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ANEWME28 Posts: 34
1/20/06 5:38 P

5'9", CW:144, size 8, smaller waist, bigger thighs... yuck.. anyone have any suggestions besides thigh machines, lunges, squats and running to slim them down?

BIGPOOH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 24
1/20/06 5:36 P

Wow! You're all so small!

Give me anything from Omar's and I'm happy! I HATE anything the least bit tight or binding so as far as I'm concerned, the larger size the better!

I'm 5'4" and *#)# pounds and like LARGE clothes!

Size 14? ROFLMBO!!!! Long time since I've seen that! emoticon emoticon emoticon

GRAZIA Posts: 17
1/20/06 5:23 P

I'm 5'10", definitely a pear shape... big hips, somewhat flat-chested. Currently 175, and I wear a 16 in pants and a L in tops.

ANDTCKRTOO SparkPoints: (23,716)
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1/20/06 5:17 P

This is a great post!

I'm 5'10 and weight 199 pounds. I wear a size 12 pants (sometimes 14, but mainly 12's). But the pants have to be longs or their capri's on me... LOL

COMOMX3 Posts: 375
1/20/06 4:42 P

This is a great post. I'm 208- and I wear a size 22. I'm about 5.8.

I always wonder what size I'll be when I weigh.....

Now I have a good idea.... 14 sounds heavenly!

1/20/06 4:38 P


You do look great!

DAYDAYSMAM SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 299
1/20/06 4:37 P

I'm 5'4" tall, weight is 179 today, and I'm size 12 pants and 14 tops (bigger chest).
Not a model, but I think I'm looking great!!

GENKA81 Posts: 1,708
1/20/06 4:35 P

I am just like Cherryghost!!!
I am 198 as of last week.
5'9" - so annoying
and size 14-16 pants depending on designer.
And have a hard time finding things my length.
L-XL in shirts.

CHERRYGHOST SparkPoints: (181)
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Posts: 54
1/20/06 4:16 P

200 as of last week, looking forward to Sunday's weigh in.
5'10" been this tall since I was in Jr High.

I am in size 14 or 16 pants (completely depends on the designer and style), and XL tops. I have to struggle to find things that have long enough legs and sleeves.

ROKA_GIRL Posts: 717
1/20/06 4:16 P

I'm 5ft 4inches tall, currently 146 and I wear a size 6 pant, and size 4 top.

I'm a classic pear shape and I struggle with gaping waists on pants to fit my hips and thighs.

I have worn up to a size 14 pant in the past. I love what working out with weights has done for balancing my body shape out between the top and bottom.

1/20/06 3:56 P

Size 2 {if they don't run big, like Old Navy and Gap. Then I would have to get a smaller size}.

CATMOMMA27 Posts: 44
1/20/06 3:43 P

Mrssmith... I am the same! i am 5'3.5 and i weigh 135-140 size 6-8.. my legs are nice but i am thick waisted. in tops i usually wear a medium and i prefer stretchy material, i have a large chest :-)

JESSRKIM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,786)
Posts: 1,799
1/20/06 3:40 P

6'0" tall
163 lbs
Size 10 pants
Sme M tops

CATMOMMA27 Posts: 44
1/20/06 3:36 P

Mrssmith... I am the same! i am 5'3.5 and i weigh 135-140 size 6-8.. my legs are nice but i am thick waisted. in tops i usually wear a medium and i prefer stretchy material, i have a large chest :-)

PSEUDONYM Posts: 177
1/20/06 3:34 P

I'm 5'4"-ish, 209 pounds, and I wear a size 14/16 in pants and XL (sometimes XXL due to the DD's) shirts. I actually have only recently started to wear 16's, so I'm hoping I'll fit back into all of my 14's again soon.

1/20/06 3:30 P

I'm 5'8" and 154-ish. I wear size 12-14, but have a pair of size 10s that I squeeze into if I want some motivation. As I got into the 150s, I realized that my butt was eroding! I can't believe I'm one of those people with no butt!

Edited by: GALWAYGIRL at: 1/20/2006 (15:30)
1/20/06 3:25 P


I don't know about the rest of the size 10s on this post, but just a few years ago I had ballooned up to a size 20, 222.5 lbs. So I've been working it off since then.

You can get down to our size, too.

MEAGHAN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 698
1/20/06 3:20 P

I'm 5'11", 184 lbs, and wear a size 12 pant and a M or L top. I'm very much a pear shape, and in some dresses (if the hips are loose) I can get away with a size 10. Because I'm tall I don't change sizes very often; I've been a 12 since junior year in high school, though my weight has varied between 169 and 192.

1/20/06 2:29 P

Dang! If I could wear some of the sizes you people are wearing I wouldn't worry about my weight. Of course I guess that was my problem!! LOL If I'd been worried sooner I wouldn't be this big. LOL

MRS.SIX Posts: 1,644
1/20/06 2:22 P

CWWEEN, my chest is a little on the large side too (its more because I'm short so it seems big) and that is a concern also. I took it in and I look like I'm all chest and it almost looks like I'm sticking it out. The shirt is some what fitted also so its pretty tight around the mid section (not really tight just not my usual baggy) so I'm just very uncomfortable with it all together... ERRRR

MRSSMITH Posts: 586
1/20/06 2:20 P

5'4", 135 pounds, size 6-8 (I have a thick middle)

CESCPA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 254
1/20/06 2:16 P

5'3", 125 pounds, size 6.

KAHLIEN05 Posts: 454
1/20/06 2:04 P

im 5'6 140 pounds and wear size 10 pants and medium shirts.some pants i have to get bigger because i have a big butt lol

1/20/06 1:59 P

Wow - its great to hear a different perspective.

I'm 5'7", 157 lbs., and wear a size 10 pant, size S or M shirt depending on cut. I have very broad shoulders (even when skinny) and plenty of junk in the trunk.

My problem with pants is that I'm little in the middle. So pants usually fit in the rear but then stick out (like, several inches) in the back of the waist. I can't buy anything without belt loops 'cause I need the belt to cinch 'em in.

CWWEEN Posts: 4,189
1/20/06 1:54 P

I refuse to tuck in my shirts! I have a large chest and when I try to tuck anything in all you see is Boobs! I hate it. Also, my stomach is bigger than it ever was so I can't find pants to fit comfortably around the waist. I do prefer the low cut pants because they are much more comfortable.

JUNEBUG100 Posts: 566
1/20/06 1:52 P

I'm dead on 5'6", 154 lbs, mostly 10's but 8 in some brands.

1/20/06 1:49 P

If you have to wear a tucked in shirt, maybe a longer sports coat over it would make you feel better?

1/20/06 1:43 P

Shopping sucks. I agree. Even when I reached goal last April (I have since gained back 25 lbs (was 40 lbs)), it was hard for me. I have a friend who has a nice sense of style. I took her with me and she really steered me in the right direction. I had been wearing jeans that were totally the wrong style for my body type and I always wore big tops. Even when I am overweight, a fitted top is more slimming...but I just feel so uneasy in fitted clothing. That show "What Not To Wear" on TLC really does offer some good guidelines for different body shapes.

My heart feels for all of you Apples that have to tuck your shirts in for work. That would be my worst nightmare! ;-)

MRS.SIX Posts: 1,644
1/20/06 1:31 P

Dogrescuegal, I agree with you completely. It doesn't do anything for my self esteem to have to wear these way to big pants. I'm actually taking my favorite ones in (they are really expensive) to the dry cleaners to see if they can make them fit again :) ... I'm not aloud to wear jeans to work (stinks because jeans look ok on me) only slacks (dresses or skirts which I don't normally wear) and dress shirts. My manager is always kidding me because its obvious that my clothes don't fit anymore. Anyone still have shopping phobia? I'm still big but not as big and clothes is easier to find but I'm still almost afraid to go shopping! I'm cheap

1/20/06 1:28 P

Yes, clothing manufacturers have no idea what size women really are. So frustrating. I found that Junior sizes sometimes fit me better. I got a pair of dress pants in the juniors and it is low cut - feels so good on til....I gained weight and my belly hangs over the pants. Not a pretty sight! LOL

POOKEYBUM624 Posts: 139
1/20/06 1:28 P

I am 5.1 3/4's 187lbs my pants are a 15 or close to a 36" waist. My tops are XL due to a overflowing chest.

So I can relate to having everything untucked.

1/20/06 1:28 P

We should start a message board for apple shapes. We really do face some unique challenges in the weight loss journey!;-)

AEROBIDEZ Posts: 2,141
1/20/06 1:28 P

I'm so jealous of all you tall gals!!!! I'm 5'4", 173 and I wear mostly 14s, but some 12s...not a lot though. I was comfortably in a 12 when I was about 152, so hopefully I'll get back there soon. I am an pear shape (big hips, thighs and booty), so I can wear either mediums or larges in tops.

1/20/06 1:27 P

I'm 195, almost 5'6", and I wear a large top, and a 14 in pants as of today.


1/20/06 1:26 P

As much as it hurts financially, I really do think there is a benefit to buying a few key clothing pieces as you lose weight...not just when you get to goal weight. I lost 60 lbs last year and had to re-buy the same jeans in different sizes 3 times. It was worth it to have clothes that fit me because it helped with my self-esteem which helped with my weight loss all the more.

1/20/06 1:26 P

I so hate it when companies make people do that - tuck in the shirt. If you're a skinny-winny then no problemo but for someone slightly bigger it's like a target! Thank goodness where I work they don't expect you dress that way everyday. We do have occassional programs where we wear the same shirt (blue jean which is thick) and khakis (which show everything you have on underneath).

BEPPY76 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,305)
Posts: 1,542
1/20/06 1:25 P

It is difficult! I had a wedding to go to last summer and finding a dress was absolute torture. My mom is 5'2" but pear shaped, which apparently most clothing manufacturers think women are shaped (or should be). Usually "grass is always greener" works in jealousy cases, but here it doesn't. I would definately trade my larger waist for a bigger rear... lol

Edited by: BEPPY76 at: 1/20/2006 (13:27)
MRS.SIX Posts: 1,644
1/20/06 1:22 P

I have a major problem with tucking shirts in too. I usually wear my dress shirts out ( I have to dress up for work) and I get away with it because it looks "right" however I was just given a shirt that I am supposed to wear on Fridays now (company names on them) and I don't know what to do because I have to tuck it in and I can't. First off I don't have the body for it and second off all my work/ dress slacks don't have belt loops and because I've lost weight they are about 2-4 sizes to big (constantly pulling my pants up or stepping on them).. I guess I'll just have to buy new pants..

1/20/06 1:20 P

Beppy - I have the same problem. I have a huge waist but no butt and thin legs. I've always had broad shoulders so I have to wear a bigger top than I look like. I'm wearing XL, 16 tops and 14 pants (stretched to the gill!). I'm 5'6" 160lbs.

1/20/06 1:16 P

I am also an apple body shape. It's a tough shape to dress because I never feel comfortable wearing anything tucked in. I hope to change that!

BEPPY76 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,305)
Posts: 1,542
1/20/06 1:13 P

I HATE sizing pants for myself... I usually wear elastic waist at home and jeans with some stretch ... because... my waist is a size 18-20 but I could wear size 12 from hip down (I have NO rear and no hips...) I carry all my weight in my torso..
size XL tops or 18/20 depending on manufacturer

JOYOLEJ Posts: 39
1/20/06 1:11 P

6'2" and 162 pounds. I wear a size 8 or 10 depending on the style etc.

1/20/06 1:09 P

5'9, 185ish lbs, size 12-14 bottoms, tops Medium-Large

LIZBUFF SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 29
1/20/06 1:07 P

I find the clothing sizes confusing as the UK sizes are different to the US sizes!

NUMBER5 Posts: 741
1/20/06 12:56 P

163.8 lbs
size 10 pants
med/lg top

DIGAWINA Posts: 262
1/20/06 12:55 P

I'm just shy of 5'8''. Currently 161 and am a 14 in most things. I'm all belly. I can get away with a 12 in some skirts. But not pants yet. Tops really vary widely. Depends on the brand and cut. Anywhere from a M to an XL.

1/20/06 12:48 P

Sometimes I am a 12 pant as well. Just depends on the cut. I have a friend who is much taller and weighs less but wears a size bigger than me. She carries her weight completely differently.

MRS.SIX Posts: 1,644
1/20/06 12:47 P

5'2", 184.5lbs.. size 16 pants, XL (or 16-20 depending on the company) tops..

RENEECK SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 183
1/20/06 12:39 P

Wow... we are very similar, I am 5'7" 173 lbs, and wear size 12 pants and a large or size 12 top!

1/20/06 12:28 P

It's always interesting to gather this info. because it varies so drastically.

I am 5'7, 171 lbs and wear a size 10 pant and Large or 12/14 top.

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