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Living causes those kinds of spikes. :) It's perfectly normal, and not an indicator of anything medically wrong at all! If you sit down to dinner, and eat 4 ounces of steak, your weight will then go up four ounces. Drink 8 ounces of water? Ditto.

Weight isn't a static number. It's a vital sign, like your temperature or your heart rate.

Because of this, it's best to weigh no more than once per week, under the same conditions and time of day. Daily fluctuations don't tell you anything at all other than how much fluid you have in your body at that given moment.

5/29/12 2:26 P

Weighing yourself every day is a tricky thing. If you do it, you really have to just ignore the number, and look for an overall change (like an average each week or something if that works for you). I weigh every day or every other day, but i just write the number and move on. Then at teh end of every other week, i see if the numbers are going down.

The trick with daily weights is (as the other posters said) you can have water weight gain from exercise, sodium, illness, fatigue, drugs, etc. You can be at different parts on your cycle.

Do you obsess about the numbers (it sounds like you do NOT), then probably shouldn't check too often, if not, it's just a normal thing.

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That's perfectly normal. Your weight doesn't stay static. Water, if you just ate, if you just used the bathroom, etc. can change your weight during the day, and from day to day, it's still a crap shoot. While I may weight myself more than once a week, I, personally, only judge a gain or loss based on one certain weigh-in (Friday mornings) each week, done at roughly the same time, under the same circumstances.

Also, FYI, while those scales can be a decent judge on if your body fat % is going down, they can be pretty unreliable for what the number actually is. (Although ours was pretty close for my husband based on his caliper measurements as well.)

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5/29/12 2:02 P

Not an allergy thing... but it CAN be sodium.

A simple fix is to NOT weigh yourself on a daily basis.

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Hi I'm new to Spark People and so I'm not sure if this is the best message board for this question. I weigh myself at the same time everymorning in the same place. Over the last few years I find that my weight can go up or down sometimes as much as 1.5 kg (3lbs) in a day for no obvious reason. In fact sometimes when I'm expecting the scale to go down it goes up! And then for no apparent reason goes back down 2-3 lbs. Do any of you know if food allergies could cause these types of spikes in weight? I'm peri-menopausal so I don't think its water weight (and I've got a scale that does muscle mass, water and fat %.

Any one that suffers from this up and down roller coaster or has some ideas, I would gratefully appreciate some thoughts.

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