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4/24/12 10:39 A

What your goals are determines what type of weight training you do. To increase muscular function and strength for general fitness and fat loss full body and compound movement exercises done with challenging weights doing no more than 8 to 10 repetitions are the most effective. You want to incorporate as many muscles into each movement as you can to maximize the benefits. In general doing isolation work with minor muscle groups or doing split workouts produce minimal results

Do strength work three times a week on alternate days using challenging weights incorporating full body and compound movement exercises then do interval cardio on the non strength training days to produce the best results and reduce the amount of time you spend working out.

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
4/24/12 10:22 A

Yes to everything the previous posters said and as a point of reference....

I've been tested and have high T for a woman. (Below normal for a guy, but above normal for a woman) and even lifting as heavy as I can, following the methods these women recommend, I do not bulk up. I am convinced that women are just not designed to get bulky naturally!

4/22/12 12:34 P

i do a different body part (legs, back, chest, arms, abs, shoulders) each day of the week and then on the 7th day, i do a circuit that covers everything.

4/22/12 12:03 P

You're usually okay if you switch up muscle groups--that's what I was taught in high school. It is usually recommended that you take a day off, though--Sunday is usually my 'screw it' day.

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4/22/12 10:20 A

Good advice from the posters before me. I just would like to point out that in order to build muscle, you need to exceed the capacity of muscles in about 8 reps under a large enough weight. This should cause soreness in the next few days, called the DOMS. So when it happens to you, you should know that it is a good thing; if it does not happen to you, you should have increased the weight more.

Note, however, that losing fat and building muscle at the same time is much slower than either losing fat alone or building muscle alone. If you have a lot of patience, you can go this less traveled way, otherwise just do strength training twice a week in order not to lose muscle and the rest of the days cardio to lose the fat.

If you want to look good naked (that is what I understand from being "toned"), you should work on losing the fat, because that is pretty much the only way to look lean and "toned". If you don't lose the fat, even if you get stronger by building muscle, you won't look lean.

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4/22/12 10:15 A

Most women can't get that big. You do have the few exceptions. If you are thinking about the bodybuilders, they take stuff to get that big and do some serious weightlifting. So, go at it but definitely like other person said...Don't do same body parts everyday and give your self a day rest from all strength training in week.

4/22/12 8:43 A

"bulk"? I don't think women have the testosterone to bulk up natually from light to moderate weightlifting. You'd have to have more protein intake and get a professional trainer or at least read a lot and carefully plan to "bulk" up otherwise you'll do fine with any weightlifting program and not worry about looking manly, hahahaha, that's TOUGH to do!

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4/22/12 8:19 A

Rotate your workouts. Lower Body one day, Upper Body the next, then Core and repeat.

Here's my thoughts on weight lifting for women. You can lift a little weight and take forever to complete a workout or you can lift a lot of weight and finish your workout fast. Women don't have enough testosterone to "bulk" up so don't worry about that. Lift as heavy as you can without hurting yourself 8-12 reps and you'll be on your way to leaning out.

Don't forget to stretch!

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4/22/12 7:29 A

You could do it daily, as long as you don't work the same body parts 2 days in a row, but for general fitness benefit, a full body program 2-3x/week is better, as your muscles do not work in isolation, so it makes no sense to train them that way.

"Toning" is a made up word geared towards women who are misinformed about strength training and are afraid of muscle. You either build muscle, or you do not. You should be lifting weights that fatigue you in 8-12 reps. The last 3 or so reps should be very difficult to do with proper form.

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4/22/12 7:07 A

Will it hurt to weight train daily? And to tone and lose weight and not build bulk do I do more repetitions or increase the size of the weights?

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