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9/15/13 10:02 P

I tend to gain weight when my meals are high in sodium. To counter the sodium, be sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Also, it is not uncommon to gain a little bit when starting a new exercise routine. Give your body a 4-6 weeks to adjust to the "shock" of your new lifestyle and then you should start seeing a loss. Good luck!

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9/15/13 5:36 P

most women gain a few pounds around their monthly

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9/15/13 4:55 P

I know their is a lot of other ways. But realistically its not healthy for me at all to be this weight. I am sincerely worried about why I cant lose weight. HOWEVER zumba is coming in the mail and my doctor says "Try zumba and you can get rock hard abs like me" I had a giggle as I didn't imagine her saying that. But hopefully its what kick starts my loss properly.

Obviously I have made a lifestyle change for myself and my family. I just don't want to turn into one of those people who let it get that bit worse and that bit worse and then I cant get out of bed or need a wheelchair.

I am up another 200g thismorning..... Seems a bit unfair. But hopefully I see a drop sometime this week and I feel a bit more motivated.

I was going to go and put on a laybuy of clothing that would fit when I reach my goal weight (from 6 years ago - and this would be like my big goal to work towards)... But now I am thinking better of it, as it seems like I may not get there. I may be fitter, I may eat healthier but realistically I may never get there with this random gain!!

I wont give up though.

9/15/13 2:22 P

There a lot of other ways to track your progress besides weight: body measurements, fitness minutes, number of push-ups or crunches you can do in a minute, etc.

Argh! Double post.

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9/15/13 2:22 P

There a lot of other ways to track your progress besides weight: body measurements, fitness minutes, number of push-ups or crunches you can do in a minute, etc.

Argh! Double post.

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9/15/13 1:33 P

Thanks all for the advice!! :)

Well my tracker on the side says 1200-1550 calories.

My doctor when I asked if I should go on the lite'n'easy 1200,1500 or 1800 cal diet said that to lose weight 1200cal is the number not to go over. But that once I reach about 70kg to up it to 1500cal - at which point I should expect weight gain until my body gets used to the extra calories, then to go to 1800cal once I reach my goal weight, then to expect more weight gain from more calories... I thought that couldn't be right as I was intending to increase my exercise each day.

At the moment I am home with a 4yr 2yr and 11mo. My 11mo has severe "sticky baby" So she doesn't like to be let go of. It can make my arms so sore just stacking the dishwasher or trying to vacuum, that by the time I am done I just want to sit down with her to give my arms a rest. So I guess "no" I am not active at work.

And you are all right. I didn't gain this weight in one day. I gained it over about 6 years. Hopefully it doesn't take that long to lose though. I would love to be down a bit in weight befor February next year. A driving motivation for me, is to not be as big as I am now on our holiday (beach).

Also hopefully its just water retention from that's time of the month, and it is quite possible that the first week was water weight as I did see a massive shift in my tummy.

Also, only the first 2 days of my diet was I hungry. I now reach each meal time and am full... Today is day 11 at 1200cal.

I think I answered every question. :)

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9/15/13 11:54 A

Don't get terribly worried over the scale, I never weigh more than once every ten days or two weeks simply because I know me, and if I don't see movement the right direction I'll get discouraged. As for how to gain weight like that, it's EASY! I jumped on the scale last night (my normal time to weigh) and I'd finally lost a pound after a 2 wk plateau. I jumped on this morning because you generally weigh less in the morning, and I was two pounds lighter. During my period I can be 3 or 4 pounds heavier which disappears after. Some people weigh once a day or every few, I'm not one of them, nor will I ever be. It just doesn't work for me! Good luck! emoticon

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9/15/13 10:34 A

Weight is not a static number; it's a vital sign, like your temperature or blood pressure! It shifts with your body's needs and what you do.

It's also common to see an uptick in weight when you increase or add exercise to your program:

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9/15/13 9:53 A

If you are very, very heavy, the 1200 calories may not be enough food for you. What does your recommended tracker say to have for a range? I had that problem last summer. Started eating more and started loosing! Don't just use weight for a measure. Remember that muscle weighs more.

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9/15/13 9:44 A

Your menstruation cycle can cause you to bloat and gain some extra weight. Plus, that time of the month can make you emotional so the weight fluctuation is infuriating! It's totally normal and the weight should fall off once your cycle is over.

I don't even weigh myself during my cycle. I get too emotional to rationally accept the weight fluctuation.

Also, try to limit weighing yourself to once a week. And don't expect a loss every week, even if you're doing everything "right". The human body is weird and it doesn't follow a schedule all the time.

9/15/13 9:40 A

People's weight can go up/down a few pounds during the course of a single day, based on when you weigh yourself, etc. I would urge you to only weigh yourself once per week. It is not healthy to get so fixated on the numbers and it can turn into an emotional roller coaster. You are doing great, give yourself a pat on the back. This problem did not happen overnight and its not going to fix itself overnight. Put your trust in the program, and you will see results. Consistency is key.

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9/15/13 9:19 A

I'm really struggling to lose weight this time around. For me it's a combination of things. I was just diagnosed with a chronic disease, so I'm getting that under control, it left me with no energy. There were days that just typing this used all of my energy. Then a couple of weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back and it hurt to just move. Plus, I'm entering menopause.

I'm guessing that the first weight you lost was water weight. Keep at it. Are you eating enough or are you putting your body into starvation mode?

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm going to start watching my portion sizes (I'd gotten away from that) and tracking my food better. 1200 cal. doesn't seem like enough, unless you are not very active at work.

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9/15/13 5:49 A

Hi all. You have been so welcoming. I hope I am posting this in the right area..

I have gained weight.

I am quite overweight. I am too scared too look but I think if I checked the BMI calculator I would be obese.

So I started lite'n'easy... Week one was great. I followed my 1200cal diet without any fail, exercised for 15 -30minutes a day. One day I also walked 3.32km (Yes I know I should be doing more, but I am trying my absolute best to make a lifestyle change and not give up on a diet)

I lost 4.7 kg. Bringing my weight down from 108.7kg to 104kg! I was so proud.

I am now 3 days into week two... This week I have been following my diet without any fail and exercising 30 minutes a day. I am gutted to see I now weight 105kg!! I gained a kilo in 3 days while following the same diet (1200cal) and exercising 30 minutes a day.

I have zumba coming tomorrow in the mail so will get my butt into that, hoping to do 3 one hour long sessions 3 days a week.

But I want to know why could I be gaining weight.

Some extra info: My doctor gave me a "fasting" blood test to do if I wasn't losing weight on lite'n'easy. After a first week so good I thought I mustn't need to do it. Its for my thyroid. Could that cause a weight gain on such a strict diet? She said she would not really suspect it as that it was just in case because most people are just overweight because of being lazy (hand up!! I was - and I know it - but I am trying hard to change that!!) and that its rare to have a thyroid issue.

Also, (And TOO MUCH INFO) I have my monthlies. BUT in saying that, I am extremely overweight, so weight loss should be easy for me, so eve if I were to gain an extra kilo or two wouldn't I be losing it quicker then gaining? And the only information I could fid o this was o the weight watchers website where they say women normally get an increase In appetite near menstration and its been proven to be natural and that your body levels it out with a metabolism increase, so if your following a strict diet you should see grater weight loss.... not no weight loss, and a gain...

Anyway, please tell me anything that may help :( I am not giving up, I just need advice. Could it be a thyroid issue... (I will do the bloodtest on Tuesday)...And if its not a thyroid issue, why would someone so overweight see no results at all and in fact a gain...

thanks in advance.

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