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SJ4TH90 SparkPoints: (367)
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5/23/11 7:17 P

The scale can be my nemesis most of the time and I keep trying and looking for new ways to keep it from controlling my emotions My new mantra is:


AMANDA660 Posts: 881
5/23/11 3:01 P

Couldn't agree more! I'm not lovin my scale......I think its stuck at 128 and has been for weeks. Maybe its broke heehee. When it moves to even 127.9 I'll go insane!

SHARILIN123 SparkPoints: (11,813)
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5/23/11 2:47 P

I have been exercising and watching my diet for over 3 months now and have only lost 7 pounds! I guess I should set up an appt with the trainer at the gym and have him re-measure me...

5/23/11 11:27 A

Oh I agree. I just recently bought a scale and it was one of the best AND worst things i could have done! I am weighing myself constantly because i think it's fascinating how your weight can go up and down in the course of one day. I get so discouraged when the numbers go up (i'm up 2 lbs today! boo!) but, on the other hand, the only time i actually "count" the number i see is on my once-a-week weigh-in day. I watch the numbers go up and down, but the only time it matters is on thursday. It's been a very slow process. Some days I see the numbers go up and i feel like giving up, but I don't, then i see the numbers go down and it feels awesssoooommmeee.

GOATGIRLJM SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/11 11:08 P

The scale can be so discouraging! I am down because I am working so hard and I have not lost a pound on two wks. It makes it hard to stay motivated.

STARCHELSEA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/11 8:05 P

I couldn't agree with you more, the scale is no way to measure fitness progress. emoticon

SCHOLION SparkPoints: (10,135)
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5/22/11 5:09 P

When people start to exercise and diet they wonder why they don't lose weight. Well that's because you are exercising. It is true that as you increase the density of muscle tissue by exercise your weight may not change in a week that you thought it would. Don't be disappointed, this is a good thing. The best way to check how your body is changing for the better is to use fat percentage scales or measure areas of your body using a tape measure. Also checking your weight every day is not going to show significant changes. It is much better to have a weekly or fortnightly weigh in. What ever happens don't give up. Keep exercising and keep eating healthily xx

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