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3/11/13 5:16 P

That's good gail.....good to find something that works!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
3/11/13 2:40 P

I was just reading something on my Kindle this morning that said that it takes about 10 calories per pound to support each pound of fat each day. If you lose 30 pounds that means you are using 300 calories a day less than before that loss so it might be that would slow or stop weight loss if you are calculating using the old weight. At least I hope that is what is slowing me down! It did help me to cut back on calories though.

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3/11/13 2:10 P

Thanks for writing summer! I wish you all the good luck I can from where I am to where you are....I hope you will see the results you are hoping for! : ) emoticon

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3/11/13 1:44 P

You are so right. Yes it's been more than a year (my plateau) and I have also tried to cut out and down on my junk food, but that didn't work either. So I am taking another approach as well as adding SparkPeople and I hope I get better results.


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3/10/13 2:25 P

thanks for the good words....I measure everything and use the scale...I am eating fruits and veggies....good healthy foods....some preseasoned chicken but otherwise minimal, if any, boxed or canned foods......really reducing my sodium intake .. it sounds like it is going to be trusting the program and doing my part....I will keep checking back in to see what others are experiencing....might try adding some calories for a day or two as one person mentioned... emoticon

3/10/13 2:14 P

I managed to get through my problem, I did some research on this site and came across the tip of increasing your calories for 1-2 days so that's what I did. I ate junk food on Friday (under moderation) and yesterday had a bigger dinner than I usually have and my face looks slimmer than before so I guess it worked. It is guess-work with me as of now as I don't have a scale but I cut down on my calories today and did some cardio and sit-ups so this site has been extremely helpful. Thanks for all the replies! I wasn't willing to give up, just made me work harder as well eat more!

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3/8/13 8:35 A

Good morning,
I have had to find others success stories to get me motivated it really helps me stay on track knowing someone is going through the same as myself or a bit more. I really enjoy reading the blogs, they really help.

3/7/13 1:04 P

I've been eating way less than I used to eat, only when I'm hungry so there's no increase in the meals only a decrease. Yeah my clothes definitely fit a lot more 'nicely' and I don't feel fat anymore.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/7/13 9:17 A

First, I really agree with Dragonchilde. You will have weeks where nothing comes off. Especially if you are doing things right, you will have muscle gain (which weighs more than fat loss) so it might balance out. If your clothes are continuing to get loose, then you should be fine.

Second, are you tracking your food and truly measuring it out? You may be eating more than you think that you are, and that can cause issues. SP tracker uses your resting calorie rate to compute what you should be eating. It is an average, but very helpful in helping you know what you need to take in. ANother reason to track your food is so that you see what you are eating. You might not be eating sodas and "junk" but are you still eating processed foods? Or are you eating lots of natural foods?

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3/7/13 8:49 A

Two weeks is not a plateau. :) There will be weeks you gain, weeks nothing happens, and weeks you lose. This is normal! A plateau is when you've been doing the right things for more than a month or two and nothing is happening.

Trust in the process, and understand that even when you're doing *everything* right, it can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale. Especially when you're adding exercise to the mix.

Some tips:

1) Make sure you're weighing and measuring everything. Sometimes, ust cutting out junk isn't enough to sustain long term progress!

2) IF you're already at a healthy weight, it may be time to put away the scale and focus on body composition. "Skinny fat" is when you're at a healthy body weight, but have a high body fat percentage. IF you're not strength training, that's where you need to go. Losing more weight may not be the answer!

3) There's no such thing as "bad food." There are things that aren't healthy, but as I said before, sometimes just cutting out the junk isn't enough. If you're still eating too much, you may not lose weight! Use your nutrition tracker here, and use measuring cups and scales. Knowing what you're eating is different than actually guessing!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
3/7/13 8:48 A

Years ago I graphed my weight daily and noticed that I have a good loss followed by a rebound gain and then a plateau for up to a week and then a loss again. It happened on a regular basis and I suspect that is the way my body reacts to loss of fat by retaining water for a few days and then letting go of that.

3/7/13 7:50 A

Don't give up. Sometimes you'll be on a plateau for a few weeks and it doesn't seem like you're making any progress, but you are. You're burning more calories, developing more muscle, and developing good habits along the way. It will eventually pay off. I just broke through a plateau I've been on for three weeks -- all of a sudden, I lost 4 pounds in 2 days. Keep going, don't get discouraged. You're doing the right things.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
3/7/13 7:44 A

The closer we are to our goal weight, the harder/slower it is, to take those pounds off. There may very well be weeks where you do everything "right" and the scale doesn't budge at all. Or it might even go up a bit.

And a lot of other factors influence our weight as well.... TOM, eating salty food (doesn't have to be chips or salty snacks; it could be ham or chicken with a salt solution added), a digestive system that is moving a little slower and our bodies haven't gotten rid of the waste yet (I'm trying to find a way to talk about BMs without actually saying it, and there-- I've said it).

I think when we have very little to lose, it's really important to focus on the process-- making good healthy choices with our foods, staying within our calorie ranges, and getting some cardio as well as strength training-- and not focus so much on the scale.

3/7/13 5:32 A

Thanks so much! I'll keep it going then :) I might try to up my cardio game on the diet as much as I can, so increase the amount I do in the week.

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3/7/13 5:06 A

Just keep doing what you are doing, watch your portion sizes at meals, eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink 8 glasses of water daily and make sure you continue to exercise at least three times a week. I hit a plateau around 3 weeks into it and then after a week and a half, I started losing the weight again. Don't get discouraged! You will get there...

3/7/13 5:00 A

Hi guys, I'm a student at University and have been losing weight for under 2 weeks. I ate a lot of junk food, snacks and consumed a lot of sodas so I cut the junk food and soda out completely (9 days so far) and have lost weight along with doing exercise.

Now I'm at a point where my weight isn't really going or I can't notice a difference despite not touching the bad foods. I'm in it for the long-term so would like to know what to do from here on out as I'm at a reasonable weight now (I haven't weighed myself yet - will be doing so when I go back home) but would like to lose a few more pounds by the looks of it.

Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks

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