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6/29/13 2:41 A

Too many things can effect your weight daily a little extra salt. Being on your feet a lot. Weekly is best.

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6/29/13 2:40 A

Heather (DRAGONCHILDE) has given you a great answer. I will add to that!

A lot depends on your personality. If you tend to obsess and/or beat yourself up when it appears you aren't going anywhere, then you are better off to weigh less often. In fact, IF you obsess, then I feel you are better to weigh even less than weekly .... perhaps monthly? Use other factors to help you ascertain whether you are winning this war - things like:
* Energy levels
* How your clothes fit
* The condition of your hair/skin
* The quality of your sleep
* Your BP (if you have an elevated BP)
* Reduced blood sugars and Cholesterol (if this applies to you)
* Your overall fitness

If you pay attention to WHAT and HOW MUCH you eat, AND get in exercise, then you can't go too far wrong and the rest will fall into place.

I only weigh generally every 2-3 months AT my Medical Centre, even tho' I have perfectly good scales at home. I also only weigh at the same time of day, prior to lunch, in the same clothes and immediately after visiting the loo. That last thing alone can make a significant difference :-)


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6/29/13 1:42 A


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6/28/13 9:53 P

I weigh myself once every two weeks or so. I sued to be obsessed and weigh every day, but my body fluctuates so much it just annoys me. As long as I firm up and eat right, I'll feel results and even see them, just probably not on the scale right away.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/28/13 9:32 P

I read where you should weigh once a month on the same day. Like the first Tuesday of each month as you will get a more accurate reading. I don't live on my scales like some folks do. I weigh once every other month. just not tied to that darn thing.

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6/27/13 9:20 P

I think I am going to weigh on Fridays, where is the board to do that? I think every day I become obsessive.

ALHINTON15 Posts: 142
6/27/13 7:38 P

I weigh daily, BUT I don't let myself get discouraged just by what the scale says. I don't obsess over it. If you find yourself obsessing over it or letting it upset you, it's time to hide the scale and just do what you know you should be doing.

WANNATHIN Posts: 971
6/27/13 9:55 A

I used to weigh obsessively, 3 times a day. I could see a 5lb variance within 24 hours sometimes and it always freaked me out, no matter how far down the weight loss road I got!

Now that I am trying again to lose weight, I have decided on a weekly "weigh-in" day, but I still get on the scale if I feel like it during the week. My first weigh-in was this past Sunday, but I weighed 3 times since . I dropped 2.6lbs over the first two and gained 0.9lbs on the third.

I find it keeps me accountable, so I know if I need to keep better track of my eating or push a bit harder in the gym . I like weighing regularly. I'm also a bit of a control freak and I just feel more in control of my weight when I KNOW what it is.

BENTOGYRL Posts: 279
6/27/13 8:56 A

It totally depends on you.

My mother does weekly because she likes to see lots of progress in one go. I do daily because then I can see that teeny tiny strange things affect your weight everyday, and its overall trends that matter. It just depends on what works for you.

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6/26/13 1:47 P

Whatever works for you. Daily weigh-ins (what i do) are useful in that they teach you pretty quickly (and importantly, while you are still in the honeymoon phase of weight loss when you can be quite certain you're not screwing up too much) that weight can fluctuate a lot even when you're changing nothing. You watch it go up two pounds one day and down three the next, or you watch it bump up three pounds at the same time three months in a row, and -- at least for me -- you rapidly get a feel for the kinds of changes that are significant and the kinds that aren't, that you can safely ignore. I think it'll help me keep honest in maintenance.

On the other hand, for some people, weighing in at all is always stressful, and small fluctuations make them feel terrible no matter how many people are telling them that they are meaningless and they'll probably be down again next time. Still others become overly obsessed in trying to find meaning in all the temporary changes, such that trying to control them makes them nuts. For them, weighing in weekly or even less often might be a good idea.

But I like daily.

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6/26/13 1:42 P

I'm another one that weighs daily, but I record once a week, on Fridays usually. I like weighing daily because I can see how certain thing affect my weight, that way I don't freak out about it anymore. I now know that I will most definitely see a 1-2lb weight gain if I drink alcohol the night before.... same if I eat a restaurant meal (high in sodium). I also know that it goes away in a few days, so I don't freak out.

It really just depends what works for you though. If you're the type that will obsess over a gain then weighing daily is probably not for you. Some people don't even weigh weekly, they might just do monthly.

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6/26/13 1:39 P

I do the same thing as Dragonchilde--I weigh daily (or almost daily), but only track once a week. I'm something of a control freak, so the frequent weighing lets me feel like I'm keeping a tight rein, but logging only weekly prevents me from getting hung up on the significance of a single day's weigh-in.

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6/26/13 1:34 P

There's different schools of thought on this, and honestly, the final answer will be what works for you.

Studies have shown that people who weigh daily tend to weigh less than people who don't, because they are more aware of foods' effect on their body.

However, weight is not a static number; daily weigh-ins don't necessarily present a complete picture of weight loss, because it takes more than 24 hours to truly lose fat.

One theory I've been fond of is to weigh daily, but only TRACK once per week. Sme people weigh daily and take the average of their weights that week as the "true" weight.

Weight is a vital sign, like your blood pressure or temperature, and it will change based on what you eat, your hormone levels, even how much you sleep you got.

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6/26/13 1:19 P

Which is better? I have read so many different articles. They all say something different. Should you weigh in everyday or weekly?

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