agree with Cortney: Go for it if you believe it will help you with your goals.

Best of success to you!

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11/13/12 10:56 P

I have a fitbit, which also intergrates with Spark -- I think they are well worth the money

Personally, if I were going to spend that much, I would get a fitbit since it counts not only steps, but floors climbed, calories burned and also helps you track sleep.

If you feel that it is something that will help you with your goals, I say go for it!

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11/13/12 10:13 P

I read about the active link on the weight watchers website and want to know what people think of it as far as reviews?. I know that it will be 40 dollars and then 5 dollars a month so it will be 100 dollars in all and while I want it as my Ormon step counter does not really work, I want an honest answer on whether I should invest that much money or will I just be throwing away hard earned cash. I also know that once it is opened it will be hard to near impossible to return.

I live in Ohio and I am going to the meeting on Friday that will talk about it in detail and am wanting something other than my ormon step counter.

I have also read on the website that there will be a whole script of questions that the staff has to ask if I decide to get one, does anyone know what the questions are?.

The reason I am asking and so desperate is because I have already asked my weight watchers meeting staff and no one knew anything about it prior to the nationwide release. I find that a little odd to say the least.

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