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6/18/13 12:53 P

Fast food can definitely wreak havoc on your eating plans. Even if you're staying in calorie range, the sodium can make you load up on bloat like CRAZY. Even the "healthy" choices at some restaurants have insane amounts of sodium. Checking places out before you go out to eat is always a wise choice so you can plan and see if/where you can make changes to what the menu offers (i.e. asking for steamed veggies instead of fries etc)

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6/18/13 11:01 A

There can be a variety of reasons that you have seen a shift in weight. If you have added fitness to your routine, weight gain from holding on to water is the likely cause especially if you have not changed your eating routine. This Ask the Expert explains why this happens.

I took a look at your shared tracker information and it seems you also have fast food regularly which tends to be higher in sodium and that can add to your fluid retention issues as well. Now that you have the tracking down, perhaps you can take another step and begin making lower calorie choices when you are visiting fast food restaurants. Our Dining Out Guide can help you find options.

Hope that helps. Don't get freaked out just keep taking small steps forward in your daily goals to help you move on.

Coach Tanya

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6/18/13 10:36 A

Okay so I am following sparks people diet stages. First they told me not to worry about my calorie range Yet. So I have been eating regularly and just logging the foods I have been eating. Well I just weighed my self and in a matter of one week I have gained 6lbs. This is seriously stressful for me! I don't understand how this could be because before when I ate like this before I always ranged between 143 and 145... Now for the first time in almost a year I hit 150!!


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