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5/26/12 6:29 P

I watched all 4 parts and there was a lot of interesting information on there but nothing that I saw that related to my question of how I could weigh less and my measurements could increase. Did I miss something? If so, could you answer in your own words what you learned from the video?

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5/24/12 12:49 A do watch THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION. IT is a 4 part documentary from HBO.

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5/23/12 2:15 P

I've been taking my measurements every two weeks, and the first couple of times the measurements went down, but this last time in most places they stayed the same and in a few other places they went up. (The staying the same isn't nearly as worrying as the going up,) My arm measurements and my belly fat measurements are the ones increasing. And not just by a measly little centimeter, either. My belly went up over an inch and my arm went up about 3/4 of an inch.

The rest of me seems fine. I'm not puffy anywhere, so I don't think I'm having an allergic reaction or anything. :) I'm not bloated or gassy. (Which wouldn't explain the arms, anyway. I'm just trying to think of everything!)

I've been eating much healthier since joining Spark People, making exercise a priority, and sticking to my calorie limits. The scale and I are on good terms. Those numbers are going down. So what would cause me to be expanding?

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